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Pick of the Bunch

There are way too many baby monitors available to choose from! Options, features, this one does this and that one does that....
I chose the Hestia baby monitor....I found it so easy to use, and impressive where it really counts for me. The screen quality at night is great, it has a multiple camera option and the battery life is more than enough. The audio is also clear and works on voice activation.
It’s not cheap, but after trying 2 other brands and then finally ending up with the Hestia baby monitor, it is definitely the pick of the bunch.
Night Vision

My baby monitor

Life is hard enough when your pregnant, then life changes again when the little one comes into the world, and the most simplest things become to hard.
When I was looking for a monitor I needed * easy to use
* a good picture
* long range with no interference.
And did I say easy to use, well the hestia monitor ticks all the boxes I thought I needed and I didn't even think about night vision till I came home with it and started using it.

A great product wish everything was this easy.
Night vision
Would have liked a pack with 2 cameras

simple but effective

Have had the H100 for a month with our newborn and found it is very basic but does all we want.
Picks up sound very well and has great display.
I am so glad we got this as it works really well.

Things I would like to see are a zoom function for the video as it is hard to fix the camera in the right spot.
Also I'd like if the camera had a clamp to fix it onto things with maybe a flexible stand as the camera doesn't rotate enough.
good sound and picture - especially at night.
camera hard to mount and position

Simple n Easy

What can I say, I bought this monitor a month ago and I love it.
Easy to setup, Audio is very clear and the night vision is perfect. I don't need all the features this monitor offers but I just love the clear picture and sound I get every time.
easy setup

Absolutely Excellent Monitor

Absolutely excellent monitor! So much better than just a sound monitor which I previously had with our first child. I can watch my little bub sleeping, check that she isn’t tangled in the bedding or in an awkward position and check that she is definitely asleep (so often it is all quiet and they are actually wide awake).
The range is excellent, worked well throughout our entire house and even outside. We also purchased a second camera so we could place it outside when our 5 year old was in the backyard.
I love that I don’t have to risk walking into the nursery and waking up our baby Jasmine, just a quick glance at the video monitor and I can rest assured all is ok - it is brilliant!
More then one camera

Ver helpful in my opinion

My daughter was looking to buy a baby monitor for her first born child, so I decided I would buy this for her and began looking around in stores.
I found that the Hestia baby camera was the easiest to use and understand compared to other units, and the price and quality were spot on.
The baby monitor was also very easy to set up for someone like me that wants something not to technical. The image on the screen is very clear and the range was impressive.
I can see how useful this product is for young mums and dads, and my daughter loves it! Where were these products 30 years ago when I was a new parent?
easy to set up

Total Peace of Mind

I'm a "stress head", I have been all my life...Heaven help me now as a Mum!
We purchased the Hestia baby monitor & it has really given me great peace of mind, and ensures I don't just lay in bed worrying about baby!
We have been using it for 6 months now & it helps me get my day to day tasks done whilst still keeping an eye on my baby.
It works well on our bassinette & I am sure will do equally well when baby moves into his cot.
The image is so clear and the sound through the VOX function is exceptional.
Happy that we purchased this & would recommend it to all.
Picture quality is very good

Don't be fooled with multiple cameras

Ok so this monitor would be fine if you only have one baby. I purchased it because I have two babies. Silly me, when I did my research for a new digital monitor and this Hestia H100 said it can work with 4 cameras simultaneously, I must have mis-understood what the word "simultaneously" meant!

In the world of Hestia it means you can have 4 camera paired to the monitor, but you have to choose which child you love most..... In other words, the monitor will only pick up one camera at a time. You have to chose which camera to watch manually, it does not allow for split screen, or rotating images from camera to camera.

It also markets itself as having VOX. Well once again choose which child you care about the most, voice activation is only available on 1 camera at a time. So, if you fall asleep with the camera set on baby number 1, and baby number 2 wakes in the middle of the night crying, this unit won't be able to notify you as you didn't leave the monitor on baby number 2.

As a one camera unit, this is fine, but just don't expect anything good if you've purchased it for multiple cameras.

Baby co have been fantastic and provided a full refund, as the unit is not what it markets itself to be. For over $300 for the 2 cameras, it did not deliver at all. Uniden have a multiple camera unit in case you're wondering.
Picture Clarity
Does not automatically pick up additional cameras, not at all practical if you need to monitor more than one baby.

Exactly what we wanted!!!

We purchased everything before we came home with Elijah from the hospital, and then realised we needed a video baby monitor. I was so confused with all the options out there until the nicest lady at Baby Co made this task seem so easy. She simply asked me “What are you looking for, and why do you want a video monitor?” The most important things for me were:
Clear picture at night so I can see all his movements
Audio so I can hear when he is unsettled
Long range between both units and no drop outs
Portable so I can move around the house freely whilst he is in his bassinet.

After we discussed the main points for me the task was complete and so much easier.
I purchased the Hestia baby monitor over 2 months ago and wanted other parents to know how much help it has been to have around the house. We also take it with us when visiting family or friends.
When I put him in his bassinet, whether he is awake, fast asleep or unsettled I can always see Elijah clearly day or night and hear when he needs me. This Baby monitor was definitely the pick of the bunch, and I would like to sincerely thank the girls at Baby Co for their time and help.
Easy to use

Use it everyday and night

We bought this monitor for our oldest son as we swapped his Angelcare unit for a youngest newborn who is now 6 months old.

The picture quality is excellent both during the day and at night. The range is also very good. I normally take it outside with me when I am hanging out the washing. In saying that, it has the worst battery life. We keep it on charge constantly. Also not sure if the VOX setting is working correctly as I have heard our son making noise on occasion and it hasn't turned on.
Video quality is excellent
Expensive, very bad battery life and VOX setting isn't working properly

Perfect for first time parents

This baby monitor has been awesome for first time parents like us. We have been using this monitor every night for the past two months.

I was recommended this product by a friend who after purchasing a sound only monitor said how much better having the video component was.

It travels with us everywhere, and gives me the peace of mind of seeing our precious little one sleeping whilst relaxing in another room. We have also loved the other features including VOX and the infra red night light. Sound can be adjusted as well as brightness which are all features we have used regularly.

So far the hubby and I have used it constantly! I love that I can see what my baby is doing (even at night you get a very clear image).
Great picture at night

Ok - for the first 3 months!

We bought this monitor to keep an eye on our newborn twins. From the first night it was clear that the battery would not last the entire night (even on stand-by) without being plugged into the charger. The picture is clear and the infa red lights were no issue at all. Now the charger has stopped working, therefore the monitor is useless as the battery has died. If a new charger could be purchased without having to buy the entire unit again I would definitely do so- but cannot seem to find out if this is possible? Maybe I've just got the lemon of the batch!!
Great picture, clear sound.
Short battery life, faulty charger.

1 comment
Hello twin mum, thank you for your feedback. you can purchase chargers or batteries separately. Please contact 1300 882 944 (chukles customer service number) which are available 7 days a week. We look forward to your call.

Really Clear Image

We needed to buy a baby monitor because our son struggled to sleep on his back due to colic.

I was always paranoid when we put him to bed because the only way he would settle was on his

The Hestia baby monitor provided such a clear picture on its screen of our baby at night. I am able
to see every move he makes and it is so reassuring. The audio is also very clear and I liked the fact I
can purchase a second camera to still monitor our 3 year old son from the one unit.

My husband and I found this monitor to be a great little unit.
Clear Image

Perfect for my needs!

I’m a busy guy, if possible doing two or three things at the same time is ideal. With the Hestia baby monitor I can be upstairs at the back of the house finishing a report late at night. Whilst keeping an eye and ear on little Lucas as he is sleeping at the other end of the house. Because the monitor is portable the same applies during the day. The range is terrific. Literally it gives me freedom to go out to my workshop which is at the back of my house and still be range to keep an eye out on Lucas. It’s great for me, the children and my wife.
"long range, no interference, night and day mode is good quality"

Great baby monitor for Peace of Mind

This monitor has been great!

It has a good size colour screen to see our little bub clearly.
Night and day vision are perfect. Great range between baby and parent unit, it worked anywhere in our two stores house with absolutely no static. Very useful when our baby started sleeping in his own room, we used the monitor throughout the night and the battery life is excellent.

Highly recommend especially if you decide to do sleep training. No second guessing if your baby is stirring or not. We were able to catch up on housework and some TV time without constantly going into the baby’s room to double check and risk waking him up.

We really couldn’t manage without this baby monitor.
Easy to use and clear picture

Better products available for the price

I purchased this baby monitor based on the product reviews on this site and the recommendation from the sales person at the local store... I wish i didn't. I do not know how this product is rated so highly, for what it offers it simply should not be.

1. The infra-red lights are not hidden on the base unit, they shine red all through the night which is very distracting for a baby when they're trying to fall asleep. Note: competing brands hide their IRs with a dark surround.

2. The volume on our unit set at 1 (lowest) was very loud, too loud for the lowest setting and there was constant static regardless of how close or far we were from the unit.

3. There is an auto power saving "feature" which turns off the portable unit after three minutes. We found this was very annoying and even worse is that you can't be turned off. Yes, it turns itself back on when it detects noise but our baby was already crying at that stage.

4. Which takes me to battery life... for such a relatively big (and expensive) unit the best they can do is fit a 900mAh battery, it's a video monitor for crying out loud! No wonder they need to have a mandatory power saving "feature". Note: competing brands have 1800mAh batteries.

However, having detailed the issues i found with the product, it does perform as a video monitor, albeit an annoying one to use. The picture quality was acceptable and the 2.4" screen is good.

I wish there were other functions this unit had, i.e. room temperature display, two-way communication between base and hand unit, turn off the video completely but still have sound, etc.
It works as a video monitor
1) IR lights are not hidden and are distracting for a child trying to sleep (red lights shining!). 2) Volume is either loud, very loud or off. 3) Cannot turn off the auto power saving 'feature' which is annoying. 4) Battery life is dismal.

Hello Joanna, Thank-you for your feedback and we hope the reply below will clarify many of the points you raised in your review. 1. Infra red light: With the Hestia baby monitor this light also acts as a night light feature and if you want to turn it off you can. The process is located on page 7 of your user manual. Your comments at Point 3 are incorrect and we would like to clarify this point for you to help you understand your Hestia baby monitor better. This feature is called VOX. - Firstly it is a feature many parents like because when your child is asleep it doesn't leave a bright screen shining in you face all night, whilst you as the parent are trying to catch up on your needed sleep. Once your baby wakes up the monitor will reactivate and provide you with a very clear picture. - Secondly this feature can be turned off, and it is a 2 step process which is located on page 6 of your instructional manual. 4. Battery life: The Hestia baby monitor is one of only a few monitors around the world that from its inception has utilised a Lithium battery. The battery life with this unit is also one of the key features with the Hestia baby monitor, as it is also one of only a few monitors which is small enough to be portable with a belt clip included. This baby monitor will give you hours of mobile time of the charger. I hope we have clarified your points for you and if you have any further queries you can contact our customer service line on 1300 882 944. We are available 7 days a week from 8am-10pm.I just came back from LA, my sister uses one, okay product but your getting ripped off on price, its a $100 monitor there under the infant optics brand or something like that, basic monitor, you can buy direct and save

Worth the wait

Sorry for taking so long to write this, even though I purchased this monitor 3 months ago this is my 3rd baby monitor purchase in the last 12 months. So as you can imagine, I had lost all faith in a good baby monitors... till now! I wanted to wait out 3 months of use before I could confidently tell other mothers that they could rest easy with the use of this product. Gone are the days of sleepless anxious nights and hooray to a solid nights sleep!!
Reliability and user friendliness
The sales people in the store under valued the quality of this product, and hence why I am doing this review as i believe they did the product a disservice, even though they were very kind and friendly.

Great Baby Monitor

Before we purchased this baby monitor we read a few reviews from other parents and we are so happy we purchased this brand!

It was really easy to set up and the functions for use are very user friendly.

What we like most about the Hestia baby monitor is the quality of the picture at night, it is extremely clear and we can see every move our little girl makes.

The sales girl at Baby Co also mentioned the option to also add another 3 cameras to this unit as our family grows.

We will be recommending the Hestia baby monitor to any one after great value for money!!!!
No Static

Easy to use

I purchased this baby monitor after shopping around for a while and I am very happy with my decision.
It was so easy to set up and it is just as easy to use.
It has Great picture and sound, and with the infra red the night vision gives me a perfectly clear picture at night which I can't live without.
Besides how easy it is to use it also looks really good and is completely portable.
Great picture and sound

First time mum

I don't usually write reviews on products, but as a first time mum I don't know how I could of gone without a video baby monitor and this one in particular was exactly what I wanted!!!
We purchased the CHUKLES Hestia monitor from Glen Huntly baby carriages after seeing how it worked in their store with the display model they had.
The picture is super clear and I can see every movement my little boy Lucas makes. The audio is also excellent and I can take it around the house and into the backyard if i need to with absolutely no static.
The first night at home with Lucas after coming out of the hospital was probably the scariest for my husband and I. But the infra red/night vision was so good on this unit, that the picture quality at night was as clear as during the day.
The functionality was also really easy to use.
The Hestia baby monitor is the perfect baby monitor for first time mums.
easy to use and great picture

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Questions & Answers

Hi there, can any one advise how the box works with 2 cameras? Does it only work for the camera number it is set to? Does it automatically scan?
No answers

where can u buy this baby monitor from?
1 answer
I bought ours on Ebay but the seller has none for sale at the moment. I'd suggest getting it online - search for chuckles hestia and see how you go. Cheers Vince

Has anyone had issues with the monitor unit turning off overnight even when the charger is plugged in? I'm not talking about VOX we have had a few instances when the unit has powered off cos of low battery even though it was left on the charge overnight
2 answers
Hi Teddy, If you go to Chukles.com.au and send the team an email they can help with any issue. I also found this number 1300 88 29 44 give them a call.I did. It was apparently due to wear and tear with the charger and the insert in the monitor.


Hestia H100
Price (RRP)$249
Release dateAug 2011