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If you love that silky-smooth skin feeling from the comfort of home, an IPL machine is a long-term hair removal solution that can save you salon trips and bills. Read our buying guide to help you decide if IPL is right for you, and how to find the best professional IPL machine for DIY home use in Australia.

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70 reviews
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MarySydney, NSW

Honest review


I do like this product but its not perfect. A couple of my favourite things are the cost (got in on sale for only $269) and the how easy it is to use. Im not very good with technology but I still found the device easy to use and the instructions were clear to follow. The one thing I do not love about it is that it can take quite a while to do your whole body. Not really complaining as it did work really well and but it can take about an hour to do my entire body. Would love it if it had a big window so you could cover more ground quicker but I have seen a drastic difference in how much hair I have so overall I am happy with my purchase.

Not for everyone


I have a hormonal imbalance and grow hair on my face I have been using this product everyday because my hair grows back a few hours later I'll shave my face at night by the morning or even midday the hairs are coming through again so this ain't working for me at all I paid $288.00 with discount code I feel ripped off so guttered! As a female its the last thing u want to deal with its disappointing I use it on my legs and underarms too I have a small smooth patch on my knee and thats about it the growth of my hair has not changed in fact the hair on my face feels as if its growing back alot faster it hasn't slowed the growth at all HIGHLY disappointed and I'm paying it off on Afterpay 2 stars for the small patch on my right leg lol


VaniaSydney Surrounds, NSW

Happy with this handset but DO NOT buy one of the cheap ones!


I have one of the Happy Skin Co laser handsets and have been doing my hair removal with it for around 10 months. I have had a great experience with the company and I couldn't fault the product but a good friend of mine bought one that looks almost exactly the same for about $100 cheaper and it didnt work for her at all!! The machine actually stopped working after only couple of times and she didnt get any results. You can hear something rattle in her machine when you shake it but everything in mine sounds solid. Just wanted to warn people because Ive seen a few that look like HappySkinCo and people have been fooled a lot by these.

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Josh W.

Josh W.Sydney, NSW

Very happy with results and painless experience


I achieved great results from his at home IPL device. I purchased as I went to a laser clinic once to get my chest and shoulders done however I thought the session was quite an uncomfortable experience and the laser was really painful. Ive only used the Happy Skin Co about 6 or 7 times and my hairs are already growing back very sparse. I probably dont have the best pain tolerance when it comes to my skin but I found the IPL quite gentle on my skin. The best way I would describe the feeling would be like an warm flash as the handset goes off but it was not a painful experience.

It takes me about 15 minutes to finish my chest and the back of my shoulders.

Toree Rocheleau

Toree RocheleauSouth East Queensland, QLD

Not as great as I thought it would be


Been using for about 5 months now and see a very minimal difference. It might work but not as well or as quick as they make it seem. I've been doing my legs, arms and under arms. I seen a couple bald spots on my calves, but that's pretty much it. I hope it improves...

Dont waste your money


Wasn't happy when parcel company charged £40 to deliver this was not stated on website messaged company who said it was so had no choice but to pay been using for four weeks now and not seem any different.

Don't waste your money


Didn't work for me. I followed the directions (once a week for 12 weeks) on my underarms and bikini and had zero results. Ended up wasting $300, and eventually invested in getting professional laser hair removal (mind you, after one session there was a significant hair reduction). Don't waste your money on it, invest in professional laser hair removal.

Didn't work for me


Didn't work for me and I left a 1 star review on their website. It was never posted on their website though...seems a bit shady to me.fair enough they like the positive reviews but they should post all that come up. Positive and negative and not delete the ones they don't like

ailyn g.

ailyn g.Central, SA

Buying this product it's a nightmare!!


Aside that the price is double when you compare to other laser handset removal I ordered it and now I lived in everyday nightmares of my life..it burnt my skins and leaved scars on my legs.i always go to laser clinic so I thought I wouldn't have problem reactions with laser. I emailed and just want my money back and wanted to return the item but they won't and keep saying to me that their product is safe. How would you say it safe when it burnt my skin!!! I wasted my money worth almost 300aud and look what it's done to me..cry a million times my skin won't come back
Hey silky skin turns out to be
Hey ugly skin

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Alicia Z.

Alicia Z.Sydney, NSW

It Burns You - dont use


Tried the product for the first time and overall it seems to work however it burnt me three times in the one sitting. I used the intensity they suggested for my skin type. It is unpredictable and unrefundable. I am scared to continue using it



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Hair Wog Review (lol)


So I'm a super hairy western sydney wog girl (and proud of it). I've always struggled with really hair and dark arm hair. I saw this advertised online and thought I would give it a shot. I started seeing less growing back after only 2 sessions. Now I'm about 2 months in and the results have been amazing! I actually bought this back in February but it took me a couple of months to actually start using it. Now I wish I started sooner lol. I've mainly focused on my arms and my Brazilian as well as my underarms for the past month. Underarms are alot less hair than before. I'm thinking a few more weeks for them and they wont be growing back. I would attach photo but a dont think anyine wants to see that ;)

Be warned , do not buy


They say there’s tax fees but doesn’t state that it’s £40 ! And if u don’t pay the 40 within the week they send it back to them, and then they charge to send it back to you and import fees again !! They don’t have a returns neither ! Unless it brakes in 12montha so they are forcing people to buy this and there is other company with the same product much cheaper !!

Read this before you buy


Website stated 7.99 postage fee, when the courier company arranged delivery to me I was told I had to pay £40 upfront in shipping taxes to the uk be warned

This product is worth it!


HannahSouth East Queensland, QLD

Much better experience compared to my laser clinic

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KarlySydney, NSW

  • 8 reviews

Doesn't work and hyperpigmentation


I've been using this as instructed and nothing is happening to my hair growth. Also, on my underarms the skin now has has some hyperpigmentation (skin darkening). The machine also heats up quickly so be very careful, despite the company claiming it's completely safe, the heat it generates would surely burn skin. I will be returning to a laser clinic. This company (and the many out there that sell the exact same thing but put their logo on their) profit by selling a huge amount of these and knowing they don't work - except for them working 100% for every paid instagram influencer....

Anna Dhammika J.

Anna Dhammika J.Sydney, NSW



Followed the instructions, my skin was stinging I treated it with aloe Vera. I’ve had laser treatment before and I didn’t think much of the sting. I did multiple parts of he body after testing it on skin once editing for 24 hours. An hour later I had burn marks all over my body legs, arms, belly. It might cost more to go to a clinic but I’ve never had this issue and I have dark skin. This is really disappointing and a waste of money. I am a professional model and this has put me out of work until it all heals. Go to a clinic it’s safer!

Emina Dzananovic

Emina DzananovicSydney, NSW

  • 4 reviews

Great purchase


Very time consuming as it uses such a small window. However it is very worth as it does slow down hair growth which is the main purpose of my purchase.



I woke up from my first session but dark burned marks all over my legs ! I feel like crying that I trusted this product. I followed all the directions and shaved and followed the level of intensity for my skin tone. I put aloe on after too, as recommended to moisturize afterwards. I spot tested the product before and it was fine. It hurts so bad!

It's not worth the pain


It burns away and this made me go into hospital.

There is no returns. Nothing to talk about.
The company did not want to give a refund and there very strong about it
Never never buy

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How long does it take to charge?

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Angi T.

Angi T.asked


Mine literally blew its cover off within 2 months of once a week use. Now what?

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Ingrid G

Ingrid Gasked


I have a Happy Skin and I was pleased with my results but can you please tell me what the difference between your IPL and the cheaper imitation companies are? Thanks, Ingrid.

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