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Unrealistic offer for credit card free interest period, don't waste your time.

I took on their heavily advertised offer to transfer my credit card debt to their credit card and close down the one I have in order to get 1 year interest free. After spending over an hour online and another hour over the phone with them, to provide all financial details about me, they called back the next day to tell me that they declined to change cards with me. Their reason was that I was too much of a risk.
As a healthy fit person who does not drink, smoke, etc. and has a 4 BR brick-tile home near the city worth over 510,000 dollars, fully owned, if I sold my other secure investments, (one 3 BR house at 380,000, and a land development at 110,000), I wonder what they are thinking? Is all l my personal info I gave them still secure, or will it get sold on for profit? I also wonder if they have an alterior motive? As I do not have any financial problems and use my creditcard only for convenience, I think that they are wasting their money on all their advertising.

Terrible customer service and terrible fraud (team) system/policy

Poor customer service, so they decided to block my card while overseas, even though I have advised them of travel dates and countries to be visited. They did not bother in calling or emailing or texting to inform that my credit card has been blocked (because I was overseas) and they did not bother in making an effort, I had to lend money to pay for the restaurant since this was the only card I had on me) Would not recommend at all. Better to go with other cards.

"People Last"

When I moved to Toowoomba 12 years ago, I changed to Heritage because it is based here and had the most branches. Since then, it has closed branches and taken out ATMs so that it is very difficult to withdraw money conveniently without going to one of the major shopping centres.

I have also found their customer service very poor. For example, if you want to dispute a credit card charge with a reputable company, they require you to cancel your card as though it is credit card fraud and not simply a disputed matter. If you have your credit card set up to pay a whole host of bills, obviously this is a major inconvenience, and you can be almost sure that Heritage won't deliver a helpful outcome anyway.

They don't provide Apple Pay either.

I'd strongly advise anyone considering their banking options to avoid Heritage. Their motto "People First" is at best a typo. It should read "Profits First, People Last".


The reward for the bank with bad trading hours goes to heritage bank!
Yep if you are like me working 9-5 forget being able to experience the people first bank as they will be shut for you all the time!
Suncorp is open 8:30am till 9pm 7 days a week.
And that helps sometimes.

Credit card nightmare

Lost my credit card. Ordered new one. They send card but never received pin. I assumed I could use my old pin. Went to pay for $200 of groceries with 2 toddlers in tow. Card rejected. Called heritage. Said to change pin online. Downloaded app. Called partner for log on details. Couldn't find where to change pin. Called heritage again. Told me it doesn't work in app, that I had to use desktop which meant 15 min drive home then 15 mins back to shop to it for shopping. At home tried to change in online 5 times. Rang heritage 3 times. Got locked out after several attempts. Website now saying I have to wait 24 hours to try again or visit branch which is 30 mins away.

Appalling customer service if card gets compromised

If your credit card gets compromised, they don’t advise you, make no outgoing calls to follow up with you, no guarantee you will get your money back, no empathy and insolently refuse to give you confidence in security of your card. Have to wait 45-60 days to get YOUR MONEY back.

Now if only Heritage Bank support customers?

My account was overdrawn a number of times because of payments due.

But when I checked regular payments, I couldn't see any payments due.

And yet I still got charged $20 for being $20 overdrawn and got charged $25 for a direct debit dishonest fee for Gem Visa payment that was stopped.

So I say when I go back to Gem Visa again they well say it is Heritage Bank error and then I well be told by Heritage Bank go back to Gem Visa and back and forth.

Which is normal, banks and companies blaming each other and not taking responsibility for payments errors, placing customers right in the middle of the blame game between banks and companies.

Just like the blame game I am having now between Eatnow and Suncorp.

So yes it is the same pattern.

There are payment errors, banks and companies blaming each other leaving customers in the middle of the blame game.

Help on the phone

My Dad Robert Read banks with Heritage, he apparently had a problem on Tuesday 26th Sept. A person named Jude assisted him for around 2 hours to fix the problem and enable him to access the Heritage site. My dad is 85 and is not as good as he used to be but managed to get it done. He wants to thank Jude for their assistance and patience in helping him to a positive result.

Slow and unorganised

Finally got a pre approval - 2 months later .

Recommended to us from our broker. Basically asked for every single document you can think of, about us. They probably know more about me than I do of myself.

After receiving our initial documents they've cone back and asked us FIVE TIMES for different docs. Everytime it was Oh, now we need this. Oh, by the way I need this now. Seriously incompetent. The last lot of docs was for my payslip again because they'd taken so long to process my documents my original payslip was too old!

Finally got pre approval but I would never recommend to anyone.

Unreasonable criteria

I went to apply for a credit card balance transfer with 2 single liabilities my cc debt which I was transferring to them and my homeloan of which I share repayments with my husband. They declined my balance transfer saying my commitment was 57% by calculating the full homeloan liability on single income! I've dealt with other banks before and they always ask what your share is in the mortgage repayments if your marital status is "married" at least, and I have never had this problem. Not happy with their assessment criteria and feel for someone who has more than two liabilities! Stay away from them to avoid a decline! They not only lost my business but my whole homeloan which I would of moved over to them. Thankfully I found out how they are sooner rather than later.


We had a mortgage with them via a broker for 12 months. Noticed our rate was much higher than similar mortgages with other banks. Called customer service to ask for a discount on our rate and the guy wouldn't even consider it - easy fix for us, we refinanced with another lender. Heritage lost a great customer due to awful customer service. Their rates are higher than most smaller banks and Credit unions. For the sake of giving us a 0.2 or 0.3% discount we would have stayed.

Roz and the Heritage Bank Noosa Civic Team are fantastic!

The service provided by Roz and the team at Noosa Civic was excellent!
Roz went above and beyond to keep me informed every step of the way through the refinancing process and really did make me feel like a person not a number.
I found the Heritage bank have a much more realistic and personalised lending approach than other banks. Although I was with my previous bank for 7 years with a perfect payment history, they showed very little interest when I wanted to refinance.
Thank god I found Heritage!

loan with term deposito security .

Very misleading , was interested to transfer my term deposito over and to apply for a low rate loan with term deposito as security, only $8000. Need know morgage payment statements, wage slips, all income and expenses
With the term deposito to cover the loan very misleading first only ask for drivers license and medicard .
Not clear with communication, dissapointed . I rather use my own money now.

Feel conned

I have an existing bank account and a mortgage with Heritage, have always over paid on mortgage. I decided to buy a small business and went in 3 months before the finalisation of the purchase, I was told that I should come back in May, finalisation of purchase on 1st July, so told I had plenty of time. Applied for the second mortgage in May, completed the forms thought all was good. Two weeks before finalisation of purchase, I phoned to check all was going okay, but was told that I had no chance of getting the loan money by the 1st July, so my only option was to apply for a personal loan at 18% interest and more fees so that I would have the money by the 1st July. With the understanding that the mortgage would pay it off within a couple of weeks or so. I agreed, having no choice and about to go to England for my sisters wedding for the 2 weeks before the finalisation of the purchase of the business. Two days ago I got the mortgage through, after a month of paying for the personal loan at $117 per week. When the mortgage loan was finally put through, I found that the $639 fees was added to the mortgage amount so all the money that I paid to the personal loan has been used up in interest and fees. Cost of personal loan for one month while they sorted out my mortgage =$667, cost of taking out second mortgage =$639, so total cost of $20,000 mortgage $1306 in one month. NOT IMPRESSED

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I have spoken to the mortgage lady and she informs me that she told me upfront about the cost of a mortgage, as around $1000, if I had known this I would have just got my existing mortgage extended, none of this was explained to me, neither was I given an assessment as to what my best option was. Lastly the cost of the personal loan was $418. Now the mortgage lady is looking at the time periods to see when all of this happened, so she can tell me that it was my slowness in getting docs signed... still not happy

Worst bank ever! Do not make the mistake of going with them

After my experiences with Heritage I am looking forward to settling on the sale of my house, paying off a bridging loan and saying goodbye to Heritage for good! They are the slowest bank ever and to top it off they are extremely rude and unhelpful. For example, this evening I called to get an explanation on charges on my loan account and was told to read my contract. Are you serious? Talk about not trying to keep themselves in a job. I was also told that even though they were open till 7pm it was 6:40pm so they really couldn't help me at that time. Had been with NAB prior for 8 years and only changed because NAB don't offer bridging loans, but actually am looking forward to going back to a decent real bank!

People first pfffft

Been banking with this mob for over 9 years small business account, have never been overdrawn, close to 1 million dollars has passed through account. Asked for loan to buy new business vehicle, got No as answer, got finance elsewhere, no problem. As I have worked and had good credit record for over 30 years. Thought I would give them another chance applied for business credit card $6000 limit, even though they can see 9 years of transactions through account wanted 2 years financials from accountant, 2 week wait, then phone call to say they want 2 years of statements from private account. People First is their slogan, What a Joke, would be more apt.
But a 19 year old with a part time job opens account and gets $8000 dollar loan no problem, What a joke

Violated their own agreements to the detriment of customers

We settled our house today with the other bank in the transaction being Heritage Bank. As per the documents released to the banks and coveyancers alike they state they accept cheques from Bank Vic. However on settlement day they declined our cheque to the dismay of the conveyancer, Bank Vic and the vendors. They would have forced us to pay penalty interest for something which was not our fault. And as a result, I would never ever recommend them as a bank to bank with. They are deceitful and had no other reason to decline this.

Good home loan rates, no customer retention.

Initially offered competitive rates and a no fuss loan. When time came to increase our dealings they proved difficult and not interested.

Do not want new customers

Tried to open a term deposit for our self funded Superannuation and whilst all other banking and financial institutions require the usual summary signed dead and form a heritage actually require a complete copy of the deed, some sixty pages. The taxation departments copy of the registered SMSFs is not sufficient but a copy of a deed that means nothing is, the reason given is that they go one step further so if we were wanting to open another account they would have all the info on hand! What a joke, surely a copy of drivers licence, passport or some other form of id would be sufficient. What do they do with all the paperwork. And I note in a previous review that they no longer send out notices via the post but expect potential customers to send them irrelevant paperwork to them. In the end went to Suncorp, much much much better.

Terrible for customers who want to receive term deposit maturity notices via Australia Post

In June 2016 Heritage Bank decided to force all of its customers with term deposits to receive term deposit maturity notices via e-mail instead of letters via Australia Post. They didn't send out a letter advising of this, they just sent an unsolicited e-mail with a link to opt back in to Australia Post notices instead of e-mail. The link in the Heritage Bank e-mail to set the communication preference back to Australia Post didn't work so several months later we received a term deposit maturity notice via e-mail. The only way to stop the unsolicited e-mails was to get a bank teller to delete the e-mail address from their banking system. This caused other issues as we no longer received internet banking transaction receipts via e-mail. After receiving written assurance that we could retain our e-mail address for internet banking receipts, we provided it to Heritage Bank again to then find that Heritage Bank's system had changed our communication preferences from Australia Post to e-mail again without notifying us of this change. We only discovered this when we received another term deposit maturity notice via e-mail. We had to again request that Heritage Bank reset our communication preferences to Australia Post mail. There does not appear to be any way for a customer of Heritage Bank to have their communication preferences permanently recorded in their system and any change to contact details changes the customer's communication preferences to e-mail. Heritage Bank are aware of this system deficiency but have not bothered to tell their customers. We are permanently solving this issue by withdrawing our funds and taking our business to another Financial Institution.

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Questions & Answers

Are heritage and westpac linked? For bank transfers?...
1 answer
If you mean Westpac does owns Heritage, it doesn't. But if you mean can transfer money between the two, yes you can. And like other transfers, you have to check with both to see what you need to do.

Heritage Bank offer me 1.40% discount to life of the loan. So my interest rate is 4.03%. Should I trust them? Never heard of this bank in VIC.
1 answer
Yes I believe the bank is as sound as any other bank is. All the Heritage Bank needs to do is to practice what preaches, and assist the people that go into their bank, who wish to change large value notes of current Australia currency to smaller denomination. Otherwise I think the bank is quite secure and operates as other banks do.

Address for heritage bank in sydney city?
1 answer
I think that you will find there are no Branches in NSW as of yet. Heritage have branches in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Wide Bay Burnett area & the Darling Downs (Head Office is in Toowoomba). I was looking for a branch in Canberra a few years ago. You can search here for ATM locations, Branches and mini-Branch locations. http://www.heritage.com.au/Branch-Locator.aspx

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