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The absolute worst! And useless consultants CAIRNS

My consultant is very very rude! Does not call me or give any feedback, has not sent my resume to any employer! I can provide my resume for proof! Don’t waste your time with these people

Hays Canberra - No support for candidates

In the past Hays really looked after me. I went on to permanent employment through two temp placements between 2001 & 2007 & I had regular meetings & catch ups with my amazing agents.
I don't know what happened but now they are cold & do not care at all about their candidates. From what I hear they only care about their KPI's and are driven by their commissions. I was regularly in touch with them, they knew I was desperate for work, but in the 18 months that I was loyal to them, I only went for one interview which & wasn't successful with.

I am skilled, experienced & have a great CV. Luckily for me I moved to another agency who could see my worth straight away. They helped to rebuild my shattered self confidence, put me forward for a range of roles & within a week I've been offered a job.
Just a tip, the smaller agencies often have different priorities!!

Waste of time.

I have been in contact with a recruiter for many months with no assistance and only acknowledges she will reach out when positions are available. I apply for positions through the website and notify the recruiter with no response. Complete waste of time like many recruitment firms and would advise you are better to look yourself.

No response at all

I had an interview with one of Hays consultant couple of week before and without prior notice, he asked me to come for an Interview the next day. I went for the interview on Thursday and he didn't go through my resume and spent only10 minutes for that interview. He told me that the company is readily available to offer the job and also he informed me that I might have to join the work on Monday. I didn't receive any calls or emails and when I try to follow up, No response at all. Be professional, if you aren't in the position to hire then just let the candidate know the circumstance.

Like being lied to by foreigners?

Firstly, they have a friendly approach in Geelong. Its all coffee and smiles. They have all the jobs lined up they say, top pay rates they say, immediate starts they say, full support team they say.

No. They feel out your weakness. Whether it be you lack hours, base rate, lack skills or simply lack confidence in yourself.

Now that they know how to make you jump, the puppet strings are attached. Yank away lads.

You'll find yourself quitting your current job on the promise of moon and stars only to find out that if you dont take whatever grubby role they throw at you, if you refuse... well you're already at their mercy.

Good luck.


HAYS refuse to pay me, despite me giving them my pay details. leaving me stuck out of town at a mine camp.

You will never get paid

They don't pay you until you chase them for it. I shouldn't have to chase for my pay, terrible assistance my rep is totally useless and never available to assist, he ignores calls and never responds, lies to your face when you finally can contact him and then goes back to ignoring you. Do not work for these, your better off unemployed than working for free.

Non Responsive and never recommended services from HAYS

The Consultant [name removed] key approaches that are to be noted:
- Keeps sending emails randomly and do not reply back when reverted back to her
- Asks for 10 companies list to build up her database
- False promises while interview in Hays and then very cold response (Please tell anyone if they are not suitable directly on!!!)

I find it very disappointing dealing with such consultants and have decided to keep away from Hays to save time and efforts.

You will never get paid

They don't pay you until you chase them for it. I shouldn't have to chase me employer for my pay, terrible assistance, my rep, is totally useless and never available to assist, he ignores calls and never responds, lies to your face when you finally can contact him and then goes back to ignoring you. Do not work for these, you're better off unemployed than working for free

Very disappointed with Hays to date, on my current job campaign this time round.

I have gone and taken time out of my day to write an exceptional Cover Letter and also a great CV. I definitely have the skill set required for the positions I am applying for. However Hays Recruitment do not reciprocate, they wont even give you the time of day to at least reply with an email saying thanks or no thanks. Appalling service. It's not just your time that is valuable.

Unprofessional and Condescending - Save yourself the drama

I was put in a fantastic position which so happened to be through Jessica Mackie at Hays Recruitment.
I've been with this company for a few months and now, but due to a change in my life i've handed in my resignation. My boss was completely understanding and has wished me all the best for my future, so i hadn't felt too bad about the whole situation.
That is until 8:40am this morning when I received a call from Jessica from Hays. She started out by interrogating me as to why I would leave this company after only a few months. Not her business. She was then incredibly condescending and snarky with her questions and responses, saying i'd made her look bad and had made myself look bad. Apparently, I "should've come to her first before i'd planned to resign, and was this really my plan all along?". Jessica, it is not your business what I do with my life or when I choose to resign. I have done everything right by my Company and have their full support.

I do NOT recommend Hays - They are incredibly unprofessional and only care about the commissions they make off placing people in organisations, rather than the people they're placing.


Everything that is said below about Hays in all zero stars ratings entries below, is true!

All the Jobs that are with Hays is to get you in through the door and once Hays gets their pay cheque, you are forgotten. Phone calls and emails not answered, consultant is always right. Do not bother contacting Hays for any assistance, because all you are going to get is a demeaning attitude and more than likely you will be fobbed off. The attitude is CAN'T DO!

They are there just to get their commission and meet KPI's and that is where the service ends.
Don't bother wasting your time with Hays!

Gross Misrepresentation

The website is full of positivity and offers all sorts of invitations to make contact with various personnel who promise to help you with your career pathway. Offers of personal contact with advisors, etc etc.
The reality is completely different. When requesting a meeting with a consultant, emails go unanswered even when contacting a number of different offices. When eventually a customer service person answered, it was with a standard response of telling you to register and apply for jobs. This is not what I was asking for. I had specific queries that required a professional consultant's input.

BEWARE!! Promise the world, then deliver nothing. Most unprofessional recruiters around.

Went through the full recruitment process with Hays for a Process Operator role at a large WA company. Was then offered a position, told that it was 100% confirmed (being a casual employee). Then resigned from a full time, permanent, similar role, to start the new role, after once again being told that the job was still 100% confirmed. Then two hours before close of business the day before being due to start the new role, received a phone call from Hays to let me know that the job was no longer available to me. I was left without a job, or any sort of support from Hays to place me in another role after getting me to resign from a permanent job. All phone calls to Hays to speak to people to try to get this sorted out, never get returned. They are not interested in helping at all and don't care that I have been left without employment and hung out to dry by their shoddy work. They would have to be the most unprofessional, uncaring and lazy people that I have ever had the misfortune in dealing with. Would have certainly given ZERO STARS if that option was available. PEOPLE THINKING OF LOOKING FOR EMPLOYMENT THROUGH HAYS, BE VERY CAREFUL THEY DON'T DO THE SAME TO YOU ALSO AND LEAVE YOU UNEMPLOYED.

All the Jobs that are with Hays are to get you in the door

I'm leaving a note so to warn people that Hays are an absolute waste of time, they advertise positions on Seek ect. to get you to apply then they get you into an interview and make out your perfect for more than one job only to find out that it was so they meet there KPIs. I'm calling for a royal Commission into the recruitment company's as they are ripping of people time and tax payers. I was rushed to a job interview for the government only to find out when I get there they did not want to interview me and they did not read my resume at all. This is very upsetting more to the story but I cant write it all.

Worst Recruitment Agency in Brisbane

Hays a terrible recruitment agency in Brisbane. Never respond to your phone calls and mails. They post a job opening and apply, they never contact you even if you are qualified for the post They have a horrible recruitment staff with no ethics or manners. Truly waste agency.


Atrocious! Do not use this mob whatever you do, don't even waste your time! Got me in for an interview told me to get a medical so I went and got that and emaild through to them, they say they havnt got it and are now ignoring me! Every time I call they say the person I need to speak to is on the phone and will call me back and never does. There a joke, should be shutdown! They post up fake jobs willy nilly to get peoples data. Would give 0 stars if was an option, Stay well clear!

The worst recruitment agency in Australia.

I have never experienced such a more disfunctional Recruitment agency they are so disrespectful and will say anything to finish your phone call and never call you back. Why have a recruitment agency if they can’t even provide the service they tell the people trying to get a job is a waste of time and I would recommend everyone not to go there!!!

Terrible recruitment agency

Terrible agency.
They never follow up on anything.
Nothing is ever their fault.
When you question them they quote a contract or such, rather than deal with the real issue effectively and efficiently.

Dodgy - jobs don't exist - Thought they may have some credibility or business ethics but no.

Thought they may have some credibility or business ethics but no.
Do not use the agency in Canberra as jobs not existing

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