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Hi I am from India....had visited Australia few weeks back whr I purchased durmaplus soothe body wash but now I am finding difficult to open the bottle of dermaplus soothe...can anyone help me..?
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Hi, if its a pump one, you will need to turn the top nozzle to the left until the nozzle pops up and then you should be able to push down a couple of times before the cream comes out.

Can this product be used on the face? (Dermaplus smoothe)
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You would need to check with the company. I wrote feedback as a consumer :)Yes I use for hair face all body. I have lupus. Works well. Quite gentle

Cannot find health basics soap free dermaplus body wash at Coles or Woolworths. Can anyone tell me where to buy it in Perth?
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Coles and woollies seem to have stopped selling it for some reason. I have occasionally managed to get an odd bottle from Priceline but am finding it increasingly hard to find. I have emAiled the product address in NZ but never received any reply. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Been using your body wash (green and white) in the large pump bottle for years but can't seem to find your product in Woolies or Coles. Do you still supply these stores with your products? Also what happened to the pink body wash, I really loved that one?
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I am in the same boat. Really miss these products. Can anyone suggest where we can buy them in Adelaide. Foodland, Woolies and Coles are no longer supplying. Thanks EMilyI had the same problem then realised they had reinvented themselves. Health Basics Dermaplus Soothe is in a big white pump bottle and the sell it at both Woolies and Coles in Kempsey. Don't know about elsewhere or if they still have others in their range. Hope that helps...

I would also like to know where I can buy a small bottle of Health Basics body wash that you can hang in the shower. I have been looking everywhere but they only sell the large bottles. I live in Melbourne (Greensborough). Help please.
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The product comes from NZ I would contact them and see where they send the small bottle stock to.I have bought "NO FRILLS" Franklins body wash as they also had a hanging bottle.

Please somebody answer Andrea question.... Where can we buy Health Basic Dermaplus body wash in Melbourne / Mornington Peninsula?
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I am in Sydney ...but the supplier is in New Zealand...go to their web page and email them for the Melb. outlets...I recently saw it in Woolworths in the large bottle.Or you can try Coles - have found it in Canberra & Albury.I recently just found it at Coles in Karingal on Ashleigh avenue

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