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What is the food for the adults on the flight from Sydney to Honolulu
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My kid is 9 years old and I don’t know if I should get her the kid meals or the adult meals. We are doing Sydney to Honolulu and no return as we are taking a cruise back. Could anyone tell me what food they had from the adult meal when they went
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I had travel insurance covering trip to Hawaii. I broke my left foot have been given doctors clearance to fly. Does travel insurance cover upgrade
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If your travel insurance is up to date then it should cover it. Also in some countries travel insurance is different from others.

Does the flights from Sydney to Honolulu flight HA452 and Honolulu to Sydney HA451 provide inflight entertainment screens on the back of the seats?
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We have booked business class seats for myself, my husband and our 2 year old daughter. She will have her own seat but I am wondering what menu she will get? I would hate to spend all that money only to have her eat chicken nuggets.
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We booked seats on a flight from Sydney to honalulu and return through a third party and when we checked on the Hawaiin airlines website, our seats weren't allocated and we have to find new seats after everything is already taken. Is this usual?
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I am flying, KAUAI-HONOLULU - BRISBANE, all in the space of depart KAUAI at 11:41am arrive HONOLULU 12:15pm then have connecting flight to BRISBANE at1:20 pm, I know my luggage is booked straight through, but is there a transit lounge or do I have to go through personal scanning again? will I have time?
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Unfortunately you will need to go from domestic to the international part of the teminal which has a diferent screening.You will need to go through a scan at Honululu airport US are pretty tight on security

Wondering if there are any good customer service stories with this airline? Booked - and paid for - flights from Sydney to Hon - Hon to LAX - LAX to Hon and Hon to Sydney - used a company that I now realise has a pretty dodgy record to book all this - my husband and daughter ended up flying from Hon to Canada and despite the airline knowing they weren't using the Hon-LAX leg they've cancelled the remaining flights due to no-show and expect me to pay extra to give me back the flights I didn't cancel??? I know they've been bankrupt a couple of times - and generally when people/businesses have this type of track record they know how to scam people (eg "we can change our rules at any time") - but must admit I was blind sighted by this scam! Like I said - any good customer service stories out there??? Does the leadership have any integrity or not?
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My brother and his wife had a travel agent do their bookings, HA seted them separately at different ends of the plane and refused to reseat them, then lost their bags! They had to return early from holiday and had the same problem with seating! Two weeks before my trip. Can't believe they get away with this ...Dear Michele, I'm not sure about parts of your story. How did the dodgy booking company affect the travel? Why did your husband and daughter fly to Canada from Hon. when they were booked to go to LAX? If it was a cheaper economy ticket then it doesn't permit changes or no shows and the airline, while being bloody minded, is within its rights to cancel it. In general you need to disabuse yourself of the notion that airlines operate to serve their passengers. Despite what they might claim they organise themselves to run at a profit and at their convenience and passengers are of secondary consideration. Sometimes airline staff go out of their way to help but others simply toe the company line and do little for passengers. Lozza's brother in law needed to have his travel agent check the seat allocation-this is easy to do- and not turn up at the airport trusting it would be ok. In fairness to Hawaiian you can easily change your seats on line with them for free unlike QANTAS and BA who charge $30 a seat. Unfortunately travel sites and newspapers are full of stories of travellers being screwed over, in various ways, by all airlines, and getting no satisfaction from them.Family flew on a separate airline ticket to Canada - advised airline prior to boarding from Oz they wouldn't use the second leg but pick up in LA onwards. And yes I have learnt about this "no show" rule and it seems they choose to apply it even if they have been advised that the leg is not being used. But I am also of the position that this rule evidences Collusion between all the carriers. Understand that a similar scenario went to court in Peru and the airline lost - I guess they couldn't prove what loss they incurred by the passenger not using a leg of the ticket. Profit is fine - completely unethical behaviour simply to max profit isn't fine. I have spent many hrs dealing with the airline who claims I shouldn't deal with them - and the agent claiming the same thing. The best airline rule is "we can alter the rules at any time". Maybe that means that we really need more regulation as we don't know the difference between right and wrong!!! haha

Has anyone flown Brisbane to Honolulu Business Class? Do they have the flat beds yet and is it worth the extra money?
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I flew premium economy right behind business class, no flat beds in business class, I wouldn't pay the extra as I don't think it would be worth it... The flight crew on one flight were shockers!No flat beds on Hawaiin and Lozza is right business class would not be worth the money.Thanks Lozza & Peter B. I heard the flat beds were coming out in the second quarter of this year, we are travelling end of June, Bris to Vegas, Vegas to Honolulu, Honolulu to Brisbane. Best flight times, prices, minimal stopover times and first class internally (USA) thought it might be worth our time.

Are blankets and pillows included with main cabin economy seats?
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I was premium economy, 1 small cushion and yes I think we also got a small blanket...Yes a blanket and pillow on the international flight. Not sure about the domestic flight

Does Hawaiian Air have a business class lounge in Brisbane?
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if the do they will treat you the same with broken down planes leaving you to sleep on airport for 32 hours with no refunds or compensation much safer to fly Qantas I will never fly Hawaiian airlines againYou can always try Jetstar. I assure you my experience with them is NO better. Cancelled flight after 24 and left all passengers to fend for themselves!!

What plane flies from Brisbane to HNL? Is it an A330? Are the seats comfy and do they have screens on the back of seats..also how many meals are served? Cheers
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I paid for extra comfert seat.. So mine were good.. Yes screens are on back of seats. Think out was A 330"I flew can't remember, sorryI paid for extra comfort seat, very hard to recline and still hard and uncomfortable.... All you get is extra leg room.

Are blankets and pillows standard for everyone on your flights?
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On Sydney to Honolulu A330 flight do exit row 34 seats have a window ???
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Have no idea I sat in row 44 where there is 2 seats only they wrre great.

Does business class have the beds ?
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No, they don't have beds. Not really worth the money foe business class.Hawaiian Airlines do not have lie flat seats, they simply recline to such a position that is uncomfortable and your feet swell, try Jetstar - they might. And they are cheaper.

I can't see a business class on the 330 and have booked seats in row 12, are these classed as business class. We paid an extra $140 for them. Do we get any toiletries and blankets in these seats?
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Hi, Yes, you get a blanket but I did not recieve any toiletries in row 13. Served your meals early. Near the Galley too from memory. Ensure you use the toilet just before disembarking, its a long walk to the Terminal! Enjoy the service.

We are travelling next month from Bris to Honolulu and onto Kauai, will our bags automatically go onto our Kauai flight or do we have to collect them and check them in again? Thanks :-)
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We flew from Kona back to Honolulu at 6.30am and then on to Brisbane later that morning. We checked our bags in at Kona and didn't have to re-check them in Honolulu - just picked them up in Brisbane ..:) have a great trip.

What is business class comfort like on Hawaiian airlines? as we're planning a flight from Brisbane to Honolulu.
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To honest - it depends which plane they use - see if your travel agent can check for you.... The older planes are comfy but the newer ones are roomier, are better appointed - and the food was better as well....

We are flying Sydney to Oahu - 9.20pm - and we are wondering what time do they deliver meals? Thanks for your help!
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In our experience you will get a snack and drink as soon as the steep climb stops (30 mins?) followed by dinner within the hour. You will be no more than 90 minutes out of Honolulu when breakfast comes round, about 9:30 am their time but your body clock will say MUCH earlier, about 5:30 am, so well timed. You will love Hawaiian, they really have the Island spirit.

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