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Takes your money and doesn’t transfer your policy when they are supposed to

I have been with them on my own policy for 8 months. As a family we have been with them for over 15 years. I was transferred to my own policy earlier this year and have been paying for it monthly, top hospital and top extras. I called them a few days ago to make sure I was eligible for their more for you programs, meaning I could get 100% back on an appointment I had booked. They confirmed this was correct. I went to swipe my card at the end of my appointment for HCF to cover the cost... declined. Tried again and the same thing happened. I called HCF and they said it was because they hadn’t transferred me properly off my parents policy to my own (that I had been paying for the past 8 months). Eventually, 40 minutes later, they got it sorted. Eventually managed to track someone down from that department to get me transferred correctly. This was all very embarrassing but it ended well. The entire cost for the appointment was covered.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Emma We are sorry to hear about your experience. We are glad to know that our member care team was able to rectify the issue for you. If you require any further assistance then please email us at service@hcf.com.au Regards HCF Team

Poor Customer Service

Joined HCF for Hospital and Extra on 5th November 2018 from Medibank private health fund.
Went to the optometrist to get glasses on 31 Dec 2018, got denied due to the waiting period.
When I joined HCF I was told because you are coming from another health funds waiting period doesn't apply to you.
When I rang them and explained the problem I was given three different answers.
1. Your current cover is different from your previous cover from Medibank private.
2. We still haven't received clearance certificate from Medibank private (no one informed me about that)
3. Some on spot processing machine doesn't work properly so pay them in cash and claim it back.
Why do I have to pay optometrist as well when I am already paying membership?
Was on phone more than 20 minutes still no proper solution.
When I ask the person can I talk to his supervisor, got a reply he is busy and will ring you today, waited till 5PM still no call back.
When I ask him about his employee no he gave me three letters, no number and answer, this is the employee no we have in HCF.
HCF have no problem taking money for the service they are not providing.
HCF don't even bother to inform the customer if they are not covering him because of any reason.
HCF customer service centre is in overseas and standard of service is below acceptable.
Wouldn't recommend HCF to anyone.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Ash&Karen We are sorry to hear about your experience. So that we can follow up on the status of callback, can you please send us your membership details by email to customersupport@hcf.com.au . Please include your membership number in the subject of the email and mention “product review”. Regards HCF Team

Best value private health coverage for young single

I have been with HCF for the last 6 years. I am constantly shopping around for better deals but have concluded it’s the best one for me.

Insurance claim madeNo

Great health provider for my family

We have been with HCF for over 10 years and always get good value from our health fund. Whether it was having both of our children in private hospitals (which my wife loved), or regular trips to the dentist for the whole family (we all go twice a year, every year), or incidentals, such as physio. I recently hurt myself playing cricket and was able to put through a successful claim for accident which helped greatly to pay for the surgery I needed to repair my shoudler. Fees are fair, never had a problem with claims and we think HCF are great value.

Insurance claim madeYes

Awesome customer service

I’ve been with HCF for close on 20yrs. I recently called asking for a letter addressed to my employer to prove my monthly payments as I was able to be reimbursed a percentage of payments made in a calendar year. Not only was the HCF customer service person extremely helpful, she even called me back within 5 mins to let me know the letter had been sent to my gmail account.

Insurance claim madeNo

Friendly , Helpful Seevice

I have been a member for over 15 years. The recent service I received was thorough & extensive offering assistance without being asked, assessing our issues ahead of my explanation. This resulted in a most unexpected & satisfactory outcome immediately & information given assisted with our membership setup into the future. The service was the best I have received from any company for decades!!!

Insurance claim madeNo

Helpful and friendly staff!

I joined HCF about 6 months ago. I have made two dental claims both of which were uneventful and easy. The staff member I spoke to recently was helpful and polite, she answered all of my questions promptly and accurately. I would recommend everyone get themselves a quote from HCF.

Insurance claim madeNo

Customer Service over the Phone and in the Branch

I've been a customer of HCF for over 20 years, In that time I've not ever had a negative experience with their customer service. Whether it's in the branch or over the phone I have always spoken to genuine, helpful and friendly staff. They are willing to extend themselves to help you and make you feel like a valued customer.

Insurance claim madeNo

Changing funds made easy

After being with of previous fund since 1986 it was daunting in making a change. The enthusiasm of the staff soon put me at ease and the time taken to explain the options available made the decision to change easy. We are now awaiting the paper work and details to arrive in the mail. Patricia Mackaway - client no. 75500078

Insurance claim madeNo

Excellent customer service

My large family and I have been members for many years. I'm very happy with HCF's great customer service, excellent benefits and affordable premiums. I've already recommended HCF to my family and friends.

Insurance claim madeYes


Ive been with HCF for over 6 years I've found them understanding and polite
Our claims are dealt with quickly

Insurance claim madeYes

Poor service

First time took membership with hcf and now realize our mistake. Submitted claim on 5/10/18, when we call on 17/10/18 we informed that hcf haven't received. We submitted again on 17/10/18 and they insure that its finalized in 3 days. We call again today 24/10/18 and still our file haven't allocated to anyone still pending. Really disappoint. Won't refer anyone

Insurance claim madeYes

Excellent customer service and value for money

My family and I have been HCF members for 18 years. I have made several claims over the years and have always found their customer service representatives to be friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. I would highly recommend HCF.

Insurance claim madeYes

Excellent fund.

Have been with HCF for over 15 years. They’ve always been extremely helpful and the premiums are some of the best available.

Insurance claim madeNo

Excellent service

I have been with this insurance company for over 3 years. Their customer service is helpful and reassuring. I would (and have) reccomend HCF highly, purely for their excellent customer service.

Insurance claim madeNo

Good value and service

Have been with HCF approximately 5-6 years and found them to be reasonably priced with good service and a call centre based in Australia.

Insurance claim madeNo

Suits us - good cover

Happy with it - multicover suits us well. Recently advised to increase excess to reduce premiums which was a good choice.

Insurance claim madeNo

Excellent health cover

I’ve been with HCF for over 15 years. Seamless move from single to family cover when the time was right. I’ve had serious health concerns recently but never had to worry about the bill - all taken care of easily by HCF highly recommended.

Insurance claim madeYes

Amazing Service

I've been with HCF for almost a year now and my partner has been with them for longer. Whilst I haven't made a claim (yet) they've been so genuinely welcoming, sincere and kind when I've had enquiries. They handled my partners claim diligently and swiftly and have just exceeded all my expectations - especially in regards to their flawless customer service.

Insurance claim madeNo

Efficient, friendly, personal service

4 years with HCF. One major, stressful claim handled with compassion and efficiency. All other dealings with HCF have been resolved easily. Excellent, personal service.

Insurance claim madeNo

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Questions & Answers

Do HCF cover anything towards veneers?
2 answers
It's not an easy answer, ask your dentist to provide all the item codes, then send it to HCF, to verify and confirm what is covered, then circle back to your dentist, give them the approved items codes, then your dentist will provide you with the out of pocket expenses. Which will leave you wondering if it's even worth having a Pvt health insurance and the amount you pay every month!!!!. good luck.Thanks Frank I certainly could not find an answer in HCFs website.

l have been a member since 1991, can l seek any loyalty bonas on my premium
1 answer
Hi Anna, We cannot offer loyalty bonuses on premium as it is not permitted by the Private Health Insurance Act. To recognize the loyalty of our members such as yourself, HCF launched our HCF Thank You program. If you would like any more information on this, please email membersupport@hcf.com.au Thank you HCF Team

i am thinking of joining HCF for my family. do they have good rating doctors and private hospitals?
1 answer
Was with Medibank Private for many years. HCF offer everything the others do but from what I have found, at a better rate. I will be in a private room of a private Hospital this week. All similar doctors with HCF to other funds. Regards, Wayne.

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