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I love this product. The dermaplus is great for all members of my family including young children and those with very dry skin. It has a rich creamy texture and feels very soap but without drying your skin like soap can. My skin does not get that tight feeling after use like you can get with soap. It is cheaper than some of the bigger brands. We use the version that comes in the pump pack which I find very convenient. I would highly recommend this product.
Soap-free but not drying, reasonably priced, feels luxurious against your skin, thick texture


I have used the Health Basics body wash numerous times and it has never caused any irritation to my skin. Because it is a thick formula, it doesn't get wasted like other products I have used which simply fall through my shower sponge.
This product lathers up better than other body washes I have used - and you do not need a lot of it. The formula is thick, so you do not waste the product. The formula is also soap-free - I have found it does not irritate my skin or my children's skin. Has a nice fragrance.
It isn't the cheapest body wash on the market (or the most expensive, however).


This stuff is great on your skin and I found it to be gentle on the skin unlike other liquid washes that can leave that dry tight feeling. They arent as highly perfumed and smells great. The price is an absolute bargain compared to other brands in the same size bottle. I would buy this again.
Value for money, pleasant fragrance selection, size, lasts long, dont have to use a large amount


This really is a good basic health all over wash product. It has a good fragrance, texture and lather and works well with a cleansing puff.
This product is very cheap. There seems to be a bit of a dollar-per-100ml price factor going on in the body wash section in Woolies, and this one smashes that.
The soap is mild and definitely appropriate for delicate feminine areas.
I use the soothing aloe vera type. I enjoy the fragrance (it grew on me, at first it reminded me of old people's houses for some reason. Now it doesn't.), and it has an excellent texture and rich lather.
When it first comes out it shimmers like high quality shampoo. The isn't busy-looking and anoying.
I find the pump function really hard to start sometimes. Last time I gave up on my new one and raplaced the top with that of my old pump bottle.


i love that this product has the plastic hook that enables you to attach it to a tap or the top of the shower as there is no shelving in my shower and i hate having to put your body wash or shampoo down on the ground while you work it in only to have to pick it up in 30 seconds. it is also alot tidier and cleaner, instead of all the clutter at the bottom of some peoples showers. i love the smell and it is not to drying on my skin, the packaging is nice and simple. very affordable.
affordable, has hook, simple packaging.
none really


i love the smoothness of my skin and the major fact that my skin is not itchy afterwards i would love a five litre bottle
i have very itchy skin and was recomended by my chemist to try soap free body washes having tried various others i have found that i prefer fortifying body wash
can not find refills and as i am conciouse about extra packaging i find this disturbing in this day and age


Overall a fabulous low cost - soap free body wash suitable for even extremely sensitive and dry skins. The body washes come in a range of several fragrances and they make skin feel so nice and smooth.
The price is fantastic for such a big bottle. The body wash hangs in the shower which is so handy as you dont have to try and hold it with wet hands. It is so gentle on sensitive skin and all bosy washes seem to have a lovely fresh smelling fragrance and make skin feel so smooth and moisturised.
Nothing at all, except its so addictive.

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Questions & Answers

Hi I am from India....had visited Australia few weeks back whr I purchased durmaplus soothe body wash but now I am finding difficult to open the bottle of dermaplus soothe...can anyone help me..?
1 answer
Hi, if its a pump one, you will need to turn the top nozzle to the left until the nozzle pops up and then you should be able to push down a couple of times before the cream comes out.

Can this product be used on the face? (Dermaplus smoothe)
2 answers
You would need to check with the company. I wrote feedback as a consumer :)Yes I use for hair face all body. I have lupus. Works well. Quite gentle

Cannot find health basics soap free dermaplus body wash at Coles or Woolworths. Can anyone tell me where to buy it in Perth?
1 answer
Coles and woollies seem to have stopped selling it for some reason. I have occasionally managed to get an odd bottle from Priceline but am finding it increasingly hard to find. I have emAiled the product address in NZ but never received any reply. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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