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Herbs of Gold Muscle Resuscitation

Herbs of Gold Muscle Resuscitation

2.7 from 6 reviews

why change the formula

have been using this for years and agree with other comments taste is terrible and has had stevia added to it which now gives me a migraine headache was a great product but now unable to take it.

Don't waste your money

I have been using sleep ease for 2 weeks with no affect. The directions recommend 2-3 before sleep but I've increased to 4 without affect.

It's a waste of money!!!

Why change the formula??

I have been taking this magnesium powder for years now and I find it tastes great and really helps my leg cramps and restless legs. However, I recently purchased this 'improved formula' batch. It's awful!! Very sickly and hardly any tropical taste. It seems like it has been diluted down with something. Not happy at all considering the cost. Please consider changing it back to the original formula for valued customers.

New & improved magnesium powder

I have been taking magnesium powder for over a year nice taste, however the new and improve magnesium powder is really bad, the tropical flavour has changed , not the same.

So tasty! helped with dark circles under eyes and fatigue

I've had dark circles under my eyes for a long time and fatigue even though I sleep 7-8 hours a night exercise a lot. It didn't take me long probably a couple of days to notice a significant difference in the appearance of darkness under my eyes and I seem to have a lot more energy now. Would definitely recommend.
Tastes nice and dissolves easily.
Quite expensive when you take it everyday

every now an then a new product comes through the ranks that isn't a gimmick or just selling you pip

this would have to be the best supplement I've ever taken I hope they never stop selling it as its saved me a life of pain in my back not to mention the other array of health benefits I've derived from it. When I had a herniated disc 6 years ago nothing would help but since I stumbled on this stuff I've taken it ever since and the disc doesn't inflame even if I do vigorous exercise its incredible. I have tried other magnesium products but they don't work like this one something to do with all the other vitamins and minerals in the mix that react with the magnesium. Its been a godsend, I also cant remember the last time I had a cold or flue this might be due to the zinc and vitamin c comment's in the blend. brilliant stuff.
everything this is probablly the only product worth taking the product does not make any obsurd claims but is highly beneficial to overall health.
would be great if it was cheaper as i will have to use it for life now but still worth the money, would be good if the selenium content was lower but thats just me as I use high doses to get the magnesium effect doses that higher than most average people would take so although selenium is real good for you can be toxic in high doses, that said still havent experienced any toxicity problems just cautious I guess and most users will only be using the doses reccommended by the manafacturer which are perfectly safe

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Muscle Resuscitation
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