Quality every time!

After putting up with rubbish fruit and veg from Coles and woolies i was excited to try Harris farm and they don't disappoint! Not only are they quality fruit and veg, they come in a cardboard box, so excess of plastic bags! Im sorry I didn't get onto them sooner!

Shop LocationOnline

Excellent fruit and vegetable quality

I find my notes are read and adhered to - for instance I was recently on holidays and placed an order for an hour after my return home - they came right on time so dinner that night was easy. Personal attention to detail.

Shop LocationManly

Just had a newborn and loving the help from Harris Farm

Just had a newborn, almost vegan and loving the variety, quality and convenience of online shopping at Harris Farm! :-)

Shop LocationPennant Hills

Very impressed!

I just received my first delivery and it won't be my last. it was quick and easy and the smell of fresh produce still permeates the kitchen - I'm a huge fan!

Shop LocationOnline

Beats queuing at a Coles or Woolies.

Great online service. A few items weren't available. Friendly lady called to sort. Great/easy tracking of order! I'll be back!

Shop LocationOnline

Lovely fresh fruit and vegetable

Just got my first fruit and vegetable box delivery. I'm very happy with the quality and selection I have been given. Will be preferring again!

Shop LocationOnline

Harris Farm never lets me down!

I often shop Harris Farm online and to put it simply - Harris Farm just never lets me down! I am due to receive my online delivery later today, but today I wanted to commend the orders team for the service they provided me for my last order. I requested a refund for some cucumbers that weren't delivered and a yoghurt that expired on the same day as the item was delivered, and within two hours i had a response from Mary Jane (even the name is personable) and the money being processed back into my account! Keep up the fantastic service, you are doing great!

Shop LocationOnline

Great fresh produce with clear labeling of local suppliers and friendly, punctual service

It's a real bonus that they do same day delivery too, which is free if you spend over $150. I like the fact that the shopping arrives in their recycled fruit/veg boxes - much less plastic bags than your average online shop. If they are making a substitution or running slightly late they generally ring you too.

Shop LocationOnline


Shopped on-line today for food for the first time ever - and chose Harris Farms. We couldn't be more impressed. Thank you Harris Farms. The quality of the fruit, veges and extras were fantastic and your service excellent. Will definitely order again.

Shop LocationBondi Junction

Fresh, quality, home delivered - perfect!

I love the quality and home delivery makes this perfect for my family!
No more lugging boxes or bags around, queueing up, or shopping without a peek or two in the fridge or cupboard at the time to see what I really need. And less impulsive shopping.
Works for me.
Thank you!

Shop LocationManly

Prettay Prettay Good

In particular, I'm impressed with the Harris Farm Market in Pott's Point, NSW. Not only do they have fresh and delicious Fish and Chips, but their specials are ridiculously good. I've saved loads of cash in the few times I've shopped there. I used to think it was an expensive place to shop, but now I know that it's not! Woolworths and Coles should offer equally as fresh produce and offer hot cafe-style food that you can buy and eat on the spot! I also noticed a lot of attractive women shop here, which is a lovely added bonus to any shopping experience.
Surprisingly cheap. Enjoyable.

Pretty good

I have only 1 complaint Where Are My Juniper Berries I did not get them I really need them Everything is nice and fresh you sent me 2packets of mixed herbs I only wanted one

Shop LocationOnline
Hi Jan, thanks for your feedback. I'm sorry for any difficulties you encountered with your online order. If you could give me your order number I would be happy to pass it on to our online customer service team who will contact you directly to resolve this matter. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers Anita,Order confirmation for order pp# 4061 or order confirmation- order 406148. Thanks Anita ii would really like to get the juniper berries I asked before your company if they had them and they said yesThanks for that information. Our online team will contact you shortly to rectify this matter. Cheers Anita

A beautiful sight

We have shopped online a lot, but receiving everything beautifully boxed and bag free was wonderful! I particularly liked the selection, beautiful meat and gourmet treats as well as all the staples. Harris Farms will be our shop of choice going forward.

Shop LocationLeichhardt
1 comment
Thanks, Gail!!!

Best yet

everything was perfect. Delivery on time. products all tops only complaint was "specials" said artichokes 99 cents and I was charged $1.99. no big deal

January 3rd 2019 Update: Got it down o a great system

Everything was OK. even the delivery time. I will soon earn gold class status with you . Thanks very much.

Shop LocationDrummoyne
1 comment
Hi Allen, thanks for your feedback!! If you have any issues with your online order you can contact our online customer service team at online@harrisfarm.com.au and they would be more than happy to rectify the issue. Cheers Anita


Good choice of items by staff, delivery on time, courteous young man. What more do I want? I am quite happy with my order indwell continue to order as I need more.

Shop LocationMona Vale
1 comment
Thanks for the kind review Barbara.

Harris Farm Always Impresses Me!

Every time I place an order with Harris Farm, they give me something new to smile about! And trust me, i shop regularly at Harris Farm! Today's delight was that i placed an online order this morning but could only pick the 7pm-10pm time slot which doesn't work for me. So I called the online team and asked if i could get an earlier delivery slot and i just received confirmation that my order has been delivered. Harris Farm must know that I am their biggest fan! Thank you Harris Farm.

Shop LocationBoronia Park

Love the online order tracking!

Slight mix-match: apricots were delivered instead of cranberries.
We really appreciated that the Customer service staff was able to call store and confirm back to us that exchange was organised day after delivery.
We do shop very often from Edgecliff shop and appreciate the good quality of produce and staff professionalism.

Shop LocationOnline

Bad week?

We love Harris Farm and since having 3 kids I find it much easier ordering online, which I do weekly however of late (especially this last order) the produce hasn't been as great. Our last order contained strawberries which were rotten. Nectarines which are over ripe and wrinkled. Tomatoes which are soft and bruises and the capsicum had mould inside (which I understand is hard to see). And our delivery was also 25minutes late, which again is something that has only just started happening. As mentioned, when we started ordering online we had fantastic produce and service but this has gone down hill since Christmas unfortunately.

Shop LocationManly
Hi Shelley, We're very sorry to hear about the disappointing service you have been having recently. This definitely is not in line with our commitment to providing excellent quality products and services. We have already passed on your feedback to the store where your order is being packed and have also noted that you have recently placed another order. We will endeavour to ensure that your next delivery would be up to our usual standards. Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you and we appreciate you sharing your feedback with us. If you have further comments, please don't hesitate to send us an email to online@harrisfarm.com.au. Kind Regards, Jeralyn Serdan Customer Service Coordinator Harris Farm MarketsThanks and the store were fantastic at responding. They replaced the items and also gave a voucher which I was very impressed with.

Pretty good!

Generally really happy, however, packet of baby spinach was all slimy and had to be thrown out. Otherwise, very happy with the order.

Shop LocationOnline
Hi Sophie, thanks for your feedback. I'm sorry for any issues you encountered with your online order. That's really not what we strive for at Harris Farm so I would like to apologise that we have let you down in this instance. If you could let me know your order number our online customer service team would be happy to follow up. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers AnitaHi Anita, Order number: PP#425930

A great example for the 2 major corporate supermarkets to follow !

A Prompt Professional service with Quality products and all reasonably priced , their online is well worth the money . So congratulations to all HarrisFarms & Staff

Shop LocationOnline
1 comment
Thanks Mr E!!! :)

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Questions & Answers

Is still at Bernardis Bathurst?
1 answer
Hi Rhonda, yes we still have our concession store within the Bathurst Bernadi's!

Is Harris Farm opening a supermarket in Canberra? I have just visited your Newcastle store and was very impressed and think you would be welcomed with open arms in Canberra! Maggi
1 answer
Hi Maggi, thanks for getting in touch. I'm unfortunately unaware of any plans to open up in the Canberra region just yet. However, I'll raise your suggestion over to our Commercial Manager to take on board as I understand we'd love the service customers in the area. In the meantime, if you weren't already aware - we currently do deliver to Canberra and locations can be found here: https://www.harrisfarm.com.au/pages/delivery. Feel free to give it a go!

Do you stock peanuts in their shells?
1 answer
Hi Veronica, we sure do! Cheers Anita

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