If I choose the right time of day to shop here, I find it's not too busy and I don't get stuck behind people in the aisles. Harris have an excellent range of really fresh food that looks good too and an amazing bread selection and deli area. They also own the butchery so it's virtually a one stop shop for all of your fresh food. The food is well presented and they sell a great range of oils/spices/pastas/vinegars and other gourmet pantry essentials. A great place to shop with a great variety.
Fruit and veges are really fresh! Excellent cheese and deli selection, the best value freshly squeezed orange juice in Sydney!
Narrow aisles and checkout areas.


I have given up on shopping for fruits and vegetables from supermarkets. Places like Harris Farm Markets are so much better. The quality of their produce is exceptionally better than what you would get at Woolworths or Coles. I also find the price to be cheaper.
Fresh and better quality produce than the supermarkets and often cheaper as well
Nothing in particular


Recommend this market to anybody. Always find the staff helpful and let you try the produce. Offers lots of variety to normal produce. Great layouts and the produce is always plentiful. I like shopping here as it makes you feel healthy just being in this store.
Great fresh food, always tend to find the produce is better then supermarkets and a fairer price. Great for more exotic foods and good for organic produce. Great to be able to buy meats, diary and sauces there too.
Sometimes the prices can be of putting but this is a minor factor knowing the produce looks better then in other places.


A pretty good shopping destination for fresh produce. They have lots of great stuff here and some of the prices can be better value than if you were to shop at a major grocery chain. Especially in the area of delicatessen goods there is a bigger variety, you can find some interesting stuff here. I can't think of many cons, though they're not as widespread so you might have to travel far to reach your nearest store.
Excellent for fresh produce and deli items. A bigger range of produce than the major grocery chains like woolworths and coles.
Not that many locations around


Bring back more of these green grocers. They sell really good fresh produce and have some really good specials. I would like to buy more from this store but I don't have a local one. They are a dieing breed and one we need to protect form the major supermarkets.
The range of fresh produce is unbelieveable. Fresh fruits and veges in season at good prices are the highlight of this store. They sell the best quality watermelons of anything I have ever eaten. Mmmmmm
There aren't enough stores in Aus. I have to stock up when I am near one.


I have never seen a store pack with so many varieties till I went to the Harris farm in Glendale,NSW. The prices and freshness was much better than Woolworth and coles. I sometimes buy second quality product as I work at a Chinese takeaway and we use up vegetables very quickly. There second quality product is of the best quality. While other stores have second quality with only half of the product being useful Harris farm's second quality products is better than those in coles and Woolworth and they usually just have bad skin colour or just the part of it being too ripe.
fresh, higher variety. prices is 90% lower than supermarkets
sometimes the price is a little too high. there isn't always one nearby. sometimes certain products ran out too quickly


Overall a fabulous low cost fruit and vege retailer with great fresh produce. The service is also very good considering how busy they always are. Stores open good hours to cater for everyone
Great service, cheapest prices. fresh items. Also the deli items are fabulous
nothing. alot of products unavaiable are from overseas.


great little market it will save you from going to 3 different stores, it's a one stop shop for all fresh items. love shopping there.
great fresh produce, meat, fruit and veg, bread bakery treats and dairy. great low prices as well.
sometimes it can take a little long to get out the registers, other then that friendly customer service.


I find they have a great range of really fresh fruit and veg. I shop there when I'm near a store. I've found that the staff are actually knowledgeable about fruit and veg and can give you some great advice if you request it. I also like some of the interesting stuff they have in terms of other products. I find that their prices are really good also. I'd definitely recommend shopping here.
I love a fruit and veg dedicated shop I find they tend to have much better quality
I'd love a location a bit closer to me


I like the size of Harris farm and find they're often cheaper than the supermarket chains. Often can get amazing deals on large packets of steaks or smoked salmon and they also have a good range of ground coffee and pasta and juices. I don't mind their small bakery section either, the banana bread is beautiful.
A big fan of Harris Farm, I do most of my fruit and veg shopping there, love the way you can get discounted buckets of fruit which is good for juicing or using that day or the next, staff are friendly, love the yogurt and fridge products as well.
None, I really enjoy shopping there.


Harris Farm used to be my favourite fruit and veg store and I never went anywhere else.

I now buy from Aldi as they are always cheaper than Harris Farm.

Harris Farm's prices have snuck up recently and they aren't as cheap as they used to be. Some items are still worth getting from there and I do still shop there, just not as often.
Good quality
Some items very expensive, such as their yoghurt.
Miserable staff.


My local Harris Farm is so much more expensive than most other grocery stores in the same area. The quality of the produce is not bad but the price premium is too much. The specials out the front of the store and the bargain 'buckets' are normally ok but I get price shock for pretty much everything else. Definitely only go to Harris Farm for emergencies only!
The local Harris Farm is a stand alone store so very handy for emergency purchases or if you are time poor. The deli/gourmet food section is pretty good but again, very expensive.

Great quality stuff

Harris Farm might be slightly exy but the vegies always last longer than buying from your standard grocery shops. You may a bit more but its so worth it. Cheese selection is amazing and I remember during the Christmas period getting a massive slab of smoked salmon for $19.95 when its normally $8 for 120grams at your local grocery store. Harris Farm do tend to have some good deals...oh and before I forget I bought some flowers for the mums in the family and for only $8 per bunch apparently they lasted 2 weeks in each home. The standard is obviously good
Good quality..no doubt about that

Prettay Prettay Good

In particular, I'm impressed with the Harris Farm Market in Pott's Point, NSW. Not only do they have fresh and delicious Fish and Chips, but their specials are ridiculously good. I've saved loads of cash in the few times I've shopped there. I used to think it was an expensive place to shop, but now I know that it's not! Woolworths and Coles should offer equally as fresh produce and offer hot cafe-style food that you can buy and eat on the spot! I also noticed a lot of attractive women shop here, which is a lovely added bonus to any shopping experience.
Surprisingly cheap. Enjoyable.


The fruit and veg are OK, not really any cheaper than the supermarkets. They have a good selection of cheeses and other speciality items. I've purchased their beef fillet a couple of times. The first time is was good, I sliced it into steaks, cooked it on the BBQ and it was tender. The second time I purchased the beef fillet and used the identical cooking method it was as tough as old boots and only fit for a slow cooked casserole. Probably won't buy their meat again, and wouldn't go out of my way to shop at Harris Farm.
Good range of cheeses and specialty goods
Meat cheap but quality is unreliable


Not my way of shopping - too difficult to get out of the shop. They think they are tricking the public by FORCING them to go up and down every aisle & buy more. WRONG - we are not that stupid when it comes to shopping!!!
Time for Harris Farm to rethink their shop layout & stop trapping shoppers when in a hurry! I would shop there if I could get out of more than ONE exit!!
They have a good variety of produce.
I don't shop there any more because they don't have a quick exit if you are in a hurry & only need a couple of things - you are made to go around all the aisles before you can get out!! This is particularly bad for elderley shoppers who have problems walking.


I am not a fan of this store. My local seems quite dirty- the floor is usually covered with scraps and debris. The quality is not as good as in other stores that are nearby. I do like their range of other items though and find that they are good value and of good variety. I also find that the fruit is often soft and seems to be a bit old!
The proces are quite cheap.
I find the overall quality is lacking when compared to other stores in my area. I also find that the prodcuce does not last as long as with other stores.


Can not fault these guys on their stock.. I have never had a bad piece of produce from them and their prices have always been the cheapest around. Pity they are not closer to me cos they'd get all my business!
food is always fresh and looks great!. guys that pack the shelves always look happy, like the free taste testing they regularly have. Prices are always cheapest and quality is great! I also quite like the selection of non fruit and vege they carry!
my local is over half an hour away in the middle of a big shopping centre!

Beware. The fruit is off. Like the Curate's egg...good in parts

The Broadway shop has a good selection and there is nearby parking. The staff are mostly Asian and very helpful. The Edgecliff shop has a terrible selection, very limited parking, cranky staff and no flowers.

At Broadway I bought a huge amount of fruit. More than 50% of it was completely rotten inside although it looked perfect outside. Woolworths & Coles are dire but Harris Farm is not much better.

I love to shop here

Shopping is not my favourite pastime, but I love this shop. The turnover of the fresh food is quick so the quality is excellent. The prices are competitive. The specials are genuine. Their home brands are good quality. The layout is easy to negotiate and the staff are always pleasant.
reliable, good quality, courteous staff, good variety of stock

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Questions & Answers

Is still at Bernardis Bathurst?
1 answer
Hi Rhonda, yes we still have our concession store within the Bathurst Bernadi's!

Is Harris Farm opening a supermarket in Canberra? I have just visited your Newcastle store and was very impressed and think you would be welcomed with open arms in Canberra! Maggi
1 answer
Hi Maggi, thanks for getting in touch. I'm unfortunately unaware of any plans to open up in the Canberra region just yet. However, I'll raise your suggestion over to our Commercial Manager to take on board as I understand we'd love the service customers in the area. In the meantime, if you weren't already aware - we currently do deliver to Canberra and locations can be found here: https://www.harrisfarm.com.au/pages/delivery. Feel free to give it a go!

Do you stock peanuts in their shells?
1 answer
Hi Veronica, we sure do! Cheers Anita

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