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Healthworks Fitness Centres

Healthworks Fitness Centres

2.0 from 6 reviews

Good equipment, but...

The gym facilities are on par with most places that I have been to over the last 30 years. However it must be said, the clientele is predominantly super conservative and by no means liberal minded.
The sauna and steam room have recently had a facelift, which is commendable, but lacking any real effort to be cleaned or maintained on a regular basis with mould and other nasties “growing” under the pews of each. Bend your backs would be a good recommendation to the cleaning fairies.
Additionally it is also noted that wearing appropriate swimwear is a requirement because of it being a unisex environment. This opens two arguments in my mind; firstly, users are “forced” to wear tight wet clothing in a hot, wet environment which restricts the body from adequate ventilation and functionality of perspiration and secondly, it has been proven all over Europe that people in saunas and steam rooms should be naked for the promotion of good health and wellness.
The Hendra Healthworks needs a shift away from its puritanical conservatives and change the way it promotes health.

Value for Money

hygiene and air con not cool enough

Toilets weren't cleaned thoroughly and hair all over the floor. Cleaning of gym toilets should be done properly and i cannot understand why toilet hygiene is being ignored. Cleanliness of toilets should be monitored regularly. Now changing gyms and air con temperature would change so having a 24/7 membership card was not that great. Air con turned down at night didn't benefit gym goers at night. Definitely frustrated about the women's toilets because who was cleaning them? The gym fairy?

Terrible Staff & Customer Service

The gym itself is decent enough, clean, spacious and the equipment is good. Showers and change area tidy, female showers could be cleaner.
The staff however are rude and lack customer service awareness or skills. The fitness trainers are terrible. I saw incorrect instruction of clients, poor form shown and members clearly needing assistance were ignored, in fact walked right past.
My first entry I was not told where the 'defib/first aid' unit was located (given the amount of older age gym-goers), this should have been a top consideration and duty of care point of priority. I was pointed in the general direction of where the change area was and any other questions clearly had to wait as the instructor/manager disappeared not to be seen from that point on. Staff not visible for long periods of time anywhere and Personal Trainers who look like they need a trainer themselves showing incorrect technique and complaining of their own injuries and issues to clients. Unprofessional staff and outright dangerous practices. I had heard the gym was just 'okay but the staff were not so great', the reality was an eye-opener. Given the amount of gyms in the area, spend your money elsewhere.

Great Club

No Contracts, Friendly Staff, Clean facility. Would definantly recommend this club to anyone who is looking for a good with great equipment. I personally have lost over 30kg with the help of a great trainer. I couldnt possibly imagine ever not being a member of healthworks in future. Will K.

Unsolicited & Unwanted Marketing

Whilst at the Ferny Grove Markets today a representative from your gym placed a brochure in my child's stroller when my back was turned. Catching her I queried what she was doing. "Just a brochure" she replied as she scurried away. Firstly I question the lack of integrity and professionalism of a service that uses such a targeted, underhanded, unsolicited marketing technique. I was not comfortable with the invasion of my personal space. This woman's actions could have been construed as both a danger to my baby and at best a thief rifling through my bag.

I am left with a feeling of resentment and injustice. Obviously I won't be using your services and will be sharing this unsavory experience with others as a warning of what you can expect from Healthworks Everton Hills whilst leisurely browsing the local markets on a Sunday morning.

Offensive unsolicted targetting. Think spam!


Ok, this is my review of Healthworks Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast QLD as that is the only one I have been to, however, I would assume that they would pretty much all run with the same set of standards.

Firstly I signed up for a contract which included a session with a Personal Trainer to write out a program for me. This PT was overweight, not muscle bound, overweight. He wrote me out a program which contained over 25 excerises. This ruitine was for a one hour exercise regime. Give me a break. The exercise list spilled over onto the back of the page as it was too large!!! He then filed in a filing cabinet under the first initial of my last name. I returned later that week for a workout and went to search out my folder. It was complete mayhem in the cabinet to say the very least. Everyone just jams their folders in wherever is easiest and if they accidentaly grabbed yours out, they just shove it in wherever as well. After eventually locating it, I spent more than the hour trying to decipher rediculous diagrams and descriptions (which looked more like something from the Karma Sutra than anything else) to figure out what exercises I was meant to be doing. I stuck to (or tried to at least) this ruitine for one week only before I decided to go it alone. All the wieght machines are old and really sweaty and no one enforces the 'bring a towel AND WIPE DOWN YOUR MACHINE rule' as all the instructers are too busy standing around gossiping with their regulars. The personal trainers leave their clients on the cardio machines to go and gossip with the regulars. The classes are way over crowded. What was really the icing on the cake was the debacle of trying to cancel my membership early. They wanted to charge me a $100 fee and I couldn't do it there at the gym, or over the phone, they made me write a letter to them. Thank god I am finaly away from them!
Handy locations (on Sunshine Coast at least)
Everything else. Bad customer service, old old old equipment, not helpfull in the slightest, ripoff, Personal Trainers suck and the list goes on and on.

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