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Harley-Davidson Dyna Fat Bob

Harley-Davidson Dyna Fat Bob

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I own a dyna fat bob an I love it . I've owned Harley davidson motorcycle my whole life an have always loved them I don't knock other bikes cause every brand has it's own riding style. After reading all these I see that the people that gave low grade wernt harley riders they were more triumph an other bikers. You cant compare other bike to Harley davidson cause there nothing alike if you expected to get on a Harley that dosnt vibrate then you didnt do your research at all they all vibrate . A triumph is a beast of a bike that is awsome but it's a totally dif category of bike . The fat bob is the next best bike to the fxr meaning fxr is still number one but if you want a awsome bike you can make your own build the engine an beast the road the fat bob is awsome. I can only talk about 2008 to 2017 fat Bob's. I test road a new 2018 an 2019 . It's really fast but in my opinion it poorly made. So if you ate a triumph owner or another kind of bike an you love what your riding stay were your at cause you wont like a mans bike lolol

Date PurchasedSep 2018

First Harley

Background in Jap bikes both sports and muscle cruisers.
Turned 59 and bit the bullet. After much research I selected the Fat Bob, with stage one pipes and air cleaner. I chose it for its stance and double headlight. Also because I'm not ready for a total " nanna" cruiser but coming from a M109 Boulevard I didn't want too much difference in riding styles.
I've got a 2012 103c.i. Fat Bob with ABS. Rode one 5 years ago and didn't like it but love this one so I knew the timing was right. The throb sitting at the lights, the different sound from other Harleys, and torque under acceleration are all big positives.
Owned it for nearly 6 months now and done a couple of minor fix ups but that's part of what I like about it. It's "human" like that but nothing mechanically major.
Broken oil pressure wire, battery change, sticking brake light switch, all of which I repaired watching YouTube vids.
Love getting out on it and eastern Australia has plenty of quality riding roads to choose from.
Different bikes suit different personalities. Go out and take one for a spin, if you're like me you won't be able to wipe the stupid grin off your face.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Absolute shocker

I bought the Dyna Fat Bob as I have heard it is supposed to be a good handling and well sorted Harley. I have the V&H short shots and a stage 2 kit fitted. Well after 5000kms I cannot wait to be rid of it. I have 2 other bikes, one a Triumph Thunderbird Storm and the other a BMW 1600 GT.
The Triumph kills the Harley in every respect, better performance, better handling and braking, much smoother and
more refined. It does not feel like a vibrating lawnmower motor and gets up and goes. The BMW isd totally different as it is a sublime grand tourer and cannot be compared to the other 2 bikes.
Harleys are for riders who aspire to being a biker yet have no idea of real world performance or bike dynamics. Buy a Harley and be an "individual" exactly like the other individuals who all seem to be clones.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Harley Davidson FXDF 2013 Fat Bob

I've updated from a 2011 Street Bob about a year ago to a mono-coloured denim black Fat Bob. She's a marked improvement in a number of key areas with improved handling & ride quality along with a step up in performance (96ci up to a 103ci) & solid braking. The Street Bob was fitted with rider foot boards which further restricted that bikes cornering angle / speed. This Fat Bob with V&H 2x2 big radius pipes has yet to touch down through previously problematic lumpy corners. Forward controls of foot brake / gear shift also assist with greater clearance. So now scratching through curves n' corners is without issue or concern that I'll be crunching the underside -& for me this greatly enhances that seat-of-pants freedom to ride in a manner you really enjoy. Maintaining HD standard (or close) tyre sizes is my recommendation. Fat Bob have a generous enough front fitment & there's a downside for any bike if you fatten / widen up the rear... this only adds to a reluctance for the bike to lean over when cornering. Some riders will be happy to trade off a bikes ride ability to gain the desired look for their bike.
The solid fitted rims clearly have a snug fit with the tyres. In comparison to the Street Bob (wire wheel centres)
which needed checking / inflating regularly , the Fat Bob set-up only needs minor inflating every 2-3 months.
Though I'll always give the front & rear a mandatory steel-cap kick test n'check before riding. Heavy breather & HD super tuner (stage 1 upgrade) with V&H make this the ideal package without really pushing the envelope.
Fuel economy for a bike of this weight & capacity is surprisingly good with 330-350+ k's regularly achieved.
Night riding with standard lighting is ok -the headlight is the main upgrade I'd suggest if you're a regular nocturnal. With HD's there's an abundance of gear available to customise / improve one's jigger -either with HD or a number of external quality aftermarket manufacturers. Use the web , take your time & research for the best product(s) then best price(s). Some HD forums can be useful. Always beware the additional P&H pricing!!!
The suspension (for an HD) is reasonably comfy , stable & compliant when pushed -& good tyre choice will really help.
The bike steers well enough at any speed with standard h-bars giving you plenty of leverage.
I was very fortunate to pick up a Mustang vintage wide saddle for a beaut' price. It covers rider / pillion needs admirably well & converts the bike into genuine touring comfort... best bang-for-buck period!!
I'd summarise by saying that Harley's don't do anything brilliantly in my experience -but with many HD's there's character aplenty & the Fat Bob when tickled up with the right goodies is a joy out amongst the scenery
providing that X-factor that leaves one hankering for the next free day as the open road beckons....
Standard bike off the showroom floor I'd give 3.5 / 5 score. Put in some time & dollars to upgrade with the right gear & we're up around 4.5 / 5. Once done be sure to enjoy & be rewarded by as many X factor days that are yours for the taking.... Finally keeping your pride n' joy HD well maintained by a quality HD workshop is a must.
Cheers & safe riding , J

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Absolutely love it

Happy wife happy life so the saying goes and yes my wife loves going for rides with me on the FATBOB, we bought it last year and have done 15000 klms on it and every day is and absolute blast, had Vance and Hines exhaust with a stage 2 up grade now it hammers and sounds awesome, have had no trouble or issues with the Bike to date, its been a joy to own as my previous bike which I still have and ride a Yamaha XJR 1300 So riding styles and handling dynamics had to be adjusted with the Big bore Harley.

Highly recommend

Date PurchasedMay 2016
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Asked my wife today wether I should sell the Harley :) Hell no she responded, and I gotta agree this bike has run flawlessly since new and is awesome on long cruises which we tend to do a fair bit of here in Sunny Queensland. Still got my XJR1300 which i guess will draw the short straw and be sold OR maybe not lol

Harley Fat Bob 2016 - Never too old

Has been a many years since I have had ridden bikes but with my boys growing up and starting to get into road bikes I thought what the heck I would take them for a ride (Yamaha / Honda sports) but my old back told me very quickly I was too old for that but now I had the itch I decided to look for something more my style (age) so I went to the local Harley Dealer and took a couple of models for a run but the handling wasn't up to my liking and was about to give up when my son said to me try the Dyna so I did it was a 2016 FXDF Fat-Bob WOW what a bike.. Power, handling and comfort, I had found my bike. My only dislike at the time was the standard pipes they are too quiet not what I expected from a Harley and I also like to be heard, so the dealer recommended I change to some S&S pipes what a difference. If anyone is interested in getting back into bikes after a decent spell and their body is telling them to leave the bikes alone give a Dyna Fat-Bob a go.
The only thing that I have updated in the past 8 months since owning is the headlights no longer am I the one eyed bandit...

Date PurchasedAug 2016

The ultimate Harley Davidson

Brought fatbob 2016 model from HD Perth, Helen was awesome, helped me with everything , also got upgrades Vance and Hines long shot exhaust system , screaming eagle air intake and stage 3 race tune and saved about $5000 due to paying cash, sounds and goes like a rocket. Awesome harley

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Why you want this bike.

First off I am not a hard core Harley owner. I am a motorcycle enthusiast. I have owned and ridden Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda. I had a 2008 Dyna back in 2010 my 1st Harley. I actually was not in love with it. It was heavy, not really special. I sold it and bought a Vulcan 900, then a Kawasaki Versys and the a new Vulcan 650s. All great bikes. Then I made the mistake of riding a New 2015 Fatbob. Bamm !! I was sold. Looks like no other Harley. Great lean angles. I did intake, exhaust and dyno tune. Top it off with a touring seat and short windshield and Wow ! What a great performance machine. Whats crazy is this is just as heavy as my first Harley but it rides so much differently. I ride with a group of guys that have cruisers and sport bikes and they all like this bike. The 103 with mods pulls like a beast, sounds great and moves your soul. Ride one.

Date PurchasedMar 2015


One of the best bikes I've owned handles great looks good comfortable little bit of vibration it's a harley got used to it luv the the bike going for a stage 3 soon test drive other bikes fatbob. Come up trumps was going for a softail glad I didn't made the right choice

Date PurchasedNov 2014

Owned & ridden much better bikes-overrated

Bought my second Harley, a 2013 Fat Bob with the exhaust, intake and tuner done, 1500 ks on it. Power delivery is nice throughout the rev range. Gearing is great with seamless gear changes. Suspension is rubbish giving a very harsh ride on rough surfaces. Fork seal failures probably owing to the weight of front wheel etc, front brake master cylinder kit required just out of warranty with only 5000ks on it, not happy at all. Hate the stupid switchgear particularly the indicators. Don't buy a Harley unless you are only after the image of telling people with no idea that 'I own a Harley'. It's on the market to be sold.

2009 Harley Davidson Fatbob 96cub inch

I have owned heaps of motorbikes BMW's, all Jap versions and now later in life a 2009 Harley Fatbob.
I still have a R1200GS BMW. I love my Fatbob, Harleys I have previously ridden are Wide glides and StreetGlides, 96 and both 103,s. I prefer the looks and feel of my Fatbob. It is all I want as a cruiser, good handling, very adequate acceleration, great quality, good chrome, it has V&H big shot exhausts, that really make this bike something else, recommend them. It is not too big for a Harley, 305kg's, I am only 76kg so have set rear suspension to #1 setting which worked much better than the harsh #3 setting I bought it set with, front suspension is not 100%, it requires some refining, I will get it sorted though. Harley could do better with suspension, all OK but not up to BMW standard. This Harley has SOUL. I feel not all cruisers have this soul. Just love it. Do not notice any real difference in performance between the 103 street glide I rode, and this bike, Streetglide was heavier though. Bike has been very reliable but only had it 7 months. I love the self cancelling indicators. I realise that there maybe faster cruisers about, and cannot understand why owners want to speed up their cruisers, they are cruisers! If you want speed buy a Hayabusa.
Update #1. March 16. I have since replaced the stock handle bars with fatBOY stock bars. I find these are more comfortable for longer rides, not that the originals were uncomfortable. They sit me upright a little more. Update #2 May 18, I have added a small "Dart" windscreen this has made huge difference to the speed you can cruise at , I use to have to hang onto the bars at 120km/hr because of wind pressure on my body , now with the wee screen, I can release the left hand bar at speeds in excess of 140km/hr -no problems, much easier to ride, cost about $NZ230 delivered in from the USA. Should have done this years ago.
Update #3 Feb 19, from reading some other reviews from a few that dont like it, I can only comment that I own many other bikes, sports , adventure etc. Yes some of my bikes are faster, quieter, better handling, lighter, and cheaper. So what? Do I like them more, the answer is no more or less, the are all different and thats what makes them all individual and all great to ride in their own way.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Surprised me how goid

I have loved the fat bob from first sight. Stout and tough. The ride of my 2008 is what surprised me most. Nothing like the sportster 1200 I had. Plush by comparo. Handling belies its size. Brakes don't feel up to it, but it's for cruising, not for racing. Very very happy.

Faster than a Breakout

Well here we are again the ole Fat Bob proved a point at Palmyra test n tune -to those that speak big of their bikes superiorness,were reading number plates again & not putting money where their mouths are.The stage 4 & tuning that Mackay Motorcycles done on the Fatty proved a treat running on ole 91 RON fuel still smokin the Breakout down the strip consistent 11:80s where the others stayed in the low 12:00s running same Stage kits & gearing.Just shows that the Dyna produces slightly more horsepower than the Breakouts balance shaft motor,so not only do you get better handling,ground clearance for cornering,rider comfort,you get the added bonus of straight line tourque & horsepowner.Off to Benaraby next month for the all bike drags so stay tuned as I will try & run with a few different model HDs & report back to those that are interested in how the different HD models perform on the track with various modifications

Rough as guts

Ok first time Harley fat bob owner . Test rode a 2015 bought a 2013 model with 800 K's on the clock .On the freeway or on a smooth road great corners well I was very impressed but take it off the smooth road watt a different storey!!!!! Very clunky front and back feel every bump through the seat bounces across the road can feel every thing through the bars . So can some one tell me how to fix it or she's going to go cheap.Love the look ,the sound the engine but the ride sorry ,

Fat bob 2014....Unbelievable!!

Had my 2014 Fat-bob for 2 months now. My first Harley and am very impressed. Had a double into single Vance & Hines pipe fitted along with a heavy breather and sports tune, sounds beautiful!! Ive had Japanese sports bike most of my life (i'm 49) and am very pleased with the handling of this bike. Higher clearance and less rake than the normal Harley image however that makes it handle unbelievably well. Ive scrapped my boots a few times on the forward pegs as she slides around the corners with ease. If i had one complaint it would be that it runs out of puff when you are high in the rev range. However its a cruiser and not a mountain carving machine. Anyone looking at investing in a Harley i would strongly reccomend having a look at the Fat-Bob, especially if you've been a sports bike rider.


This is my third Harley, and i have to say, it's my best ride yet! I take it up the coast with my girls, or go solo. Just a real comfortable ride! What else is there to say!. A definate head turner and would recommend to all die hard Harley riders.
Head Turner

2013 Harley Davidson FXDF Dyna Fat Bob

Big cruiser, loads of grunt from the stock 103 cubic inch engine, handles surprisingly well for a 320kg bike. ABS braking system works very well. Twin disc front end is a major plus. Never owning a Harley before and only riding a couple in my life, it was surprisingly easy it was to get comfortable with the bike. Self cancelling indicators again take a little time to get used too, fandangle technology. Keyless start, great idea and makes life that much easier. I received very good service from the dealer during the purchase. No warranty issues so far. Over all loving my Fat Bob couldn’t have made a better choice.
Grunt, Handling, Braking and Keyless start
Asthmatic exhaust, that will all be changed on the first service.

Mean Features get a lot of looks!

By far this is one of the meanest looking bikes on the road. Forward front pegs and low seat give a look that the rider is totally relaxed and in control. The dual front headlights, flare rear fender and fat tires add to the looks of this beast. Harley Davidson came out with a winner when this bad boy was introduced!
Comfortable Ride. No service issues.
Just doesn't look right with a windshield or bags.

2012 Fat Bob Headlight Cracking

I have had my bike since March 2012 and am very happy. Very nice bike to look at. Handles really well and stable on road. Stable at very low speeds also. I have lower back problems and the sitting position does not effect me. I feel the 98 octane fuel feel smoother, and serves the bike better that 95.

After about 200km on a highway trip I noticed my right hand side headlight had multiple cracks, with several crack over entire glass. I assumed I had sustained a stone chip although I didn't see, hear or feel a stone or other impact object. On return home I made closer observations and noticed I couldn't find an obvious stone crack but noticed about 8 x star style cracks all on the outer edge of the glass directly beside/against the metal headlight frame. It now appears to me as though the headlight glass sustained cracking due to some form of stressing, either headlight framing, insufficient lens cushining, but can't be sure and intend to look into it further. Fuel guage inaccurate and will indicate about to run out when actually got more fuel than expected. I now go off trip metre.

Headlight cracking. Fuel gauge is very inaccurate.

After 13 New Harleys this is the best yet

Motor Cyclist for 51 years owned a wide range of British, Japanese and American Motorcycles.

This is the 13th new (big bore)Harley I have owned.

This 2010 model FXDF was purchased new and is now 2 & 1/2 years old.

It is the best Harley that I have owned. It has been 100% reliable without any problems whatsoever.

The handling is very good without any of the tramping(FLHTC) and vibration (FLSTC)issues experienced with other HD bikes.

The Chrome has lasted well in comparison with older models.
The previous two bikes fractured the exhaust pipes near the bypass valve ( fixed under warranty) the lousy NSW roads being the probable cause.This model has had no problems.

The support from Harley is now excellent with an Australian office.

The dealer service is variable and I have found Trivetts at Alexandria to deliver the goods even though this bike was not purchased from them.

All in all - a very good machine which I would buy again.
Stylish, reliable performance.
Engine Heat in Sydney traffic excessive even with Oil Cooler fitted

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hi i have 2013 fat bob left hand switches dont work exept when i put hazzard lights on pleasr advise
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Hey I have fat Bob year 2016. It's 96ci. But want upgrade to 107ci. What cylinders fits on my bike. Can it works from street glide. Fat boy.?
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2012 fat bob had a minor fall . Only one cylinder is firing now .. checked the plugs they are ok .. any guesses?
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