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Healthstart Ceramic Pro+

Healthstart Ceramic Pro+

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Ceramic pro juicer motor burn out

The juicer worked great for about 2.5 years until the motor started smoking and burned out. I Paid 399.00 for it. Now I cannot find the company to have it repared.

Date PurchasedOct 2014

Great juicer but company appears to have gone out of business!!!

I loved the Healthstart juicer and I've had it now for 2 1/2 years. The juicing cone was starting to fail before the warranty was up so I was able to get them to send me out a replacement which I haven't used so far. I did have another part of the juicer break though so am unable to use it. I've tried to get in touch with the company and they are nowhere to be found!!!

I would say a massive fail on their part!!!

I wouldn't even bother giving this juicer a rating because it's now unusable!!!

Juicing cone plastic fail

I have had not one problem with this piece of equipment and love using it every day but the juicing cone has fallen to bits
What do I do now as the previous review states 25 dollars for a replacement . Not happy .

Changed 4 juicing cones so far $25 each

I like this juicer, have it for the past 3 years now, but have changed juicing cone 4 times now, as plastic "teeth" of the juicer keep falling off, one by one. I have to say i juice a LOT!, and this part in particular is made so flimsy, it just begs for 25$ replacement every 8 months for someone who is regular user of the juicer.
In saying that, it is a good juicer, and i prefer it to other brands as it has ceramic ougre that minimizes oxidation when juicing fruits/vegetables.

Easy to use and produces great juice

I purchased my juicer a couple of years ago and it's still going strong! I'm very happy with it. After owning one of those large, hard to clean, noisy, centrifugal juicers for many years before this one, I can happily say that this juicer is soooo easy to clean! Just rinsing is sometimes enough. It's also easy to use and easy on your ears. It never gets blocked up as I alternate between soft and hard fruit and veg. I often use mint, which juices well in between more substantial pieces of fruit and veg.
I purchased the pro+ unit but have never used it for anything but juice. So I would have saved money by buying the pro model, but I don't think it was available where I bought it.

Healthstart Ceramic Pro - Excellent Juicer

I recently went looking for a slow juicer and found there was a couple of reviewers to the Product Review Website that had given the Healthstart Ceramic Pro+ positive comments. I agree fully with these reviewers , the juicer has a good extraction of juice from fruit and vegetables. Is easy to clean afterwards, often placing various parts under running cold water is sufficient to clean. The unit is also not overly large or heavy.
I think the other two reviewers to this product actually purchased the superior model (Ceramic Pro+) although I decided on the cheaper model known as Healthstart Ceramic Pro I decided that I did not need the functionality of being able to make Pasta, Sausages or grind meat or nuts etc. Yet the model I purchased still allows for some functionality apart from juicing, such as creating Desserts, Sorbets and Nut Butters.
In the week since the juicer was delivered I used it every day until initial juicing supplies were exhausted and I am now waiting for new supplies.
Apart from the quality of the Juicer I actually think that I am starting to benefit with improving health by consuming raw juices produced by a slow juicer.

Ease of use and cleaning up afterwards
No faults with product however as with slow juicers fruit and vegetables need to be cut up small in order to be processed

Great little machine

Purchased in October 2013 and so far have made plenty of juice. It has no problem with raw carrots, beetroot etc and juices apples, pineapple and softer fruits no problem.
I found the juice is quite "clear" compared to other juicing machines I have used and very little froth on the juice (the catching jug also has an attachment to stop froth flowing into your glass when pouring)
It's fairly quite considering it's crushing the fruit and veg and it's not too slow which is great.
Very easy and quick to clean! Fantastic little machine and because it really is little, we keep it plugged in on the kitchen bench.
Can't wait to try pasta, mince and other recipes through it!
Quite, not too big, easy to clean, produces great juice, easy to assemble/disassemble

Review of Healthstart Ceramic Pro+ purchase from Go Vita Health Toowoomba

Following a demonstration of the Healthstart Ceramic Pro+ at Go Vita Toowoomba 139 Herries Street Toowoomba Qld Contact( 07) 46385677my wife Mary purchased a model and decided to check it out this morning Sunday 9th September 2012.Because we had the opportunity of seeing the machine being demonstated by Candy at Go Vita Toowoomba,we saw that the Multi-function Living Juicer was capable of making a wide range of food products such as macadamia nut paste,lenon/lime cheese cake dip,basil pesto,and a wide range of healthy juice using carrot,apple,beetroot,celery and ginger.
Very reliable,easy to clean ceramic auger,with well illustrated book showing all the parts
Needed a stick blender to make chick pea paste smooth enough to make houmous Minor point

Are all the parts on this juicer BPA free?Yes, the brochure I have for this juicer states: "BPA Free - Unlike its competitors, all the juicing and mincing parts that the produce comes in contact with are FDA listed food grade materials that are 100% BPA free."Have you tried it for mincing/sausage making yet?

Questions & Answers

I want a buy a Pusher for my ceramic Pro + and I have lost the Pusher. Can you please tell me where I can buy one? Cheers Ria Dreyer
1 answer
Ria my review was based on the fact that the company I was dealing with had closed down. Therefore not sure if you are able to obtain a pusher? Perhaps a different brand of juicer might have a pusher that would fit your Healthstart juicer?

I love my ceramic pro juicer . I’ve had it for two and a half years However, sadly it’s burnt out and I would like to know where I can have it repaired, any help?
1 answer
Hi Julie, unfortunately I tossed mind out a couple of years ago. The motor was perfectly good but the cone and other parts were broken and it was unusable!!!

How to order spare part for my ceramic juicer +?
4 answers
You cannot because the company no longer existsI am trying to get in touch with correct ebay addressWe purchased a ceramic pro + juicer 3 years ago. But the juicing is gone to bits, need a replacement.


Healthstart Ceramic Pro+
CategoryAutomatic Food Mincers
Price (RRP)399
Motor Power170
Release dateAug 2012

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