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Harris Farm Markets
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Love shopping in store and online!

Loved having my weekly shop delivered straight to my door! Everything from the user friendly-ness of the website to the smiley delivery guy who brought up my groceries (two flights of stairs!) was fantastic. All produce in the box was very fresh and great quality, I expected a few of the items to be damaged but not the case.

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We're so glad to hear you enjoyed your order, Cathy!


Quality fruit and vege is excellent and fresh. Delivery exactly within the selected window. Cheerful delivery person. No plastic bags. Was able to unpack box and cool bag to return /recycle with delivery person.

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Thanks Dr D! We're so glad to hear you enjoyed your order!

Most convenient on-line grocery shopping

No need to waste time traveling to and from Harris Farm. Delivery accurate and amazingly speedy on the next day.

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Thanks for the kind review Helena.

Beef fillet

Guys really disappointed about the beef fillet I purchased today. Very very poor quality. I have purchased lovely beef in the past but this particular time is terrible.

Shop LocationMona Vale
Hi Nick, thanks for your review. We're very sorry to hear about the poor quality beef fillet you bought from. That's really not what we strive for at Harris Farm, so I would like to apologise for letting you down in this instance. Would you be able to let me know the cut, brand and use-by date for the beef? That way I can pass on your feedback to our buyer and the store for investigation.It would also be great if you could provide us with either your order number, or the Harris Farm store you purchased it from. Any other information you have about why the beef wasn't up to standard would be really useful to us. Thanks!Thanks for your response. The “brand” is so called “Harris farm economy beef eye fillet”. I have actually kept the bag in which the beef has been cryovaced in. The beef was $22.99 a kg so total price of the beef is $28.83. I’m looking at the best before date and it is actually non existent. Thus where it say best before no date is actually printed. I’d love to upload a picture for you if possible. What was wrong with the beef? I’m a chef if 30 years and run 2 restaurants and I know how to trim & cook s peice of meat. So I have trimmed the beef of all sinue cut it into steaks bbq the meat medium rare rested the meat and it was as chewy as a rubber boot, something I have never experienced in a piece of fillet steak ever. We did not have a docket printed for proof of purchase but I have electronic transaction proof of purchase on my bank statement. We purchased the beef on the 11th of this months, last Saturday night and spent a total of $49.31 on a Visa card. It was really just terrible meat an something I thought you should know about as I expect great quality produce from Harris Farm. I will be returning the cooked meat hoping for a refund if possible. I’m not one to make a fuss or to denote any business on social media. Ance again I Thankyou for you swift response. Kindest regards Nick HybnerHi Nick, thanks so much for getting back to us. This information really helps us investigate the issue. If you would like to send us an image of the product, you can shoot us an email to hello@harrisfarm.com.au In the meantime, we can organise for you to receive a full refund or exchange on your next shop with us. If you advise in your email which store you shopped at, we can arrange this with the store management team. Thanks!

Fresh and easy

We ordered our weekly shop to be delivered to our house. It was straightforward to place the order and the products were fresh. We'll definitely do it again.

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HI Bek, we're so glad to hear you enjoy ordering with us! Thanks!

Harris farm such great quality, variety and delivered to your door

Excellent website to order from, so much choice and variety, great start to eating and cooking healthy, fresh tasty food, it's fantastic as you can get dairy, meat, breads, cereals, fruit and veggies. All extra things like herbs, spices, rice, pastas everything but the nappies.

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Thanks Libby!

Fruit and veges bruised and damaged

- pears came squished with holes all through them
- eggplant rotten in middle and damaged
Thoroughly disappointed given that products decent price

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Hi Skye, we're really sorry to hear about the damaged and poor quality produce in your order. Could you please provide us with your order number, so we can investigate this with the team and organise a refund for you? ThanksPP#373878Thanks Skye. We have refunded the pears and eggplant, so the funds should return to your card shortly.

Some problems every week

The timing of the order was great. Unfortunately there were 3 issues - one item missing, one item not complete (not enough) and one item replaced with another similar but something I am allergic to so no good. I had to make 2 phone calls.

Shop LocationBondi Junction
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Hi Tess, we're really sorry to hear about the issues in your order. We'll be looking into this with the team to ensure that it does not happen again. You're always welcome to contact us at online@harrisfarm.com.au or 9394 3111 (ext 1) if there are any issues, and we will endeavour to fix them up straight away. Thanks!

Too much plastic!

Hi Harris Farm,
Thank you for my first delivery: it arrived on time on the same day I ordered and looks like it contains everything I ordered and that all items are fresh and ripe. I thought that there was too much plastic in it, though. I really liked that the snow peas were in a paper bag, not a plastic bag, but the milk was all in plastic bags, even though it was also in a cooler container.
A couple of other things I noticed: the head of broccoli was tiny, so that will be a bit tricky to feed 4 people - very hard to judge that online. I thought that the selection of yoghurts on the website was much less than is available in the store (e.g. I couldn't find the Harris Farm mango yoghurt online). I'd have liked to have the option of buying the lovely fresh baguette sticks online but they didn't appear there either.

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Hi Jay, thanks for your review and your kind words! Regarding the plastic bags, I've passed on your feedback to our Online Operations Manager to consider, as I understand we are in the process of looking for alternative to plastic bags for perishables. We're also sorry to hear about the undersized broccoli in your order. If you shoot us an email to online@harrisfarm.com.au with your order number, we would be happy to arrange a refund for you. I've also escalated your feedback about the reduced online range to our buying team, as we are always looking to expand this. Thanks again!

Best produce, so easy.

The order was easy to make, it came on time and the products were as always, too quality!

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We're so glad to hear it, Michelle!

Good food lousy delivery

Good food and prices but the delivery included cold goods mixed up with dry goods in a wet cardboard box. This is the second time in two deliveries, this time I had a packet of dry spaghetti soaked in the box next to the ice bag .. the pasta is unusable unless I cooked it immediately. I also had the very polite driver not understand when he called me and I said come up to the first floor .. he rang the neighbours on the ground floor and knocked on their door - this is not America .. the first floor is above the ground floor. Please explain the difference to drivers perhaps to avoid confusion and delays.. thank you.

Shop LocationBondi Junction
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Hi David, thanks for your review. We're sorry to hear about the unsatisfactory way your delivery was packed and the poor driver behaviour you experienced. That's really not what we strive for at Harris Farm, so I would like to apologise that we have let you down in this instance. Could you please provide us with your order number? That way we can investigate this with the team, and provide you a refund for any damaged items. Cheers

Excellant delivery service and tracking

Such a relief to know shopping will be delivered in the early morning milk run love it thanks Harris Farms !

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Thanks so much for your kind review!

Rewards new customers but not returning customers

I received a card for $40 off my online shopping total and free shipping if buying more than $80. A few hours after completing order and paying for it, I was charged $40 because the discount code was only for new customers. We pay a premium to shop at Harris Farm and it’s disappointing new customers are given a $40 discount, but not returning customers. This experience means I won’t shop in store or online with Harris Farms again because I know they don’t appreciate customers who return, which is disappointing because you can’t stay in business without repeat customers.

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Hi Ann, thanks for your review. We're sorry to hear about your disappointment surrounding the new customer promotion you received in the mail. We have a number of discounts for loyal customers such as yourself, including weekly savings on delivery fees and Gold Customer promotions. You can find out more here: https://www.harrisfarm.com.au/pages/promotions. Thanks for being such a loyal customer, and please let us know if there's anything else we can assist you with.I’m no longer a loyal customer - as noted in my review, I’ll neither shop in store or online with Harris Farm. I’ll stick to the bigger stores that treat all customers fairly. Independent family run businesses complain about the large competitors but then don’t reward loyal customers with the same promotions...no wonder the big corporations have more customers.

Dishonest, dirty but fast

If you need fast food then go for Harris Farm online but beware if you don't receive the product your ordered, they will not tell you nor refund you unless you tell them you have not received it. This is dishonest. Also be prepared for all your vegetables and fruit to be literally tossed into a box and sealed. We received old apples and it was as though we opened a box that smelled like old rabbit food. Poorly packaged and bruised old apples which cost a fortune!

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Hi Chevron, I'm very concerned to hear about the incorrect and damaged items in your order. That's really not what we strive for at Harris Farm, so I would like to apologise that we have let you down in this instance. If an item is out of stock, we endeavour to call you to advise and ask if you would like a subsitution. Could you please provide me with your order number? That way we can organise a refund for redelivery for you, and investigate this with the team. CheersThanks for your response however I have had two other instances in the same month where your staff at the registers have put an extra vague item to the value of $10.63 on one day and another for $12 on another day where I had to question them in front of other customers and they apologised and removed them both as they did not exist! I hate to say it but it really seems dishonesty/ ignorance is running deep in your business model. Very coincidental for it to happen three times in a month. What is going on??Thanks for getting back to me. This is concerning to hear, and we would really like to investigate these overcharges with our team. We are currently in the process of updating our registers POS systems to reduce errors, but I would also like to ensure that staff in store are receiving training to cover gaps where need. Could you please send us an email to hello@harrisfarm.com.au, and we can sort this out for you?

So close, yet so far...

This service could be so good, alas it is not there yet.

For the 3rd week in a row, my order has been missing items. The most concerning part? Harris Farm charged me for these items... and then just missed them from actually getting into my box of food.

Online Shopping needs to save me time, however having to audit the delivery each week, then send a follow-up email is not making this a net win for me.

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Hi Nick, we're sorry to hear that your orders have been consistently missing items. Could you please provide us with your most recent order number? That way we can investigate why this is happening with the team. Cheers


I love how everything is super fresh. I gave 4 stars because my mushroom order was very bad. I wish they double check this.

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Hi Pearl, we're glad to hear you enjoyed ordering with us, but it's concerning to hear about the poor quality mushrooms you received! You're welcome to contact our online customer service team via online@harrisfarm.com.au or 9394 3111 (ext 1), and they would happily provide you with a refund. Cheers


Fresh produce
Delivery next day
Reliable and punctual
Great Customer Service
Great variety of product
Will definitely become ongoing online orderer

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HI Nina, we're so glad to hear you enjoy ordering with us! Thanks!

One of the best for fresh food, but over charges at the checkout

I shop regularly there for fruit, vegetables and sometimes for meat / fish. While the most of the products are good, I found at the checkout a thumping bill. So I kept an eye on the billing and found that they over charge- sale products at full price, some items charged twice and the imperfect fruit / veges charged at premium quality price. So look out !!! If this happens too often, I will go to their competitors.

Shop LocationLindfield
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Hi goodshopper, we're really sorry to hear that you are frequently overcharged in our store. Could you please contact our retail customer service team at hello@harrisfarm.com.au or 9394 3111 (ext 2) with some more information, so we can investigate? Cheers

A couple of things that could be better

1.For the second time, my delivery included wilted spinach. I think I will be able to save today's bunch, but the last one I had to throw out ouch! Please consider sending the spinach in a plastic veg bag for protection from dehydration.
2. The mushies sent are beautiful, but as I will not be cooking them tonight I have taken them out of their plastic wrapped container and put them in a brown paper bag to store in the fridge. Please include one of your brown paper mushie bags with plastic wrapped mushies in future.
I think these suggestions will help all on line shoppers.
Olwen Cornelius

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Hi Olwen, thanks for your review. We're sorry to hear about the wilted spinach in your order. If you could kindly advise us of your order number, we would happily refund this for you. In the meantime, we've passed on your feedback to the team to look into, and to consider including paper bags for the mushrooms moving forward. Cheers

Great online experience. Delivery not so great

Ordering online is quick and easy. Really efficient. When it came to delivery I paid for a delivery to be within a 2 hour window and it ended up coming outside that window and my delivery left outside my door with no option for the driver to actually come at the allocated delivery time I paid for. The tracking website is great with it telling you where the truck was and what number you were in queue. Only if it was accurate. Driver called me and the website tracker still said 59 minutes till delivery.

Harris farm rectified this by refunding delivery and giving me a voucher though.

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Hi Fiona, we're sorry to hear about your late order and the issues you experienced with tracking. We'll be looking into this with our team to ensure that this does not happen again. Please don't hesitate to contact us if there's anything else we can do to rectify this. Cheers

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Questions & Answers

Is still at Bernardis Bathurst?
1 answer
Hi Rhonda, yes we still have our concession store within the Bathurst Bernadi's!

Is Harris Farm opening a supermarket in Canberra? I have just visited your Newcastle store and was very impressed and think you would be welcomed with open arms in Canberra! Maggi
1 answer
Hi Maggi, thanks for getting in touch. I'm unfortunately unaware of any plans to open up in the Canberra region just yet. However, I'll raise your suggestion over to our Commercial Manager to take on board as I understand we'd love the service customers in the area. In the meantime, if you weren't already aware - we currently do deliver to Canberra and locations can be found here: https://www.harrisfarm.com.au/pages/delivery. Feel free to give it a go!

Do you stock peanuts in their shells?
1 answer
Hi Veronica, we sure do! Cheers Anita

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