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Floor design package available?
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Hello Dani D, Please visit our display / sales centres for packages available.

Hi there, could someone from let me know if Henley would apply the building permit as part of the process or do we have to apply the permit for the builder please?
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Henley applied for building permit from council and also developer approval in our caseYes, they do.******* Beware ****** But do not use DJM as a building surveyor ,

Hi Guys. Has anyone recently built with Henley in sunshine area (inner west) Vic? If so how much were your site costs, they won't even give a preliminary figure or indication although Boutique and Granvue homes have quoted 23k-25k Henley say they are more expensive but can't advise why, we have no rock or fall and only 300mm of fill(vacant block) They also want to charge a 10k build zone surcharge that the others aren't charging and really can't advise why they are charging it when it is 10 minutes from point cook etc and they aren't charged anything. If so was anyone able to have this reduced or removed. Thanks :)
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We built our house in Werribee and they charged around 25k fixed site costs. They didn’t charge any other surcharge. Hope this answers your question

Which wood you use for framing? What's the difference between F5 or MGP10 Wood pines and which one is better
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Hello Jimmy, We use Machine Graded F5 structural Pine. F5 and MGP10 are quite similar in properties, and are both pine. MGP10 refers to machine graded pine with the 10 referring to its modulus of elasticity (or stiffness). The F5 modulus is around 8.2 - they are very similar and meets our homes' structural requirements. I hope this clarifies your query. Thank you, Henley Team.

Hi Could anyone advise re Cullen 45? We're about to kick-start the process with Henley soon! We're in SE suburb, our second build but quite concerning regarding the timeline, structural changes and etc. Any advice is appreciated. Henley sales has so fat been really helpful. Thanks! Jason
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Hi; Building the Cullen 45 with a Pacific Facade. The build is into it's 10th month and nowhere near completion. I had my second conversation with the site manager a week ago and was told that even without the issues that I've raised regarding tiling, it won't be finished before March next year. I foolishly believed that they were taking their time to do a better job but that simply isn't the case. Sorry to give such a bad review but it was the second house to start construction in my area and there are 4 other Henley houses that completely overtook its progress. When the contracts were signed at the end of October it was confidently stated that, "you'll be building before Christmas." In truth, construction didn't begin until well into March.

Do Henley do settlement gifts.? If so what is it? Thanks in advance
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I have no idea regarding that, as for me settlement is still a long way to go(in Feb or March seems like) Buying a 50k car and when customer is not happy, they even give 1 year insurance ($1500) and accessories ($500) for free on settlement. Is a good idea to build relation.They gave us a picnic set and some light bulbsHello Quicksilver2109, Thank you very much for your question. Yes we give out settlement gifts! We review our gift packs regularly, however we are currently offering a T2 pack which includes a tin of Melbourne Breakfast, a tea pot and two cups. Thank you, Henley Team.

Why aren’t trades being paid for work they have completed? When asked for payment trades are blacklisted not good enough. I now know of several businesses black listed by supervisors who think it’s appropriate to send emoji
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Hello Kimmy, A foundation of our business is our relationships with our Trade and Supplier partners, and we have many long lasting relationships. If you are currently, or have previously been in partnership with us we are willing to discuss your concerns, please contact us at customercare@henley.com.au and we will make contact with you. Thank you, Henley Team.

Hi We are thinking of building with Henley Sahara 36 with a bit of structural changes. But reading the reviews here we are a bit concerned about the quality of the build and the time lapse. Any advise from someone who had built recently in Doreen - Mernda area? Thanks
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Is Brick infills above the windows and doors are standard in Henley collection?
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Hello Dhruv, Windows yes, as per master drawings for the selected home, doors are as per drawings depending on house and Façade selected. The Garage is FC Sheeting, unless upgraded and detailed in your Façade drawings. The best way to know what is included in each individual master plan, is to have a meeting with our sales consultants about the home you are interested in. Thank you, Henley Team.

Has anyone build the double storey Belair series? Thanks
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I am in midst of building a Sahara double storey and it has been no less than a nightmare I wanted a dream house and all I’ve had to do so far is compromise. Their sales staff is good however it’s downhill from there after after you first sign the contract there is absolutely no regard for the customer and you can complaint all you want, but it will fall on deaf ears I would strongly recommend to rethink your optionsWe just started building "Belair 25" in North. Are you? Hows the experience?

What do you do if the brick work is very very unsatisfactory and settlement is Monday 16th July, keep in mind this was brought to there attention that brick work was not to stranded at ground level, but still continued and we were completely ignored. We have had independent inspector look at it and have told them that it’s so bad that it needs to be pulled down and redone, this report was sent to Henley and site supervisor and they have completely ignored the issue. So we told the site supervisor and they have complety ignored our requests and have just done patch up work which even looks worse. What can we do?
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Hi Susan, thanks for asking about my idea in regards of ur problem! Firstly how desperate u want ur house to be settled?? If u r not in hurry then don’t settle the house. Secondly you should have stopped them before going to next stage and don’t pay the fixing stage unless and until they fixed the problem. Inspire of engaging your own supervisor and submitted the problem to henley, they didn’t fix the problem and it’s not ur fault, so u can argue with them that u don’t want the house to settle unless until the problem is fixed. Hope this will give u a good idea.. good luck and all the best!!

Am looking at potentially going witb henley to build us a home in wollert melbourne. Would like some honest feedback as all i can see is that they are either excellent or rubbish. Thanks in advance
3 answers
You will be definitely regret later on... Seriously i had really bad experience with this company.they dont care about anything poor work poor standard.Very poor workman ship and Very bad customer experience, I recommend not to go with Henley.Be cautious, Henley are not transparent with anything and it’s always at your expense

Good Day, We have signed our contract last December 2017 and we were just handed over to construction 2 weeks ago. My question is does it really take this long (more than 6 months now from contract signing) before the construction commence? And how would we know the detailed reasons of the delays of commencing this build? Our building permit was issued since April and up until now we haven't commenced anything yet. This is so frustrating as we were told during the tender/contract signing that we will start within 2 months, then 3 months, 4 months then it goes on and on. We have been very patient for the last 6 months but waiting for this long is I think too much!
2 answers
Hello Maria, Thank you for your question. We would encourage you to raise this question with your Customer service administrator. They will be best placed to fully answer this question for you. Alternatively, you can email customercare@henley.com.au with your full name and job number so we can have our administration team contact you. Thank you, Henley Team.We approached Henley with titled land and house selection in October 2017. Contract signing didn't occur till the start of March. We are yet to have out slab completed (as of mid July, now 4 months post contract signing).

I'm building the Sahara 31, and it's taking way too long to get started. We signed everything about a year before our land was titled and as soon as our land was titled I was expecting prompt construction but it's been half a year and the construction hasn't started since they keep waiting for more and more approvals. They promised 8-10 weeks and it's been half a year. The thing is, every time I email asking if they're ready to build yet, they send me a list of things they're still waiting on, and say because I haven't done one of the things that's why it's being delayed. This happened quite a few times already. Well then why didn't they ask for everything that I need to do from the start instead of waiting for me to ask them everytime if there's anything to do to speed up the process? It feels like they don't care about my file until I remind them of it. How much longer do I have to wait for this house to be built???
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Hello Teez, We are sorry to hear that you have experienced some delays. We would like to look into this for you, can you please email customercare@henley.com.au with your full name and job number so we are able to assist you further. Thank you, Henley Team.As a current Henley home builder, run! Run away from this builder. Sacrifice the money you have spent already and change builders.Please change your decision and go with some other builder. We have a horrible experience with Henley.

Hii there my jobno is 309792.why henley service is so poor.land titled since june and house is just half way done.no painting nothing.buliding quality so poor wall doesnot look straight.plaster not done properly.house is still there from 22 feb since supervisor stefan left the job.if you guys dont have enough worker why getting contract.seriously service is more than poor that is reason my other friends go with burbank after this poor result.may i know who is responsible for this??all the houses on yanga Avenue is not yet finish since it started almost took a year.
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Hello Raj, Thank you very much for reaching out to us. We are sorry to hear that you haven't been satisfied with the construction of your home thus far. I will escalate your concerns to our management team and will have someone contact you. Thank you. Henley Team.

Hi my build contract is #310445. I am having trouble getting any response from home assurance regarding the staining on my bricks. I paid $2,500 to upgrade my bricks to truffle with off white mortar. I was not expecting bricks with an awful green tinge and beige mortar caused by excessive use of acid wash. It would be great if you could follow this up for me.
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I appreciate your quick response, I look forward to working with you to rectify the issue.

Hi there how are you Can we change ceiling heights 3 days after we had our tender we haven't signed our contract which we will be signing in 1 month? Thank You
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Hi there I was wondering we have our tender appointment coming up we got our site drawing emailed to us can we change the position of our house to bring it closer from the front to gain more backyard thank you
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Hello Louie J, Thank you for your question. We would encourage you to raise this question with your Customer service administrator. They will be best placed to fully answer this question for you. Alternatively, you can email customercare@henley.com.au with your full name and job number so we can have our administration team contact you. Henley Team.

Who can we talk to higher up the food chain! We are not happy with the home assurance and the flooding that has been caused in our house twice now and need to talk to someone higher up before we decide to go to VCAT
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Hi - how long have you been in the house? Very unusual that this is happening twice now - but nothing surprises me any more. if it was me I would contact either your original site supervisor or the sales rep that signed you up as they should have a really good rapport with the Head Office and will get the right person to contact. I was lucky enough to have a great site supervisor and sales consultant who would bend over backwards for me and help out to fix any issues. Try the site supervisor first if you have their details - if not the sales consultant. If you have any issues or no luck let me know and I will speak to my consultant first and ask them how to progress swiftly.Hello stayxtrue, We are sorry to read that you are not happy with our Home Assurance team. We would like to escalate your concerns to our management team, can you please email customercare@henley.com.au with your full name and job number so we are able to assist you further. Thank you Henley Team.

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