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Run as fast as you can and save your money.

I don’t write reviews to be vicious or for retaliation I genuinely want to warn other people and save them from a terrible experience. Truly be warned, these are the worst travel agents I have ever used. Not sure they can even call themselves real travel agents when they are simply a 4th party travel provider/reseller. Run, run, run as fast as you can go elsewhere or simply go online. This is honestly all HelloWorld do is booked your holiday online and then resell you the other 3rd party travel provider deal. Our entire European trip was booked by HelloWorld who actually then booked our holiday through Qantas Holidays (we did not fly qantas), Expedia (yes can you believe hotels were booked through expedia) and then another 3rd party travel arranger for another hotel and car service. Why is this so bad, firstly they don’t disclose any of this information to you, booking through all these different travel providers means your bound by each companies many different terms and conditions and none of this is disclosed to you at all, and lastly this means you have no control at all over your travel arrangements. You cant upgrade or cancel or amend anything not the flights or hotel because it has all been purchased through discount resellers! Asked to upgrade one hotel as it was not we expected and was told by the hotel direct sorry its all booked through expedia nothing we can do to help or change it. . Also we had KLM flights booked, it is their company policy to oversell flights and we were told our travel agent should have known this and told us this. They told us nothing and as a result we were unable to board a flight paid 8 weeks in advance. Lastly, we decided to cancel our flights as HelloWorld were unable to find a new flight that suited us at a reasonable price (something most travel agents should be able to to) and when we inquired as to how much refund we would receive we were told only the taxes and additional airline fees. We were told it would cost $550 fee to cancel the flights and we were informed the this was the exact price paid for a return European flight…so therefore all you will get back is the taxes of around $150. Nothing you can do to fight it as no pricing is ever disclosed but I don’t think anyone believes in a return flight to Europe costing $550 and it just happens to be the cancellation cost is the exact same price. Be warned this business is not honest and upfront about what they are reselling. I could write much more just in regards to how bad the booking of this trip was but I wont say anything more other than I do not recommend in handling over $1 to HelloWorld for any travel booking, i believe that they keep their customers in the dark to make money and the customer service is just shockingly terrible (no care or remorse and most times not even polite to their customers).
Stores used HelloWorld Lisarow and Tuggerah NSW

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Hello Sonia, Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear of the circumstances that propmted you to write. We take reviews such as yours very serious and therefore we have passed on your feedback to the agency owner. Feedback such as yours can play a vital role in future training and development. Kind regards, Customer Support

Upsetting behaviour

our holiday wasn't a big one but important to us , staff member was pushy and uninterested . Had to,change dates because flights went up twice. Ended up going elsewhere and getting flights and accommodation cheaper, with someone who was very happy to help me. Sent a very polite email saying we weren't going ahead and I thought that was it. Last week ran into her walking at the beach and endured the nastiest glare from her . VERY UPSETTING .

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Dear DLC, We are very sorry to hear of your disappointment. May we ask which store you are referring to ? Kind regards

Ripped off. Don't pay anything until you have checked all details of your trip

I booked in person , she made a mess of my needs, because she did not listen to my needs and refused to alter details because I had paid, i kept getting the same story we can't change , we can't do this we can't do that,
You can do better, go to someone else , or do it yourself, don't trust them period.

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Hi David, We are sorry to hear of your frustration, We are not sure of which store you are referring to or if you have booked online ? Are you referring to an Airline booking ? Kind Regards

The Worst Service Ever

Booked my business trip to a conference and vacation with my wife to Florida in May 2018 through Helloworld Newcastle. The travel agent made a mess with my travel arrangements. We were supposed to board our return flight from Miami, and he had booked from Orlando instead. I did not notice this at first as I believed he would have followed my instructions, but when I picked it up after a few days, Helloworld asked for some 540 dollars to fix the return flight (which was their mistake). I requested special vegetarian meals during the flight which again he forgot and I was starving during the long 16 hour and then 14 hour return flight. Likewise, he booked a Queen room for two of us with breakfast for only one person. Just unbelievable what a nightmare it was with these people.

Overpriced and lack of transparency

Overpriced. Ripped off. Paid almost $8k for accomodation in japan. I asked for a minim 4 start stay hotel. 2/5 hotels were 2-3 Star. Rail pass was about $2,000 and it wasn’t brought to our attention. The budget would have meant $400ish a night on hotels. The hotels booked were only $120-$160 a night. When asked for a break down go costs with receipt confirmation of what the “japan supplier paid” I was told that it cannot be forwarded to clients. Not sure what actually happened with all the money I paid. Beyond disgusted with the device.

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Hi See, We are sorry to hear of your disappointment. May we ask what store you booked the travel arrangements through ? Kind Regards Customer Support team.

HW at Waurn ponds

Very efficient and superb customer service nothing to difficult. We use HW at Waurn ponds for our group bookings and they are great with making the arrangements and saved us heaps of time and money in comparison to trying to do it all online. Andrew at HW always there to help. Highly recommended!

Above and Beyond - Helloworld Port Douglas

Within 24 hours Kimberley Harvey from Helloworld Port Douglas was able to achieve what I spent close to a month trying to organise through one of the other major Travel Agents.
Helloworld Port Douglas provided a high level of service, professionalism, knowledge and experience that really impressed me. I am no longer stressed about my travel and accommodation plans as I was with the other company, instead I am looking forward to the holiday Kimberley Harvey helped me plan and organise.
Thank you Kimberely - I assure you I will be raving about you to everyone I encounter who is planning a trip.

hello world caboolture is always helpful and friendly

hello world caboolture (on king street) have always been helpful when i have been looking to book some travel. the travel agent Cassandra is the person that i like to deal with as she is always happy to help me find out some info for me and can email me a quote about the holiday i want the next day. any time i am looking to travel that is the first, and only, place i deal with now. just makes it easier to get things done.

Once you've paid everything, they don't want to hear from you

The initial travel agent was great when booking flights and hotels. Then she left and someone else took over my booking, and when I asked for help with checking in online, she lady was very rude and kept saying she couldn't help without giving a reason.

Excellent service with a smile

Booked numerous overseas and domestic trips over the years through this group via the Belmont NSW office. Always prompt, efficient and friendly service. Good accommodation rates through their ability to negotiate via their group. We always make initial contact in person then most of the rest is via email or phone. Whenever we’ve had problems with tours overseas they have resolved and rebooked us without fuss. This travel group definitely takes a lot of the stress out of our travel arrangements and will continue to use them while ever we are fit and able to travel.

Terrible business ethic, unprofessional attitude (and that was by one of the directors!!!)

Complete mess up of everything, I had to change my booking due to unforseen circumstances. Initially the staff were very good to help, until they deliberately and unprofessionally disclosed personal and sensitive information of mine, when specifically asked not to. Then the director got involved and started providing cop out excuses and deleting email trails etc. Extremely unprofessional, do not give your business to this company!!!

Hello World Banora Point

Impossible to fix our booking from misleading information, incompetent travel agent. Computer glitches. I don't recommend. Too busy talking about their personal life and not listening. Very disappointed Hello World.

The Worst Service

Do not use the team at Kawana Sunshine Coast
After many different itineraries sent they still got it wrong
The information from them over the phone was different to the paper work
They really have no idea and service is very poor
Advise is go to a professional

Receipt for travel booked

Mainly book travel with qantas, where your e-ticket is also your receipt and it shows the amount paid at the end of the page. This is useful when claiming for corporate travel. Helloworld told me they don't issue receipts, the credit card statement is the receipt. I think this is poor form. While the helloworld e-ticket says its a receipt, you won't find the amount paid on this document. Misleading and pathetic service. I will take my corporate business back to Qantas or directly with airlines.

Exceptional service

We booked a trip to Africa though Michelle at Helloworld Bullcreek. Her knowledge of the areas we wanted to travel to was really appreciated after trying to get info from another travel agent business. Everything went as planned and all my questions no matter how silly were answered promptly. Helloworld - even sent a welcome home card, a simple follow up like that makes you feel like your custom matters.

Helloworld Southwest Sydney Office (Disappointing)

I recently booked a 6 week Europe tour with Helloworld Bonnyrigg. I will start with the positive feedback which was that all the planes and connections were booked correctly and without issue which is an important thing when travelling for 6 weeks mainly alone. I was however pretty disappointed with some other aspects of the bookings, and whilst I accept I should have looked more closely into this at the time of booking, I do feel you pay a travel agent a premium to help better meet your needs, otherwise you might as well save some cash and book these things yourself. The issues I faced as a result of the agent bookings included:

(1) The agent booked me on a tour group through northern Europe. At the time and being 36 I enquired as to the age of the tour group and was indicatively told it would be an average of 35-45. The reality was the average age was closer to 60, and when speaking to the tour leader and experienced cosmos travellers I was told I was lucky as this was one of the youngest tour groups they have seen. When I raised this with the agent and tried to get off halfway and get some money back, the agent was quick to defend this by telling me it is an all ages tour and that the age is not guaranteed. The thing that really bothered me is that I then found out from an industry contact, that Helloworld has a preferred supplier agreement in place with Cosmos (Globus) and therefore receive a higher level of commission from recommending their tours. So being cynical, they are therefore incentivised to mislead customers into taking a tour as they make more money from it. The age thing was very inappropriate - it is like a 50 year old going on a contiki tour - this is not allowed and for good reason

(2) I visited southern Italy and told the agent I did not want to hire a car, however I Was told that it was the only way to get there from the airport. I was very surprised upon my arrival at the resort to meet a Swedish woman who told me there is a bus running to and from the airport each day. So as opposed to paying 20 euros for transport I paid 230 euros for car hire, 40 euros for fuel, and had the stress of driving on southern Italian roads. It seemed to me the agent just did not do the research into the area and it therefore cost me a significant premium as a result

(3) The property I was put up at in southern Italy was a resort that catered to families and I Was the only single person there which again seemed really strange and inappropriate, and could have easily been avoided with some simple research

(4) I had verbally been told on the Cosmos tour by the agent that there is a transfer included as part of my tour cost from the hotel to the airport. On the second last day the list of transfers was read out and everybody but me was on the list. I followed up with my agent who claimed there never was a transfer and that the matter was closed out. So again another 40 euros later and I made it to the airport, but by this time was adamant I would never again use this agency.

I have nothing personal against the people at this agency, however based on the above I feel that they were at best lazy, and at worse purposely finding ways to make additional money off me. I might have been unlucky and the above was all a series of unfortunate events so I would not suggest never using them as this may be a one off. I can however say that personally after this experience I will not be returning to this agency and will be finding a new travel agent to use for all future travel

Go elsewhere

Went through this travel agent with my mother and booked our flights to America. Since we both have dietary requirements, myself vegan and my mother vegetarian, we asked the agent to make sure this was noted on all our flights as food was included. The agent said sure no problem.
About 2 weeks before we left, my mother and I went back to the travel agent just to double check that the food order and everything else was all in order. The travel agent (a different person) looked up our flights and there was no record of our dietary requirements?! She put the dietary request through and assured us that everything will be fine now.
Nope! While my meals were served correctly, my mother was not so fortunate. Every meal she got was very spicy Indian meals! Unfortunately mother can't handle spicy food very well and barely touched it. We asked a flight attendant on a plane why this was happening and apparently that was what was requested on her booking details. Nope, she just wanted 'normal' vegetarian meals. Luckily, there were 'normal' vegetarian meals leftover (after serving everyone on the plane) and mother was able to eat something.

Exceptional customer service at HelloWorld Parramatta

Marcella and staff at Hello World Parramatta are AMAZING. We have booked 2 trips with them and we could not be happier. They are dedicated, professional & extremely helpful, they really go the extra mile. Their customer service is outstanding! 10/10 from us!

Helloworld Lisarow

Booked some flights and hotels with this office. They were slow to respond - over priced (one could get same or better prices on internet). If you made a mistake and wanted a change they tried to charge a lot of money. If you are contemplating a cruise then use a specialist cruise line travel agency (such as CruiseFinder, Cruiseabout, Cruise1st, Just Cruises) to name a few who offer competitive pricing upfront and know cruising intimately.
While the staff were knowledgeable regarding overseas hotel bookings and airfares they certainly didn't give the impression they were working in your interest - just another transaction.
If you're comfortable using the internet then do your bookings yourself - you will save money and will probably get better customer service. Internet options are trivago or bookings.com and web jet or fare compare to name but a few.
There were so many other specific issues I could list but will let pass - just be warned - don't expect great customer service - don't expect helpful advice - don't expect a really good price.

Sloppy and negligent

This review pertains to the Winston Hills Office, NSW. Booked a straightforward return trip to Europe with a stopover in Dubai. Through some incredible negligence on their part, both return flight booking numbers were incorrect. Trying to login online to check for a boarding pass ticket resulted in the airline informing you that "you do not have a booking"! This created a lot of anxiety as the only way of checking meant going direct to the airport without knowing whether my 2 separate flights were actually booked. A sleepless night and a "cowboy" taxi driver in Dubai resulted in me missing my flight. What the airlines don't tell you is that if you miss a flight they penalise you (this is where they actually make money). The penalty for missing your flight via Emirates airline is over $500... the cost of trusting a travel agent to do a better job than booking yourself online...
I will never again use a travel agent.

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I've already booked my holiday and paid for in full the flights and accomodation. The ladies I were meeting up with have all cancelled and are no longer attending. What sort of refund would I be entitled too?
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Hi My question is we have booked a hotel and flights with hello world but have just found out there will be Major construction happening at the hotel we have booked. We have chosen another hotel that we would like to stay at but have been told that it is not on hello words supplier list. We have been told that we will have to pay a cancellation fee if we do not wish to go through one of your hotels but I’m having trouble getting an answer on how much this cancellation fee would be and how much we paid for the original hotel as it was part of a package. We don’t wish to cancel the flights just the hotel . Thank you for any information you can give me
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How soon do I pay for my ticket after I book it?
1 answer
Hi Billie-Jean, If you book online you will have to pay at checkout before the booking is made. You may get longer through a helloworld retail agent depending on the Airline and fare. Kind Regards

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