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36 reviews
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  • 4 reviews



It's really good and makes the room very warm. Heating speed is Faster than the air conditioner. I put it in the bedroom and set the temperature during the night. It functions really well. However it makes a bit noise sometimes. Has to wear ear plug to sleep now. But still good.

Date PurchasedApr 2017


  • 4 reviews

Good to use in the cold winter


Heaters are necessary in such a cold winter if u don't have air conditioner in your room. My friend suggested me to buy this one. Because it is really helpful that the temperature is warm enough and easy to control. There are some warm levels to choose. The disadvantage is that cost too much electricity.

Date PurchasedJun 2016
Apple Pie

Apple PieSydney

  • 4 reviews

Reliable Heater


I find this heater to be quite reliable. A bit slow to heat up, but such is the nature of this type of heater me thinks. I feel quite comfortable to recommend this heater to potential buyers. In my personal opinion this is very good value for money. Well recommended.

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Oil fin heater


Bought from kmart. Working well . Used it every night from purchasing and has wheels for easy moving .
Light weight and looks good too. Three heat setting which is easy to adjust. Has thermostats and lights indicate ons and offs when heated
Great product happy with the product goo good good good

Date PurchasedJun 2017


  • 6 reviews

Good value of money


Though at start not heat up full room has to be sitting or laying close to heater later it gets the room heater adequately. Good value of money . Specially if you want to heat up one room only not the whole house . I recommend to buy if want to heat up medium size room

Date PurchasedMay 2017

shazzaMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 12 reviews

Warms up quickly


This heater is used in a bedroom. Heats the room quickly and very well. You dont need to sit on top of the heater, emitting plenty of heat . Not too hot to have around kids, if accidentally touched. Control panel is easy to use. Once the room is warm you can turn the heater down to maintain cozy temperature.

Date PurchasedJun 2016


  • 2 reviews

Got the 11T Oil Heater and Works Great


Hey Guys
Got one of these Oil ones, were on special and got em for half the price. Didnt really need one but thought ill get them anyway. Work great, the Bloody thing heats the room up really quick. The wheels arent great, would have been better if they had some better ones, But hey cant ask for more for the price i paid. Ive turned of the house heater and going on this one , not sure if its heavy on the power. Worth Buying if they are on sale. Good Value

Date PurchasedMar 2017

MontyIllawarra, NSW

  • 17 reviews

Enough for one bedroom


We bought this to keep our son warm - during our mild winters. We like the extensive and easy to follow controls which allow you to programme when it comes on. Unfortunately so does our one year old son as they are just the right height for him to play with. He sees us moving them - so he thinks its a game. Basically we need to check it before he goes to bed each night (if it's going to be cold).

It does keep his room warm enough while not getting hot enough to burn him - just wish the controls were more child proof.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

MarikaSouth-East, TAS

  • 8 reviews
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well lets say we are not warmed up at all.


This heater is a heater you have to have right in front of you or maybe sitting on top of it. We were given this heater and they are not what I thought they were. We have a wood fire place and this heats up the whole house. It only costs us the price of wood and the electricity bill is so much cheaper.

Date PurchasedJan 2013
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White Ears Ahead Of Time

White Ears Ahead Of TimeTweed Heads

  • 29 reviews

Star Rating


This heater is superb and very good for
small rooms, our's are still going strong too!

Pretend your a nice piece of warm toast
its how this heater makes us feel, even our
pet loves it!

We often get into competition with the
critter too, sadly the pet always gets there
before us!

Date PurchasedApr 2016


  • 2 reviews

Not Happy!!


We bought a Heller Oil7 heater and first thing we noticed was our it was not able to heat up our small room. Although it did warm up, the heat was insufficient to actually negate the cool air in the room. Tried returning the product but the company (Poco) I bought from refused to accept it as the unit warms up. The clicking sound is irritating as well especially when you are trying to sleep. So now I am left with a unit that does not meet my requirements. We would recommend not to purchase this product..



5 Fin Heater heats, but very limited.


ANGIE CQueensland, 4124

  • 94 reviews

HELL On Wheels

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We bought two of the 11 fin units. One lasted 13 months and one lasted 15 months. For the whole time the items creaked and cracked but the longevity was the main issue.

The importer answered an email simply stating that the items had a 12 month warranty (I know this...but failures 1 month and 3 months out of warranty are not acceptable!)
It heated when it worked
Very cheaply built. Did not last at all.


BobJCrows Nest

  • 9 reviews

Ok for the price


I got it initially from "2nds world" shop in Castle Hill, and it was noisy clicking/cracking every few seconds while operating, I took it to the store back, they said this is the first return from this batch, and got a replacement and this one is good, relatively quiet. Overal its cheaply build but does the job.
good for the price
since its cheaply build can get lemon

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EileenGarrawayVic, 3178

  • 113 reviews



My work has one of these heaters and yes they are effective, but as I said in the cons, my only real complaint is that the actual heater on the outside does get quite hot and could be dangerous to little kids. But it is a great machine to be able to move from room to room and it gives off quite a bit of warmth. I would definately recommend buying one as it's can be put in which room you are in, but not if you have young children.
It is a moveable heat - you can take it from room to room
The outside is hot - to me that is dangerous

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Questions & Answers




My newly purchased Heller oil column heater keeps switching itself off

2 answers

The thermostat will cause the heater to reach a specific temperature and then turns off. If the heater is turning off more often (even on the highest setting) it could be an electrical fault with appliance.


I first noticed that my heater's thermostat turned off very readily, even at a comfortable thermostat setting! Waiting for the room to warm up can take more time, so firstly turn the thermostat up higher for a short time. Then turn it back slowly until it switches off. A comfortable room temperature will then be maintained.




My 11 fin Heller oil heater keeps turning on and off as though it has reached a set temperature (which it hasn’t). I’ve bypassed the timer which hasn’t made any difference. I’d appreciate any advice this group may have to help resolve the problem. Thanks

2 answers

Timer or thermostat? If you turn the thermostat up to maximum and it still turns off prematurely, I don't see why at the moment. Knowing where the heater is used will help as confined spaces will make it turn off sooner. I noticed that mine did turn off easily, so I had to turn the knob up more in the beginning. I need to be present for a better diagnosis..


Thanks Ray. The room is a very large open space, approx 8m x 5m and the heater is on the highest setting. I’ve tried with and without the fan. Perhaps the thermostat is malfunctioning. Appreciate your comment.

iload driver

iload driverasked


Turned it on and after 3 minutes it turns off for 2 muntes at a time. Wont stay on. My heller 11 just purchased this week from kogan turns off every 5mins. It seems it's either overheating straight away or the thermostat is not taking rooms temperature properly and instead taking temperature from inside the heating element. It takes 2 minutes to come back on. Any help?

1 answer

Possibly it has reach temp the dial is set at, thus the stoppage. Turn temp dial up high and try my theory out. I have the same model but can't use it when sleeping as it constantly ticks when the temp reached, then when turning back on.

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