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Very disappointed.

Firstly, my order did not arrive for over three weeks abd I had to contact to find out where it was. That’s when I realized this is not and Australian company in Sydney, very misleading.
I ordered several different quotes and discover they had printed two quotes on the same stencil and I had to cut the stencil before installation as it would be difficult to install. Found that annoying as there was not a lot of space between the lines so cut was uneven. Followed the instructions to install. My first one was thicker text so was able to instal with minimal fuss. When it came to installing the second one, the print was finer and the sticker was virtually impossible to remove. Letters were stretching and pieces being left behind. Part of the italics ended up breaking. Contacted them to be told a) I should try again - not sure how I can when it’s ruined. b) then I got told they had installed the exact some one on their house no problem... oh and did I want another one.... you pay...!
Very disappointed as the fine details were lost and two decals ruined. Had the stencil been provided in tact and not on a shared template it would have made it easier to place using the dimensions and guide lines.
Response to complaint fell on deaf ears.

This product doesn’t stick to walls!!!

Firstly, I waited weeks and weeks to get my stickers! Emailed them, in which they did NOT reply!! I had to go through the website to get a reply!
Secondly, they advertise they are Australian and based in Alexandria although no address or phone number!!! Then, when I finally got the package finally it clearly stated china post, posted from China! These people are making customers think that this company is based in AU when it is not!
Thirdly, the product doesn’t stick to walls!!! They peeled off continually, once fallen on the carpet they are ruined. Once I finally got in touch with the company asking for a refund she offered a replacement. I said I would try one more time, I redecorated my walls, yet again they do not stick!

Decals don't stick, they provide no service, no refund, but have great avoidance strategies

I received beautiful looking decals and chose to put the largest one up first...it slowly peeled off, never staying on. I haven't even bothered with the others as a residue was left on the wall from the large bird decal that had to be cleaned off. I have used decals before with excellent results, but not with these.

Happy with service

Product was what was ordered, was a bit longer than expected but emailed back promptly. Very happy with my order, and would use again.

Transit review

After reading reviews here I was doubtful but product arrived only a little late and company responded day after emailing.

Please don't do it...Its a hoax

I'm very disappointed. I ordered my decals on September 10th. They told me it shipped out on the 13th and would take 6 days business days to get here. To this date...I haven't received anything in the mail. I did some research on the address listed. It is an abandoned house that is on the market. They only operate through paypal and I'm am going to dispute my payment because they haven't sent my order within the time frame promised. Its not from Australia its in china. Everything is fraudulently done with them including the tracking information. Do yourself a favor....and RUN! ill be telling my Instagram followers and facebook followers about this company. If I could help save somebody some heartache I done my job!

poor quality and late

have purchased tree decals for nursery, contacted company when they were a late, was supplied a tracing number that showed it had only just reached aus. have attempted to apply to walls, all but a few small ones have fallen off with in 12 hours. not a quality product.

Don't buy from them@

Firstly took forever to receive the stickers.
The stickers came in all these small individual pieces to make up a large wall decal with no instructions of where they go.

I stuck up the stickers yesterday in my soon to be sons room and they all fell off immediately and during the night. What a waste of money!

Their customer service is very bad and there is no phone number to call them on.

They are a scam company so please don't buy from them!

Awesome product!

I am very pleased with this product! The staff were very attentive and super helpful. They responded to emails efficiently. The stickers arrived promptly and were very easy to use. Thank you :-)

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

This company is a fraud

I ordered from their website "Happy Decal". The website lists Mashpee MA, as their location.
They are in China. I stated time constraints at the origin of my order and referenced the MA address. They NEVER said they were shipping from CHINA. THey use an AU PayPal account but the whole operation is based in China. They are a complete fraud.
[name removed] only responds in the middle of the night US time as she is in China. Do not order this product. "Company" is fraudulent. Check out the website. Pretends to be US based. They won't refund my money. Express shipping 3/4 days?!? not from China EVER!

Great product

So so happy with our wall stickers, if you read the instructions carefully first you’ll find these are very easy to put up, my girls are so happy with their new stickers in their bedrooms we will definitely be buying more in the near future

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Very pretty

Great Laundy Sign I have been looking for one for months Not too fussy. Found it a little bit hard to even up on door but after I fiddled a bit everything went well.It arrived a week later than I thought but great correspondence with them.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Great customer support but poor quality

Was really excited for the product to arrive and purchased express shipping in the hopes to have it up at school before the children returned. Unfortunately it took over 4 weeks to get to me. Ivy in customer support was great and I was offered a refund for the express shipping. Unfortunately when it came it didn't stick to the wall so I have had to use sticky tape to tape it up so that it doesn't keep falling down.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Chanel CC Logo

Received cc logo in two bits plus chanel wording & placed on wall. Looked great but unfortunately the top part of the cc logo kept peeling off. I would reattached but after the hot weather here it fell off wall into a big heap. Unable to put back on wall so now I have an incomplete wall. Have emailed several times without a response. Very disappointing.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Simple quick but great end result

Was so excited for this to arrive. It arrived about 2 weeks after I ordered it an was so easy to stick on the wall. The suppliers respond really quickly to any inquiries.

Not Delivered

Ordered 4 weeks ago. No tracking no. Provided still waiting for email response. Disappointed it was supposed to be a Christmas present.


Quick service on personal sticker request with great value and customer service was spot on when I had a concern.

No instructions, doesn't stick, colours are off.

Ordered for our nursery. The package took forever from China to arrive - I had to follow up - when I thought this was a local company. The stickers came with no instructions - and numbered randomly from 4 to 105 - not in any consequential order and with majority of numbers missing. Wouldn't stick to the wall. None of the pieces were sticky. Everything peeled off the wall. Annoyed about money, but even more annoyed about the waste of time - waiting for the package, and then having to figure out what else we can do now for the room. Would not recommend to anyone.


I have ordered 18 days ago, seems the parcel comes from China and still no update from Australia Post. I am still waiting as it was meant to be a Christmas present and has not arrived though it only has to come from Sydney???

No delivery

Ordered almost 3 weeks before Christmas from a 'local company' and still no delivery. Clearly being sent from overseas, or who knows maybe not at all....

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