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Great benefits and easy

I have gold extras with health partners and the benefits I get back are really good. 85% back on dental and unlimited is the highlight. The members services are great as well, very friendly staff. It is also very easy to make a claim or get into contact with members services. Very happy I picked health partners.

Insurance claim madeYes

Health partners optical-very expensive

I have found the optician work and the prescriptions to be fine. However the prices of frames and lens appear to be grossly inflated-eg $700 recently for standard prescription sunglasses lens in my frames, of which I had to pay about $400. I could have got the frames and lens elsewhere for less than $400 in total. In my experience they are much too expensive, even with the insurance rebate.

Insurance claim madeYes

Great resource

Customer support - Great
Value - Great
Have had over $5000 of dental work done for under $1000
Customer service is also great

Overall happy with my private cover with Health partners

Insurance claim madeYes

Health Partners. Awesome Health Fund

We have been a member of Health Partners for many years . Services provided are top quality and we have never had a problem with any of them.
Had an issue with my front teeth over the weekend , rang first thing this morning for treatment and was in and out before lunch. Great Dentist and Dental Nurse. Very professional and friendly. I'm now as happy as ......
My adult children and their families are also members of Health Partners and would not go anywhere else.
Well done HP keep up the good work

Insurance claim madeNo

Poor communication, problem-solving skills.

My previous 'check-up and clean' appointment also involved a procedure to identify cause of a slight ache in tooth when pressure applied, i.e. chewing. This procedure was done without any examination of surrounding teeth and, to cut a long story short, I believe it caused a NEW tooth problem which I strongly feel could have been avoided if more care had been taken. Went back to same dentist some months later and calmly relayed my opinion to her and her response was...., 'well, you can always go and see another dentist'. What I needed her to say was, well..., let's have a look and see what we can do.... She took my feedback personally and immediately went on the defensive, unable to take any ownership of situation. Extremely unhappy with treatment and will NEVER use these people again. EVER!!!

Insurance claim madeNo

Never had a problem

I've been with health partners for 2 years so far and I've always found them easy to deal with. My husband plays footy so is injured a fair bit and every time we have called to find out if he is covered, they are always so helpful.

Insurance claim madeYes

Not happy

Dental work for root canal, completed within 3-4 months, after breaking once during treatment, plus an abcess @ tooth site.
As far as i am aware no tooth imprint was taken for a cap or crown,and was taken back when i was told "thats it no more work to be done". Taking their word,as they are the dentists, so i trusted them.
Approx 8-12 months later it broke, leaving me to see an independant proffessional.
Taking the bottom half of tooth away, as couldn't get in to see h p,

Now am left with a gappy smile that ls very obvious,. No compensation has been offered after reading the policy,that guaranted their work!!
Well guess what. No they don't!!!!
Thanks health partners for emails back and forth from the head of the dental professional emploiyed there! For offering me zop,zero zilch!!

Worst customer service

I had an issue with my pregnancy cover and after being a loyal customer was directed to [name removed] who is classed as Manager Innovation & Service Quality
Senior Dispute & Resolution Officer. Absolutely terrible! Strongly discourage you from joining this fund. Worst customer service ever! This lady really doesn't care about trying to make members happy

Supposed to be "not for profit health fund that is there for members" it's exactly the opposite

Health Partners Optical Over priced spin.

I was told to day there were non profit.
The wholesale price of 1.6 ground lenses is around $80 pair.
The wholesale of the frame is around $55 at the very most.
Lenses are made by a contractor.

Why then is a non profit organisation charging me $560
$435 profilt

If I had their extras cover I would still pay $230 excess.
They claim its a service to members. Rubbish.

Its corporate spin.

Poor customer service

I maintained Health Partners membership for 15 years during which I made no major claims. I even continued the membership whilst living interstate where SA specific benefits were unavailable because loyalty is usually acknowledged and rewarded.

The first frustration occurred when I requested my dental records to be sent to my new dentist, and along with my own records, they issued another Health Partners member's dental scan. My new dentist flatly responded 'these are not your scans' and noted a different membership number. It's very disconcerting to think my scans could similarly be printed and sent to another member/dentist - very sloppy.

At the same time, I had moved between states and missed mail for Health Partners, my cover lapsed and on calling to reinstate it, the contact centre rep was exceptionally rude and did not offer to reinstate but forced me to amend my cover, even though I was on the highest Gold extras equivalent.

This was not the logical solution, customer service oriented solution and paid no respect to my membership longevity, nor made any effort to maintain membership.

Exceptionally frustrated I wrote directly to Dianne Davies the listed Manager Innovation & Service Quality, explaining the situation and my request. The response I received was so poor that even my name was misspelled.

Avoid this fund; you will only be treated as a number and customer service is non-existant. Any complaints made do not find solutions but are treated with disdain and the distance of an outsider.
When in SA, the is a network of partner providers, although limited compared to other funds
Tremendously poor customer service.

Health Partners = good, this is why

1. I went on holiday and postponed my Health Partners coverage
2. About 6 months after I got back I did my knee (ACL)
3. Rang Health Partners who said that I never 're-enabled' my account when I returned from overseas. I explained I thought it automatically re-enabled as they asked how long to postpone it for when I left - I didn't realise I had to call them back to re-enable it.
4. Rang doctor to find out how much ACL fix would cost - $5000-$7000
5. Sat at work worried for about 30 minutes when Health Partners called back and said they would be happy to cover it as long as I paid the 6 months I missed.
6. So I paid the 6 months (about $300) and got my knee fixed.

I was very happy with Health Partners and recommend them to friends because of this.
Very fair

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Questions & Answers

Anyone from NSW and have used their Top hospital cover with Health Partners? Wondering about NSW people's experiences claiming hospital. Not interested in extras experiences as we don't claim enough to warrant paying for extras.
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Do I still have ambulance cover with gold extras?
1 answer
Hi Alex, With our Gold Extras cover you're covered for emergency ambulance. For individual limits or more info, just give us a call on 1300 113 113. Hope that helps, Angela


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