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Happy Surprise

I purchased of the Happywallz website after using a google search. I didn't think to read reviews and was quite worried after jumping on this website to find an average of 1 star.
I emailed the company after I didn't get an immediate shipping number once my payment had been taken. I purchased on a Friday and emailed on Monday. To my relief I received a response on the same day with the details I had requested.
Although this company is based in China I received my package today, 10 days after my payment was processed and I am happy with the quality.

Fake Fake Fake

Takes your payment, then emails shipping advice, the goods where never received, no replies to at least 3 emails chasing.
Have reported to Paypal and the bank
Do not use.

Please don't do it...Its a hoax

I'm very disappointed. I ordered my decals on September 10th. They told me it shipped out on the 13th and would take 6 days business days to get here. To this date...I haven't received anything in the mail. I did some research on the address listed. It is an abandoned house that is on the market. They only operate through paypal and I'm am going to dispute my payment because they haven't sent my order within the time frame promised. Its not from Australia its in china. Everything is fraudulently done with them including the tracking information. Do yourself a favor....and RUN! ill be telling my Instagram followers and facebook followers about this company. If I could help save somebody some heartache I done my job!

Product ok but......

Delivery took 20 days and when asked about the wrong tracking number I was told it was the right one.
Site claims to be Australian, it is not!
1 product wasn't as ordered and customer service could have been better.

Appalling customer service and no item received yet

If only I had read these reviews I would have saved myself some heartache. I ordered a personalised wall decal for my daughter for her birthday with plenty of time for delivery etc...I'm still waiting 3 weeks later, when email is the only contact the tracking information is incorrect (Australia Post), then they give you another delivery service (item is in China)!!. This company is bad news...they claim to be in Sydney but they're not. STAY AWAY, they don't take any responsibility.

Terrible customer service - not an Australian company as advertised

Ordered three sets of decals, and like other reviewers the product was very late. They also told us the tracking wasn't scanned and they had to call the post office - as stated by others the items shipped from China. If I had realized the company wasn't Australian I wouldn't have spent the money that I did. The items arrived with one item having dirt stuck between the image and adhesive. I was told to apply it and the dirt would come off. We also ordered a quote with stars on it and it didn't come as shown leaving placement up to interpretation.

Overall very poor customer service. Not once have the offered any compensation or solutions from their end. I don't have high hopes on the quality after reading other reviews.
Do not buy from them.

poor quality and late

have purchased tree decals for nursery, contacted company when they were a late, was supplied a tracing number that showed it had only just reached aus. have attempted to apply to walls, all but a few small ones have fallen off with in 12 hours. not a quality product.

Appalling customer service and they lie!

Do not purchase from this company. The tracking on the item still says it is in China, over a week after purchase. When I made an enquiry they say ridiculous things such as "I will call the post office and find out where it is". When you ask for contact details of who they spoke to or contact details of their Sydney based office, they just ignore you. I asked for a refund and they said "no" because the item has shipped. I asked what happens if it never arrives or how many months I am expected to wait until a refund is provided and I was ignored. If I could give them 0 stars I would. There is no contact number and it appears they are a complete sham. They list "Erskinville, Sydney" as their Australian address but no number or address.

Don't buy from them@

Firstly took forever to receive the stickers.
The stickers came in all these small individual pieces to make up a large wall decal with no instructions of where they go.

I stuck up the stickers yesterday in my soon to be sons room and they all fell off immediately and during the night. What a waste of money!

Their customer service is very bad and there is no phone number to call them on.

They are a scam company so please don't buy from them!

Terrible customer service - not worth the risk!

We bought 3 sets of stickers for my kids bedrooms and months later still none of them stick properly. They had initially agreed to send out a replacement for one of the stickers which took a month to arrive but made no difference. Then I requested a full refund as none were sticking and had one response asking for photos. Once I replied with the pictures I have been ignored ever since. I am usually a forgiving consumer but I have emailed multiple times over the last 2 months (there is no phone number on the website - warning sign number 1) and have had zero reply! Absolutely furious!

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