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Health & Fitness World (Glenorchy)

Health & Fitness World (Glenorchy)

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Asked for a quote on the phone for very specific services they offer (ballpark). They refused to provide even a rough idea of costs, instead proffering consultation which sounded more like a price gauging exercise. Disappointing that poor customer practices exist when I’m more than keen to support a local business.

Value for Money

Dangerous dump with old equipment

Equipment is so old and dilapidated, it poses a hazard to members. Staff are repeatedly advised about equipment failure but nothing is done. Staff are rude, no air conditioning. They advertise free tank top with renewal of membership but come up with all excuses not to give the tank top. I wouldn't want to wear the tank top anyway as a don't want to advertise such a crap hole. I was only going to use the tank top as a cleaning rag!! Will not be renewing membership again. Zap here i come...

Sooooo hot

I thought this gym would be a great option to try, being located close to my home. I was very wrong. This gym is stinking hot as it has no aircon! What kind of gym doesn't have aircon?? Apperently it is common for management to refuse to even discuss... absolute health and safety hazard. It doesn't take a genious to know that the hotter it is, the more you sweat and lose water and become dehydrated, no matter how much water you drink during a workout. Going to have to look at inner city gyms. Not happy!

Unprofessional Instructor

It's a pity that one of the instructors at this gym thinks that it is okay to chase after someone who is married (when they too are a married person)

This place is a money making scam

Staff are rude and money hungry, will make you fill out a contract and conveniently never give you a copy which isn't good practice and probably illegal, overcharge and $250+ to get out.

Great instructors and classes

Easy parking, my baby Neil loves the kids club. Oh oh and I love it too, nice to have some me time.

Great Atmosphere

So happy to have found this gym. Great staff, awesome instructors. 24/7 even has virtual classes. Value for money. Loved it first 30 days I received 2 appointments with a trainer. I also received a free nutritional assessment plus more.

July 2nd 2017 Update: Friendly staff

A great local gym. Value for money les Mills classes daily. Love the new showers and change room. As I am a shift worker love Iove the The les Mills virtual classes as I can work out when there is not an instructured class on.

Local, Friendly, Better than Zap,

Great to be in a club that is not full of posing. Members and Staff are always helpful.Great classes, easy parking, kids club available - love this place!!!

Zap is much better

I tried a free week here - yet they tried to get me to sign up before my free week had even begun! There's no air conditioning - even in the summer time! You're forced to work out in the heat, staff play dumb or make a joke of it. Safe to say i went straight down the road to zap.

Go elsewhere!

This gym doesn't even have aircon! Gets hot and stuffy in there. Have tried a couple of classes - decent instructors but sound system is terrible, always makes loud noises and needs upgrading. This gym doesn't like to spend money so don't waste yours here.

Over priced & greedy lock in contracts

Overpriced for very tired equipment, too many poor to average instructors. No compassion with hard financial times to get out of pushed on you heavy sales contracts.Totally money focused .. Recommend no lock in contract new equipment cleaner Zap Mega gym

Customised memberships is a bad idea

Rang up to ask for their membership prices as there is no info on their website, and was told they can't give me a price over the phone as fees are customised based on my plan and results I'm after. I explained I am very familiar with gyms, have been training for over 15 years, and would only need access to the weights area. Was given the same robot response 'I'm sorry but prices can only be given in person and are based on what results you're after'. I even reiterated that I don't want personal training or a plan, just access to weights. Poor form when they don't even have a basic price list to go off, can't help but feel like they are ripping off a lot of their customers.

Money Hungry

Sign up with ZAP!!! Don't ever sign up with health and fitness, My nephew is being treated like dirt here. its a bloody rip off. they have no remorse for people who are going through hard times, they will not end the contract even if you move state, and havent gone there for a year due to financial issues. they will hassle you and hassle you and play stupid, they do not care about customers. They could help out but choose not to, all they care about is money and they couldn't care less about the situations their customers are in. they will still take your money no matter what. It is very costly to join up, the fortnighty fees are too much and you have to pay a lot just to quit. they do not clean the machines on a regular basis. its disgusting! most of the guys only offer help to attractive young women, while others are struggling. There is one nice guy in there, and most of the girls are nice to your face but other than that its a terrible contract and an unclean gym, cheers

Great place to workout.

I've been attending the gym for just over 12 months. I will say that the equipment is ageing but they do have everything you need for all you workout needs. I use the gym and attend some classes and have never noticed body odour. Staff are very friendly and if you need direction with equipment they are always on hand to help. I have found the other patrons of the gym to be very friendly as well. Always available for a spot or even just a chat.

Give them a go!!!!
Well set out gym where patrons do not hog equipment. Friendly staff. Classes are excellent and they are always introducing new and classes to keep it fresh. The cardio room equipment is up-to-date. They also offer a seven day pass if you are wanting a trial.
I will say the age of some gym equipment but at the same time, all equipment is in good working order.

Don't believe everything you read. This gym is great and deserves an excellent review.

I have been a member for over 7 years and I have to say I love it. Yes the equipment may be a little dated but the group classes are brilliant with friendly and supportive instrutors. I have tried out a couple of other gyms in Hobart and this one far out ways the rest because of their classes. I have had no problems with fees, well I haven't had the need to end my contract, I have deferred without any hassles before with an injury. The staff are friendly and know my name which is lovely. I have met some great friends being members and staff, give it a chance.
Fantastic & motivating high energy classes
If I had to say it would be the outdated equipment

Good classes

I agree with the others, the ventilation isn't that great and you're always hit with a wave of hot, sweaty air when you walk into the gym. The equipment is a bit old and there aren't any directions on how to use some of the weight equipment (past gyms I've been to have stickers on the equipment with pictures and instructions of how the machines work).

The main reason I joined was because of the classes they offered. There are a good variety of classes, (bike, zumba, core, pump, pilates, etc) and you don't have to sign up for a class, you just show up. Some of the more popular classes get filled up and there aren't enough weights to go around which really sucks because you have to share or you don't get the weights that you want/need.

Another bad thing is that they close early, around 8pm, and there were a lot of younger people joining (teens) and they didn't take the classes seriously, laughing throughout the class and wearing clothes that showed off their body to get attention. Don't get me wrong, if you've got it, flaunt it, but not during a class because all that giggling and perking up your boobs just wastes the time of other people who are actually there to get fit.

I had a one year membership and went only for the classes. The instructors are all very nice, motivating, and more than happy to answer any questions you have. In my opinion, this gym is better for people who want to take classes. If your into using the machines, you're better off somewhere else like zap.
Instructors, variety of classes
Old equipment, ventilation


Health and fitness is one of the worst gyms in Hobart.From the very start you can tell its a place for old ladies and not for the average, and definitlys not the serious trainer.There range of equipment is low the staff know nothing of customer service, and the place is an all round dive!So if your looking for a gym to train in i would highly recommend looking somewhere else because as every body in hobart knows they are a joke and not to be dealt with.Do yourself a favor Avoid health and fitness on pain of death!
The only part i liked is when i left!
Its like working out in nazi germany!


I agree it's not a place for the serious trainer,
If you like working out alone and know what your doing then you will cope, however their weights room is very outdated, however there are no try hards and an environment created for the average person.
Variety of classes close to work and home, relatable staff
No womens only section, poor outdated equipment, personal training is a joke, no follow up on programs, dark, lack of air-conditioning

Absolutely terrible!!!!

This gym is absolutely awful! The gym stinks of sweat constantly! it is too hot and the shocking management wont turn on air conditioning despite requests from members. The equipment is old and hasn't been replaced in years and years! The weights area is ancient and things are always out of order, most of the cardio equipment is date also. This gym really needs to step it up as there are many better gyms around hobart. There are no water bottles around to spray equipment, they dont provide towels if you forget one, the bathrooms are always dirty and the place is not a good gym to work out in.
child care
crappy equipment, unhygienic, bad music, unreliable equipment, no air con

Totally ripped off

As a newly qualified body balance instructor I approached this gym to do some ‘shadowing’ then teaching. They told me to join then as soon as I had a regular class they would end the contract. I reluctantly joined for $77 per month and asked if there was a cooling off period as I wanted to read the contract at home. I was told no, no cooling off period (if they say this to you get it in writing because there is meant to be a 24 hour cooling off period for gyms).

A few months later after I had done some shadowing and was ready to teach they asked me to come in to fill in employment forms. I was to teach a class weekly for 6 weeks. There was a lot of paperwork to sign and when I read that I had to sign an ‘exclusivity agreement’ not to teach anywhere else I started to have my doubts. Then they said that they would pay me $21 per class. I was having second thoughts then asked to confirm that my membership would cease. No, said they, I would still have to pay to be a member to go to my own class because 6 weeks did not constitute ‘permanent’.

I did some mental calculations and worked out that they would be paying me under $3 per class and I was not allowed to teach anywhere else! Needless to say, I refused.

Over the last few weeks I have tried to negotiate a reduced fee to cancel my membership but they told me it was my fault, they offered me work and I chose not to take it. I had to pay $175 to end my membership.

This gym will do/say/promise anything to sign you up and the service will end as soon as your name is on the dotted line! A costly experience.

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How much is the cancellation fee for over two years left?
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Not quite sure, but if I remember correctly, I think you can transfer the remainder of your membership to someone else.


Health & Fitness World (Glenorchy)
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