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Heinz Pureed Pumpkin, Potato & Beef

Heinz Pureed Pumpkin, Potato & Beef

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This was a great first food for my baby, as a well-rounded meal with few additives. The single serves were really convenient to take out, and the jars could be resealed and refridgerated if baby didn't eat it all. I preferred the jars to the tins to avoid the sharp edges, and would love to see bulk packs of the jars as well as the tins. The glass jars were reused for gift jams. I found that the jars can be a bit pricy, but can often be bought for under $1 on special at grocery stores, and the convenience was worth it.
the combination of flavours for baby, the glass jar for safety and reusable, convenience
can be expensive


Would love if they produced this variety (and others) in bulk buy packs rather than individually as my baby goes through a lot of this particular variety. The glass jars are great for small storage (craft, makeup, toiletries etc) after being washed out.
This has to be one of my baby's favourite dinners. He readily eats the whole jar in a sitting and is looking for more. A great way of introducing meat to a baby's diet and is full of flavour (I have tried it). The consistency is enough that baby can swallow it easily, without it being too watery or thin.


This is a healthy meal combining both meat and vegetables, so it is great for a main course at dinner time. This is one of my daughter's favourite meat dishes.
Great blend of both meat and vegetables. Good source of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Uneaten food can be stored in the jar.

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