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Hawkins Induction Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker B30

Hawkins Induction Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker B30

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Must Have Pressure Cooker in Every House

The best pressure cooker I have come across. I've been using this brand since few years and recently bought this model as an additional cooker to speed up cooking. It certainly saves lot of fuel and time. Steel quality is so good, induction compatible and i believe its very safe and durable. A definite value for money.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Clever design with some downsides

I bought this pressure cooker online from www.pressurecookers.com.au. The quality is good, and I love the design with the pressure closing the lid tightly. However the inside curving lip on the cooker makes it very hard to pour contents out into a dish, and completely empty the cooker. Also I miss gauge which I had on my old one to be able and watch the pressure build. This one just hisses very loudly when the pressure is at operating level, releasing steam. Living in a very humid climate I am not keen on adding steam to the air and feeding mould. It's foolproof at least, but I would have liked some more sophistication and a gauge to watch rather than the automatic steam release. .

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Excellent stovetop cooker.

I purchased the cooker from Kitchen Warehouse on-line at a reduced price of $99.00 after checking out all the various reviews of other cookers on Product Review. At that price it is good value, and carries a 5 year warranty. I settled on the Hawkins as emulating my old Namco Aluminium pressure cooker which had served me well for 40 years, but due to staining and pitting was put out to pasture. There are no plastic parts to fail, and the locking mechanism is fail safe..

I am quite satisfied with the different meals cooked to date, it is simple to use, and the recipes in the Hawkins instruction and recipe book that came with it are easy to follow. I have found that chicken doesn't brown successfully in the cooker, it tends to stick to the surface, so will in future brown chicken first in a separate Teflon coated frying pan. Other dishes that didn't require browning first were no problem.

Although warned in the instruction book about the operation of the vent weight and the noise it will make when pressure is achieved, it was still a shock when it happened the first time. It is a safety feature that does work exactly as intended. Over time I expect to be able to judge cooking temperature more exactly so pressure isn't exceeded, just a different operation to my old Namco which just quietly wobbled away at pressure.

The cooker is rated for all heating elements including induction stovetops.

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Hawkins Induction Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker B30
Price (RRP) $169.00
Colour / Finish Stainless Steel
Construction Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions 150 x 210 x 210 mm
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)

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