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Staff have poor knowledge of policies and customers are held accountable

Very dissapointed in hawaiian airlines.

When leaving for hawaii, the man that checked in our baggage told us that we could bring as many bags as we like as long as it was under 64kg per person. Based on this advise we purchased more bags and did a lot of shopping, however upon leaving honolulu we were charged an additional $150 for each extra bag. What a scam!

The check in manager suggested that if we want the correct information we should call their call centre 3 to 4 times to check rather than relying on what we are told by their staff at check in.

The worst airline I've flown with in 35 years of O/S Travel

Booked a 14 day package deal to Honolulu. -- they chose HAWAAIN airlines. - it was from Melbourne - had to go via Sydney ,the planes both ways seemed so old ,the smallest hardest seats ,food terrible ,first time I have ever found crew to be unfriendly ,really only saw them when serving lunch and dinner. -- not like other airlines who come around with water or snacks etc -- worst of all the FOOD TROLLY was so dirty ,could see the grime - hadn't been cleaned for years I don't think. - I did feel at all times safe which is the main thing -- but would never fly with them again

Good service, puncture, and nothing to complain about

My family of 3 (including a 3 years old) recently flew the airline to Honolulu, via Brisbane on the way out and Sydney on the way back. Both flights were pleasant. Nothing fancy, but comparable to other premium airlines including Qantas, Air NZ and Cathay. Some people complained about the timing of dinner on the Honolulu to Sydney flight. I believe it was timed based on Sydney time, which was at about 6PM local time. The dinner itself was a bit simple - just 2 sandwiches. Would I fly with them again? absolutely!.

Unsafe and Uncaring Airline

As a frequent flyer I find Hawaiian Airlines to be the most uncaring and unsafe airline in the world. I suffered a near fatal injury on board their flight from Hawaii to Sydney and the staff could not give a damn!! Hawaiian airlines staff including the Captain have no idea how to deal with difficult situations on board to alleviate passengers anxiety when unforeseen events occur. Fly Hawaiian airlines at your own risk as it is the most unsafe and disorganized airline in the world !! etc...

What a way to end our honeymoon, worst flight ever experienced!

No 'Aloha' in this flight, we ended our honeymoon with a shocking flight.
We paid for extra comfort seats, my seat had a TV with a broken arm, they ended up taping the arm and holding it together with an extension belt with the tray table up, barricading me and my husband, i was desperate to watch my movies (what else do you do on a 10 hour flight) so i put up with the barricade and a screen on a slant that was pretty much in portrait mode. But it didn't end there.....

We didn't get our dinner until an hour before landing, people were starving, it would have been around 9.30pm Hawaiian time as we were flying back to Sydney, so we were well past dinner time. We were finally greeted with a tomato sandwich, however in the meantime their snack bar was highly compensated with people spending up on the snacks.

It gets better…

To top it off the plane ran out of water, nobody could wash their hands after using the bathroom!!
How hygienic of them, 5 remaining hours without no water to wash your hands and no water to clean the toilet. It was disgusting!

We wrote a a complaint to the airline as we wouldn't want anyone else to go through what we did, they gave us the extra comfort seats credit to use on THEIR airline that expire this year. (what are the chances of using that)
Which in the end benefits them!! I'm not a sucker for punishment, never again would i fly with this airline.

Food is diagusting, i lost items in my baggage and they dont want to pay for it

Boarding no not to recommend and will be last tym to board on this airline, i lost items in my baggage and hawaiian airlines did not pay for it

Business Class that's not Business Class

I recently booked a Return Flight from Sydney to San Fransisco in Business Class through Last minute.com

I had difficulty printing all the itineraries etc from their website. I also tried to reserve a preferred seat as Ii love the Left Side when flying back into Sydney as you get the Harbour Bridge etc. I managed to book the Sydney to Hawaii Leg but that was all. It then kept showing me the rear Cabin (for Business?/) I then discover the the second Leg - Hawaii to SFO was in Economy. What ? It was the same for the return Leg SFO to Hawaii.

I paid $5,000+ for this ticket. The Website clearly showed BUSINESS (Blue Box) SYD - SFO and I clicked that for both directions. I call Last Minute and they faffed me around and then came back and said we can't put you in Business because there is NO Business class on that leg (HAW-SFO). Only 1st Class. They then offered to upgrade me to 1st Class on one leg for $3500. What ? The so called 1st Class was exactly the same as the business class I was in SYD to HAW.

This is deceptive at best and fraudulent in my view. I will never use Last minute again and also will never fly Hawaiian as the Business Class seat were a joke. I booked this seat as I had meetings and suffer back issues on long hauls. The Seat only reclined half way so it was impossible to sleep and worse is you get pressure on the back of your legs when you recline due to the poor design.

The service was excellent in Business so no fault there and the staff were great. The seat however are pathetic as is the booking deal. Never again.

Terrible experience

Travelled on a family holiday from brisbane to honolulu my daughter's luggage was left behind in brisbane, my husband's flight was delayed from maui to honolulu. Our return flight from honolulu to sydney was the most terrible ever, flying for four hours then had to flight back to honolulu due to fuel leakage that wascnoticed by another plane passing by under our plane
Got back to Honolulu waited for hours to be picked up and get dropped off at the hotel, and tbe joke was the meal vouchers were provided, wouldn't be enough to get coffee and water. Spent another two nights, then back to the airport plane about to board, some problem with the plane again got to change planes and another two hours delay. Service from honolulu to sydney was bad, flight attendant was very grumpy. Got to sydney then we were told that we are unable to fly to Melbourne on that night because we were late when we couldn't wait to be back home, we insisted to run and try and make it with the last flight for that night with Qantas, quantas were very helpful and let us on the last flight till we made it home on that night

Flight from Sydney to Lax. Lax to hnl and hnl to Sydney

Booked a flight from Sydney,Australia with hawaiian airlines that flew out at 9:20pm and the plane was empty and could sit anywhere on the plane staff onumbers the flight were nice and polite making your trip and enjoyable one. The leg from HNL to LAX was average the flight staff were not professional you had to pay for movie that are free on Sydney to hnl food on this leg was disgusting and unpleasant but when we arrived at LAX airport hawaiian airlines damageflying our bags. The leg from hnl to Sydney was the worst we were four hours into the flight and they decide to turn the planend around because of a fuel leak which could have been checked before take off and their engineers should be checking the aircraft before allowing passengers. But they did a great thing was by putting the passengers affected into a nice hotel.But I would recommend another airline if you decide to go with hawaiian airline go at on your own risk.
The following things the airline can improve on
1. Get their engineers to double check if the plane has not a single issue so no accidents can occur as this prevents problems
2. If you cancel a flight should have another plane ready so passengers can reach to their destination onot time
3. Staff working on the aircraft need to be trained in customer service as some of them don't know how to be nice

drink policy

flew HA443 over 9.30hrs nothing to drink before hand, I requested 3 cans over that period while watching movies, to be told in no uncertain terms 2/30 hrs. out from bris. THATS IT. im 72yrs never have I been spoken to like that before, (never again) HA that just cost you $1600 in the future.

Very average

Plane was clean but forget any leg room .Staff are not friendly they just do there job meals are basic dink service is poor I asked for a soda water didn't even get one of their small cans just half of a plastic cup. Try asking for another drink. Better off trying another airline because customer service is very poor don't know if jet star are any better but will think twice before booking with them again

HA not putting the new A300 on the Sydney/Brisbane to Honolulu

I find it totally inconceivable that HA has decided to placed the upgraded A300 aircraft with Business class flat bed seats on the five hour flight from Lax to Honolulu instead of placing them on the ten hour plus red eye flights from Sydney/Brisbane they are beginning to lose competitive ground against Qantas, Air N.Z and a like.

Since writing this review, if you notice Hawaiian Airlines has not given a reply this says a lot. Give them a wide berth, go with another airline.Still a deathly silence from HA.


Our flight from Brisbane to Honolulu was delayed one hour. Finally boarded aircraft before being told there would be another hours wait as paperwork needed to be finalised. Finally departed Brisbane 2 hours behind schedule. Approx 1hr and 20mins into flight captain announces we are headed back for Brisbane due to mechanical issues. Once arriving back in Brisbane there were no ground staff to direct us. It has now been 14+ hours since our flight was due to depart and they cannot tell us when the flight is to be rescheduled. Not an ideal start to our honeymoon!! I would recommend flying with Jetstar even if it is a little more costly!

Hmm A bit dodgy

Agent (ie Direct Flights) offered to sort out flights cancelled by Hawaiian Airline for an additional $930pp less approx $80 commission. Hawaiian Airline then stepped in and offered to charge around $240pp as "the flights had gone up". When I looked at what I paid vs what they said I paid it transpired I was actually owed around $40. So the airline said "ok let's just call it a processing fee" - and I thought maybe we should just call it blackmail and unethical business practices? We ignored their transparent shakedown tactics and checked in as planned (ie Los Angeles - Honolulu etc to Sydney) and surprise surprise not a word! Would have preferred the CEO Mark B Dunkerely step in a say "thanks for educating us about how we treat our customers - we're upgrading you" :)
Would you use Hawaiian Airlines? You decide. But be prepared to flight for what you believe is ethical if you encounter problems! And no I didn't totally ignore their tactics - I went to the CEO and the Dept of Transport in the US and complained - which is next on my "to do" list.

Never ever will I set foot on a Hawaiian Airlines Flight.

We are small business owners based in Brisbane, Australia and had planned a trip to the U.S to attend a conference in Phoenix, Arizona in early March. We thought we would also take the opportunity to have a couple of days in Hawaii on the way over as my partner and I had never been and had heard great things about the islands. Hawaiian Airlines have spent a ton of money promoting their flights out of Brisbane over the last 12 months so we thought why not give them a go. In order to keep things simple we decided to book all of our international & domestic flights and transfers also with Hawaiian Airlines.
Unfortunately about 10 days ago we had a situation where a couple of key employees resigned which meant we just couldn't leave our business and our only option was to cancel our trip. No, travel insurance doesn't cover this type of event! I was anticipating some penalty for having to cancel our flights but didn't realise just how large that penalty would be with this mob.
We paid approx $Aus 4,800 for our flights which also included the Extra Comfort seating on the International Legs from Bris-Hnl & return. Today we have been informed by our Travel Agent, Create Travel, that we will receive just over $2000 as a refund. Hawaiian Airlines hit us with a $400 per person cancellation fee, that's $800. No refund on the extra comfort seating, another $560 and all of the transfers and domestic U.S flights, totally non refundable, another $1440. They also told us that it will take between 4-6 weeks to process the refund and a cheque will be sent to our agent Create Travel in due course which they will then deposit to our account. Great!
To lose 60% of what we paid for our flights I believe is totally unreasonable and for an airline trying to build their business out of Brisbane is really very ordinary P.R on their part. Maybe we were a bit naive and yes, the travel agent Create Travel should have warned us of the penalties for cancellation but given the circumstances I still feel it's very unreasonable.
I look forward to sharing this very poor experience with as many of my close 'social network' savvy friends as possible and after reading some of the very ordinary experiences on the Hawaiian Airlines F.B Visitors Posts, maybe it is a 'blessing in disguise' that we aren't going to be travelling with them.

A bit of a joke!

Staff were unhelpful, surly and not friendly...
Velocity air points were not available after being told I would earn them.
Food was average at best and drinks service was hard work, offered once only.
Will never book with them again and will advise others not to.
They have such a lot to improve on

Could do better but still worth flying with them

My wife and I have travelled with Hawaiian on two trips this year. Once from Sydney to Honolulu and later to Kona for a holiday and then recently in two stages via Honolulu to New York. The planes on all flights were modern and clean and the leg room in economy was much better than QANTAS. One inter-island flight was late but otherwise all flights ran on or ahead of time. The check-in system at Honolulu is very fast and the immigration system was easy compared to LAX. Yes Gate 34 at Honolulu is a long way out-not the airline's fault- but they do now provide a shuttle service. However if you are not disabled or with small children, I'm not sure why you would find a brisk walk after a ten hour flight so awful. The check in staff and cabin crew were friendly but tend to disappear between meal breaks. The inflight system is limited but has improved between our March and October flights and there was enough to watch. The meals are uneven. The chicken meal is awful but on the Honolulu to New York leg the meals were much better including a very good second light meal of fruit and cheese. I'm therefore not sure why there is no consistency in the quality of the food as the international leg is obviously not as good as the US domestic leg. Equally, the US leg became hot and stuffy as the flight went on but as other reviews have pointed out, the international leg was freezing with crew wearing coats and passengers wrapping themselves in blankets. Why? Doesn't anyone look at these things? Because Hawaiian doesn't travel to Sydney every day and only flies directly to New York about once a week, booking flights and timing is more difficult than going with the other major airlines operating across the Pacific. But the up side is that my wife and I enjoyed stopovers in Hawaii when going to and from New York. Hawaiian still needs work in improving its cabin food and service and you have the disadvantage of being on a US domestic leg for half the trip to New York so in-flight entertainment is not free. They could certainly do better but there are also attractions in using this airline.

Never again

Booked on flight from Brisbane to Honolulu on October 17th travelling with my wife , they had us sitting apart Why? asked to sit together told it would cost more ,made a bit of a fuss they put us together .Arrived Honolulu air bridge didnt work stuck on plane for at least 1/2 hour .Went to customs hall immigration computer broken down another delay [not their fault] .Had to come home early because of a family emergency cost us an extra $ 425 .each to change tickets [have insurance] get seats on plane for trip home sitting 4 seats apart again ask to sit together, seats were changed after asking why again by the rudest check in lady I have ever met, absolutley rude and arrogant NEVER will fly Hawaiian Airlines again dont even want to go back to Hawaii again .Flight crew ok check in staff need the sack
This is not the last of this, I plan to go right to the top

Great thanks

I hurt my knee last day of my holiday, HA 443 was outstanding ,from the guy allocating the seat to the on board staff, ,thank you

Broken down plane in las vegas

Flight no ha7 Las Vegas on 14/2/2015 left passengers to sleep on air port while staff and pilots were put up in hotels because of broken down plane for 32 hours costing hotel bookings in Honolulu plus losing 2 days of my holidays with no compensation 2 airlines. I will not travel or recommend Cebu airline who does not refund when they cancel flights oe Hawaiian airline who don't compensate with broken down planes.

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What is the food for the adults on the flight from Sydney to Honolulu
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My kid is 9 years old and I don’t know if I should get her the kid meals or the adult meals. We are doing Sydney to Honolulu and no return as we are taking a cruise back. Could anyone tell me what food they had from the adult meal when they went
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I had travel insurance covering trip to Hawaii. I broke my left foot have been given doctors clearance to fly. Does travel insurance cover upgrade
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If your travel insurance is up to date then it should cover it. Also in some countries travel insurance is different from others.