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HD Fencing

HD Fencing

3.4 from 10 reviews

Poor post installation services.

I am so annoyed with this guy and he neither respond or answer your call. I had my fence done through him with a dodgy lock installed and it was damaged in 2 days. Tried to ring him and no answer. Once he answered the call and promised me he is going to send someone to fix it and nobody turned up.
***stay away from this people***

Excellent job

Hi, They did few fencing jobs for me in northern suburbs.
Great work! On time,friendly & very professional people, Communication was excellent.
Timber quality was very good.
Highly recommended!!

Good quality material, Right knowledge of product and installation.

Best quality fencing and good team with required knowledge about their business. Recommend them for any type of fencing job or side gate.

Good timber material

Hi HD fencing team
These guys are really quick i paid behalf on my neighbours they finishd fence within 2 days . Really good team work . They are usuing really good timber material . My two friend building house in woodlea reffering you guys to them ..

Good quality work

I m using these guys to install fences on my properties since 4 years now had great experience with them they use really good material plus quality work

Great people

The quality of the fence is great and we are more than happy with the workmen who were professional and friendly. they use really good timber fence looks great i would say if you want quality use HD fencing

Excellent service

very happy with the quality of the work, very happy with every aspect of the job, price, quality, reliability, and nice guys.

Most Unprofessional Company I've ever dealt with.

Terrible service. One of the most difficult companies I've ever had to deal with. Initially it was fine as we were contacted by them through the neighbour behind our house who organised the fencing and the job was performed efficiently. We thought we'd keep this company for our side fences to make it all match however since that decision it has been such a headache to deal with. They have only completed one side (poorly - with gaps between the posts and the floor) and we have been trying for close to a month now to get in contact with someone to complete the other side (which is the more open area that leads to our alfresco so we need it covered...) but no luck. Several voicemails, text messages and emails to only have no response for over 3 weeks now. We were promised they would review and fix up the side that they completed poorly and then start the other side, but still haven't had any progress. Very unprofessional and the lack of communication astounds me. The stress they've caused my wife for constantly rejecting her calls or promising to get back to her, only to have her wait for nothing is also annoying. Disappointed is an understatement.

Unprofessional company

I had my fencing done through this company. They were quick at the start, however due to the neighbor doesn't want fencing build on zero line (his oncoming garage). We have to left that space empty for them and fence will be built after their garage finished.
When i called this company to come back to finish up the left fence+ gate as my neigbour has done his garage, no responded at all from the fencer after so many phone call and message. I tried to contact him on different phone number, he picked up the phone straight away.
I finally got him coming over to quote and finish up the fence+gate after appointments. He showed up, give an overpriced quote and remain silence since then.
I am struggling to get new fencer coming over as the job is small. Noone wants to take it, if there is, they charge me very high price.

So please guys, be careful when you want to do fencing with this company. Very unprofessional.
Said to me 1 year workshipman’s warranty, i dont think he will ever come back if there is something wrong in near future.


We have used this company to do our fencing. Never ever will be using. Firstly the job took longer what he has promised then worse of all with in a month or two later timber broke from ground as concrete they used was crap. When contacted ([name removed]) he never picked up keep on going to voicemail. Tried dialing pretending to do fencing he was desperate to come quote. You may get cheap quote but be ready to lose your money. We ended up calling another company to come. I will never ever recommend this company to anyone.

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