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I've already booked my holiday and paid for in full the flights and accomodation. The ladies I were meeting up with have all cancelled and are no longer attending. What sort of refund would I be entitled too?
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Hi My question is we have booked a hotel and flights with hello world but have just found out there will be Major construction happening at the hotel we have booked. We have chosen another hotel that we would like to stay at but have been told that it is not on hello words supplier list. We have been told that we will have to pay a cancellation fee if we do not wish to go through one of your hotels but I’m having trouble getting an answer on how much this cancellation fee would be and how much we paid for the original hotel as it was part of a package. We don’t wish to cancel the flights just the hotel . Thank you for any information you can give me
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How soon do I pay for my ticket after I book it?
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Hi Billie-Jean, If you book online you will have to pay at checkout before the booking is made. You may get longer through a helloworld retail agent depending on the Airline and fare. Kind Regards

I have booked a flight through Helloworld to fly Air NewZealand. I have tried to put my booking reference supplied by helloworld in to the AirNz app but it will not work because it doesn’t not end with ‘H’ What do I do?
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Hi Bob, May we ask that you contact the Customer Service team with your booking reference ? Was this an online booking or through a retail store ? Kind Regards

Does anyone have experience of the Hello world at Airport West? Thank-you.
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I need to cancel my holiday due to pregnancy and not being able to travel to Fiji due to the Zika infection. I have just over 8 weeks before I fly. Do I get refund or can I change destination?
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Due to a death in family what refund are you entitled to?
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Hi Bev, You have reached the social media team, we are very sorry to hear of a death in the family. All products from Airfares to Hotels have different fare rules and conditions, the Agency that you originally booked through will be more than happy to run through your options for a refund. Kind Regards

How do we go about getting a refund if we cannot get visas to go to Hawaii in time? We have only paid the deposit.
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Hi Bek, Thanks for reaching out, may we ask if this is a hotel or airfare booking ? Also was it an online booking or through a retail store ? Thanks

I have a dispute with a NSW Hello World Office. I am looking to resolve the issue at a level above the franchisee. I do not wish to raise the issue or specific agent publicly. I would appreciate details of who might assist me to facilitate a resolution. THanks. Greg
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Hi Greg, you may contact customersupport@helloworld.com.au to report the dispute. We will liase with the Store manager on your behalf. Kind Regards Customer SupportHi Greg, Do a company search (it can be done on-line) get the name of the Managing Director and write to him/her in a personal capacity i.e mark your letter "Private & Confidential"..........Don't deal with order takers i.e. franchise people deal with the decision makers!

I booked a cruise for my husband and I and put a $400 deposit , I had to cancel my cruise 14 months prior to cruise , the travel agent said she would have to charge a small cancellation fee .. I asked her how much and she said $50 per person totalling $100 for her trouble and had to be paid .. is this fair I should lose 25 percent of my hard earns money for 5 minutes work ??
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When you booked, T&C would have been provided to you. It is not the travel agents who are charging you the fees, but actual cruise ships. If the cruise has a cancellation fee, travel agent has to follow it to the line. The logic behind cancellation policies including airlines & cruise is that they have lost potential customers & would have to spend extra to find another customer for that seat/cabin. I can assure you that when any travel agent who cancel tickets, would not even get a dime from the cancellation fee. Some agents (including flight center) do charge service fee for any kind of service they provide.

I don't have a copy of our upcoming flight fare rules and conditions as the tickets were a gift. How can I access a copy of the rules?
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I was a customer, same as you. Suggest contacting the airline, they should be able to explain the rules. If not, maybe get more info from the person who gave you the tickets?

My debit card details are used without my permission and there is $2 charge on my account? Please explain?
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How did you know

I booked a trip from Melbourne to Guayaquil. The first flight is domestic from Melbourne to Sydney. I used the Record Locator to find the reservation on Qantus but apparently they have my name wrong.("ms" appended after my first name). Just wondering if it will affect my trip?
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I would phone Qantas to check for yourself. I had to phone Vietnam Airlines several times to check all the mistakes Helloworld made with my booking. Best of luck and take it as a lesson never to use Helloworld againHello Arisu, As your booking is made online and you have not yet departed you will need to contact our customer service centre on 1800 198 455. Charges may apply to make the correction. Kind regards, Customer Support

I booked 2 flights on Monday... But never received an email confirmation. Money was taken from credit card from helloworld but that's it no other way of knowing details of my flights. Help!
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Hi Deb, in order to receive confirmation please follow these steps. Sign in to My Bookings (guest) / My Account (member) to review your flight, hotel, package or car itinerary (please note that any Cruise, Activities and Insurance bookings; and any booking made in-store with a helloworld travel agent; will not be listed in your itinerary - please follow the links / directions contained in your confirmation emails for these bookings) If after reviewing My Bookings / My Account you are still unable to locate your booking check for these: 1.It may take up to 2 hours to receive your email confirmation of the booking: 1.Check your junk / spam mail folder to ensure that the email confirmation has not inadvertently been sent here. 2.Make sure that you are using the email that you entered in the booking. 1.If you have made the booking using another email address, the booking will show up under the account attached to that email. 2.If someone else made the booking for you, it would show up under the account attached to that person. 3.Changes made directly with the airline (including low cost carriers) will not show up here. 2.If you are still unable to find the booking or feel that your booking wasn't confirmed please call Customer Service. My Bookings / My Account provide the ability to: •view all your current, past and cancelled travel bookings; either booked as a Member or as a Guest:◦change / cancel hotel bookings ◦change/ cancel car bookings ◦contact details for Customer Service to change / cancel flight or holiday package bookings◾review change / cancel rules •email booking details (including cost and billing information) to any email address you choose •print confirmation emails / itineraries •add booking to your email calendar •print receipts; note the airline is responsible for providing GST information for flight bookings. •review terms and conditions •review airline fare rules If you tried to book more than once, please visit My Bookings / My Account to see if any other transactions were completed before attempting to book again: •If you were unable to complete your booking for your trip and think that your payment card may have been charged by mistake, we suggest that you wait 24 hours as any pending authorisation on your payment card will generally have dropped off.◦If they haven't please call Customer Service. •If you have unintentionally booked more than one transaction for your travel please call Customer Service. With your authorisation we will cancel the duplicate booking with a refund against your payment card. If you do not call Customer Service the same day you made the bookings, it may affect our ability to secure a refund from the airline, hotel, car hire company or insurance provider in a timely manner.

Quote a price for melb. To manchester uk?
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To ensure you receive the fare you found on helloworld.com.au, it is recommended that you book immediately. We do not provide quotes as we are unable to hold fares. It's important to note that a fare you found may not be available if you elect to book at a later time. You can see the best prices by selecting the "3 days before and after" option on our search wizard AND checking out our Deals, Cheap Domestic Flights, Cheap International Flights and Early Bird pages AND signing up to My Account to receive: •Promo codes direct to your inbox for even more travel savings •Advanced notice on fare sales and promotions & •Saved preferences to speed you through the booking process You can book the following types of flights: •Economy (* default search option), premium economy, business and first class flights •Return flights (return to the same airport you departed from), One-way flights (that take you from one location to another without returning) and Multi-city flights (that allow you to visit multiple destinations during your trip; up to 4 stops) •Up to 9 passengers on each booking •With departure dates up to 330 days in advance. •An airline ticket must be booked on helloworld.com.au at least six (6) hours prior to scheduled flight departure. ◦This is to allow us time to process the ticket.

Hello I just booked my ticket with hello world and my credit card got charged twice for the transaction. Can you please reply my email on the matter? Flora.c3686@gmail.com
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Hi Flora.c, the customer support team will be in contact with you shortly.

I have booked a trip but the payment hasn't gone through. I've tried searching your website for a phone number. Is there any that I can use to clarify if the tickets are confirmed?
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you have to ring helloworld ,they are very helpfulI would like to. The online website does not provide a number?Hi Arjun, Our Customer Service number is: Australian Toll Free Number: 1800 198 455 •International Number: +61 2 8520 3545 (outside of Australia) This information is within our virtual assistance under contact us. Have a great day.

Do I have to book a flight to access your hotel discounts or not, please?
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Hi Fitz, all discounts are already applied throughout the site. We discount stand alone hotel bookings and through our package path. Hope this helps.

I need to book baggage from Melb to Ho Chi Min and return the phone no given to me by helloworld is disconnected.
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You can book a fare that includes baggage, you can add baggage (if the fare permits) during the booking path or you can contact the airline directly after you have made your booking. To find information on the baggage fees and allowances applicable to any flight, please consult our Baggage Fee and Information Page; these fees are subject to change at any time.

Is travel key, unit 1-63 Palmerston St. Northbridge part of the hello world group? Are they covered by insurance/registered, etc? Thank you!
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Hello Angela, Travel Key Perth are a liscenced travel agency and are part of the helloworld network. Kind regards, Network Support

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