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Hifly HF201

Hifly HF201

2.5 from 39 reviews

Poor quality - dont buy this brand

We bought four brand new tyres for our car, it had done less than 7000 km and there bubbles in the tyre. Went to the supplier, he said he can't do anything about it, we could buy another to replace it. Waste of our money. We are seniors and don't do any rough driving. Very disappointed.

Cartoyota corolla

Exceptional value for price

I purchased a set of four Hiflys from Tyrepower in Bendigo for our Nissan Elgrande about eight months ago and we're very happy with their performance. Relatively quiet on coarse chip bitumen, wonderful on the smooth stuff, and they handle better than I would have expected in the wet weather. No hint of slide or skid and the Elgrande is a large 8 seater people mover of around two tonnes. .I'll be requiring replacement tyres on my VW Touareg shortly and will have no hesitation in fitting Hiflys.

CarNissan Elgrand

Didn't last very long

A disappointing result with these tires used on the front on chip seal roads in New Zealand.
Only achieved 40,000 kms within 5 years on a Toyota Corolla 2006 model.
I understand that New Zealand's chip deal is harsh on any brand of tires.
I did however found them reasonably quiet while driving on our roads.
The tires cost me $NZ300 for two tires installed in 2013.

CarToyota Corolla sedan 2006

What a garbage!

I bought my 08 Camry half year ago, and it was fitted with these tyres. Then my nightmare came, on the dry road, it is so noisy. Sometimes I need to shout in order to let passengers in back hear me clearly on the highway. The grip is just OK to drive and brake. However, when it comes to rainy days, disaster appears, no grip, very slipping or even sliding. One day I was driving my friend to the airport, it was a windy and rainy day. Oh god, it is the worst experience I have ever had in a car. Less than two weeks after I bought the car, I changed them into Bridgestone Potenza RE003 right away. Everything has changed significantly! Never, never buy these tyres. Don’t waste your money on crap!

Car2008 Toyota Camry

Great value for the price

Just racked up 15000 km mostly hi speed highway driving high temperatures,some dirt and some wet weather. On a kuga titanium AWD, replaced the continentals that were at the end of their life. Dubious at the start and fully understand I may not get the same km. All the negatives posted I can honestly say I've not experienced. I estimate I'll get another 30,000 km from them and if so I'll be very happy and put them on again.

CarFord kuga titanium 19" AWD
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Now on 22,000 km. Absolutely no issues whatsoever. I now adhere to wheel alignments and maintain correct pressure. I'm determined to get 40,000 from these tyres. My guess is I will.

Dangerous in the wet

These tyres are the cheap end of the scale, dangerously slippery in the wet even at slow speeds on roundabouts and moving out from a corner or stationary. We have had numerous slide outs during wet weather and above 80km with windows up they r noticeably noisy. Im looking for new tyres.

CarSsanyong Satvic


I'm a mechanic with 30+ years experience. Trust me, you won't get a better tyre for your money in the cheaper range of brands available. I put them on my Corolla and gave them a workout in the wet and dry and am more than happy. I now have them on my daughters car and can relax knowing they are safe and predictable. The poor reviews of this tyre are most likely due to things like worn suspension, shock absorbers, incorrect tyre pressure or not driving to the road and weather conditions. I will be definitely getting these tyres again.

CarCorolla and Camry

Grip road well

These tyres were fitted new to a Second Hand Honda Accord I purchased from a dealer. After having another Honda Accord that I traded in with Michelin Primacy tyres on it, the HiFlys seemed much noisier than the Michelins. I'm happy with grip and stability of the HiFly's after a period of 6 months on low mileage with hard braking and cornering. Also I've not had to drive much in the rain during drought in our area! However, I've noted that a number of people have faulted the longevity of the tyre but there's not enough mileage on mine to comment on this. I do however plan to change these tyres fairly early for Michelins. These are a cheaper tyre and I guess longevity costs more. If you are on a budget or cash poor at the time, then these tyres may be a consideration especially where safety (of old worn tyres) is an issue. However, I will be changing to better quality tyres with longer life at an appropriate time.

Car2013 Honda Accord

Great tyres.

Got these in April and they are great! I could feel the difference in how my vehicle handled immediately. Smooth ride with these on and I seem to be getting better mileage which is always a bonus. Happy with the service and the after-service care from the service provider as well.

CarVW Multivan

Hifly tyres on a Mazda MX5.

The tyres are not durable. They developed waves across the thread. This after only no more than 15000k. The grip was ok. They wore down in the middle of the tyre despite using 29psi , the recommended pressure. Also they became very noisy. I am really not happy. The tyre dealer I bought them from no longer stocks the brand. They have worked out the brand is below expectations.

CarMazda MX5 NC.

new tyres

Havent had them long; but they grip the road really well & its made an amazing difference to the ride of the car- it almost feels as good as havibg new shockies! Very reasonably priced compared to other tyres as well; & they do look quite nice as well! Very satisfied.

Carmagna TP

HFBOS 235/45X18 DSRT Ttyres

Purchased a 2013 Mondeo diesel titanium for $26,000 in March 2016 with 70,000k. These tyres don't belong on a car of this standard but the local Ford dealer did not think the same. They wheelspin in the wet when moving off. They are very noisy and there has been a strange noise off the rear wheels . Thought it was a buckled alloy but it turns out to be a faulty tyre.The fronts need replaced after 30,000k. Dunlops going on next week . There is a market for inexpensive but these are just cheap.

Car2013 mondeo diesel

OK, though didn't get too much chance to use them

Purchased these as they were the cheapest available when one tyre was ripped on my old car. Worked fine, didn't notice any problems at the time, didn't affect the performance either. However I was involved in a non-related car crash after which the whole car was written off, not due to the tyres though.

CarToyota Corolla

cheap and nasty

Recently had to organise new tyres on the work car (Toyota Corolla ) the powers that be, said to not spend too much money as the car is really only used to pick up stationary, clients from the air-port and dry-cleaning etc. So purchased the above mentioned tyres. Not good, Not good at all. Only had these tyres on the car for less than six weeks, and they are already showing signs of wear and tear (feathering) (despite all four tyres being balanced, rotated and wheel aligned) The car is a 2016 Toyota corolla (hatchback) that has done just under 30,000km, so I don't think excessive km or driving is the issue. Would not recommend. Spend more money and get a better product that is safer and won't need to be replaced as quickly.

Car2016 Toyota Corolla 1.6 litre, 4 door hatchback. Automatic.

A bit noise

Bought this one for my Toyota corolla. Not so popular in the market. Reason to buy because only one tyres is punctured heavily and need replacing so to make it even, i need to replace with same brand. has been using it for a year now and not really a problem as we only drive it in the city. a bit slippery when it is wet. not recommended when you use it for doing many high maneuvers as the grip is not really great.
I probably will change to other brand if my tyres finish. not worth it.

CarToyota Corolla 2014

Great for price

I replace two of my car's tires with this type about 2 years ago and I found for the budget, and I found it is unexpected great! Very good quality, very durable! SO, I insisted on replacing another two tires of my car this early year, and they are in great condition as well. And I found after replacing all of my tires with this product, it helps improve the stability of my car, and never slippery anymore.

Carmitsubishi magna


Would not rate. If you do a lot of wet weather driving i wouldn't recommend buying these. Not only do they slide around but the tread has seemed to disappear rapidly too. I would put my money next time into a more recognised brand like bfg michelin or toyo. Even firestone continentals.

CarLand rover defender

Good for price

Bought a set of 215 60 16 for my Falcon wagon, price was $84 a tyre fitted and balanced. That was in 2015, they have done 50,000 kilometres and lasted nearly two years. I drive mostly country roads and they handle pretty good as I have had to swerve for countless kangaroos and have never lost control or skidded wet or dry. Road noise isn't too bad considering I'm driving on secondary country roads. Would have bought again but price has gone up to $110 a tyre so am giving the bob Jane all rounder a go now. All in all wasn't a bad tyre for the low price.

CarBF Ford Falcon wagon Mk III

Just in time for easter

2 front tyres both have extramly large eggs (just in time for easter) tyres are 5mths old not happy want my money back do not buy them they are dangerous and would never tell someone to buy them ever dont wast your money dont even bother to look at them descusting company

CarFord au 2004

Hazard - stay away unless you commit suicide

After a year driving 2 HF201 tires - about 20,000 Km, I find 1 of the tyres ripped - A whole cube of rubber (about 3 Cm) has removed and vanished - The inner dietary fibers become revealed. It's only a matter of luck, that the tyre didn't exploded !!!

I'm 66 years old, with 3 grandsons, w 44 years on road including driving of 4X4 in land- Never before I experienced such a danger.

from now on, instead of "Hifly" ,say - "HIGHFLY" - Your promised way to Even.

Additional info - not only I got all my money back - Cash money, the dealer leave me the other 2 Tires,
without any payment !!!

CarDiazoo yrv

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Questions & Answers

i want to know 185/70 R14 price?
1 answer
Hi, Sorry I am unsure as the tyres were fitted to my vehicle when I purchased it, but I had searched at the time of making this review and the price was approximately $80 without fitting. It would be well worth your while spending $30-$40 more a tyre and getting a decent tyre fitted, such as a Bridgestone or Toyo tyre. I DO NOT recommend you purchase these tyres purely based upon price, they offer minimal grip and wear out very quickly.

How is it compare yokohama?
2 answers
worse. much noisier, less grip ( especially in the wet), front end of my car (KB Laser) felt like it was "floating at highway speeds 100km+". Although they are cheaper, they wear out fairly quickly, ie 30,000kms is all you could expect.Don't even bother purchasing these tyres sinden. I would compare their performance on all accounts to retreads. I would recommend that you purchase, for your own piece of mind, a well known brand of tyre like the Yokohama's you suggest.

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