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Hifly HF201

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43 reviews
  • Build Quality
    1.3 (4)
  • Value for Money
    1.3 (4)
  • Noise Level
    1.5 (4)
  • Wet Weather Handling
    1.5 (4)
  • Durability
    1.0 (4)
  • Dry Weather Handling
    1.8 (4)

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  • 2 reviews



Would not rate. If you do a lot of wet weather driving i wouldn't recommend buying these. Not only do they slide around but the tread has seemed to disappear rapidly too. I would put my money next time into a more recognised brand like bfg michelin or toyo. Even firestone continentals.

CarLand rover defender
au futura

au futuraViolet Town

  • 2 reviews

Good for price


Bought a set of 215 60 16 for my Falcon wagon, price was $84 a tyre fitted and balanced. That was in 2015, they have done 50,000 kilometres and lasted nearly two years. I drive mostly country roads and they handle pretty good as I have had to swerve for countless kangaroos and have never lost control or skidded wet or dry. Road noise isn't too bad considering I'm driving on secondary country roads. Would have bought again but price has gone up to $110 a tyre so am giving the bob Jane all rounder a go now. All in all wasn't a bad tyre for the low price.

CarBF Ford Falcon wagon Mk III


Just in time for easter


2 front tyres both have extramly large eggs (just in time for easter) tyres are 5mths old not happy want my money back do not buy them they are dangerous and would never tell someone to buy them ever dont wast your money dont even bother to look at them descusting company

CarFord au 2004
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Hazard - stay away unless you commit suicide


After a year driving 2 HF201 tires - about 20,000 Km, I find 1 of the tyres ripped - A whole cube of rubber (about 3 Cm) has removed and vanished - The inner dietary fibers become revealed. It's only a matter of luck, that the tyre didn't exploded !!!

I'm 66 years old, with 3 grandsons, w 44 years on road including driving of 4X4 in land- Never before I experienced such a danger.

from now on, instead of "Hifly" ,say - "HIGHFLY" - Your promised way to Even.

Additional info - not only I got all my money back - Cash money, the dealer leave me the other 2 Tires,
without any payment !!!

CarDiazoo yrv
bam bam

bam bamnsw

  • 9 reviews



bough these tyres for a Ford Falcon. No vibration. No tyre noise, good grip in the wet, Got nearly 30,000k depending on how any one drives they should last, its the 3rd set i have had & i will continue to buy them. i would recomend them Cant see what all the negative reviews are about.

Carford falcon



We just bought a de one hand Ford Fiesta. Loads of grip on the tyres but noticed at high speed a vibration type noise, similar to a worn wheel bearing. Put the car straight into the garage. Car is fine but tyres are shot. Despite having loads of tread, the tyres have disfigured and have flat spots. I've never scrimped on tyres and will be swapping all four of these tyres despite them having near on 90% treat left. They are crap, and dangerous to the extent that the mechanic told us not to drive the car. I have no idea how these tyres meet Australian standards and are allowed to be sold here.

CarFord Fiesta


  • 4 reviews

Very noisy and short life


Just terrible!!! Haven't had any tyres just driving less than 10K. These ones now I should replace them after about 7K. Too noisy even in low speed. Not stable in wet. I believe nothing is wrong with my car and the way I drive. Possibly good for small cars. I would pay not more than 200 for teo pair.

CarHonda accord vti 2008
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GarryCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

  • 3 reviews

Good Tyres


Bought these for my wife's Nissan Dualis as the continentals are so expensive that the car comes with. Haven't had them long but seem to be good and are really competitively priced and nice tread pattern, pretty quiet on the road, i would recommenced especially for a car that just drives the kids to school.

Carnissan dualis


  • 4 reviews

Fantastic Tyres at an even better price

Car2011 Holoden Cruze Diesel, 2009 Mitsubshi AWD.
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Fair Go

Fair GoFair Suck, Of The Saveloy

  • 17 reviews

These Tyres Ended Our Car's Existence


I recently had these tyres fitted to my car and lost total control and wrote off the car.
I'm an easy driver as I have kids and this was usual suburban driving at 70-80kph when I lost the car and almost my life.
Hit the brakes as someone pulled out in front, ABS kicked in but too late and the car went spinning, mounted a footpath, rolled 1.5 times and landed in the front yard of someone's home.
The insurer suggested the tyres were inadequate quality but still paid me out (thank god I wasn't still with Youi Insurance as they don't pay out any claims) and now I have to find a new car. This is my first accident in 23 years of driving.
Thanks HiFly - I did Fly - and I did fly Hi, so I guess there is no false advertising here !


Very loud road noise, bad grip Don't feel safe with them on my car!!


The car dealer had some put on my i20, the car is constantly using ESC to correct as the grip is poor. The road noise is deafening, and they wore out in 24,000km!! On a car that is used to commute on the freeway. Changed to Bridgestone Ecopia, like a new car. Don't buy this rubbish, just spend a little more and a good pair of Tyers.

Car2014 Hyundai i20

Great wear, great grip


These tyres don't chip easy, do pretty well on wear, have heaps of grip for a moderate AT tyre and aren't expensive! The rubber itself is a little hard, but that does give it a longer wear life. pretty quite tyres too. If I was to buy a tyre that spent 80 - 90% of the time on the bitumen, I would go for these again

CarNissan Patrol GQ

Waste of money


Got these installed 2 months ago and 1 started to flatten and fall off, turns out that they were not fitted to the rims correctly. Heard vibrating but not sure what the noise was. Replaced all 4 at Beaurepairs with Dunlop. I went from Bridgestone to this crap. Don't bother.

CarNissan Pulsar 2002

Don't waste your money


I had 4 vigorous at 601's mounted and balanced on my stock rims on my 2011 f150. At 10k miles I began to notice a vibration and thought it was a u-joint so I took it in to my dealer. They put the truck on their computer alignment machine and gave me a printout. The truck was fine they said and stated they never heard of these tires before. I went into the tire shop and they said there was no problem but rebalanced and rotated tires. I won't ever go back there and buy another set of Chinese junk rubber. At 13k miles I have 6.25/ 32 nds average tread left, what a joke!

Car2011 Ford F-150 4x4 super cab


  • 4 reviews

Car Vibrates On High Speeds


These tyres were fine when bought and installed brand new with complete balancing and alignment but after about 1000 kms, I felt a terrible vibration when driving on a motorway. At first I thought the wheel may need rebalancing and the car may need realligning as well, but the shop did not find anything wrong with the car's alignment and balancing except that the tyres seems went oblong that causes it to wobble when spun in a balancing machine. I didn't had much choice but to replace all four with a branded tyres which I should have went in the first place. Never settle for a cheap brand unless you don't care much of comfort and safety of your family. Never buy these China made tyres!!! They are crap!!

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  • 17 reviews

Great for a trailer tyre.

Car6x4 box trailer.
Carl S

Carl S

  • 2 reviews

Scary, very scary tyres. Great for the understeer thrillseeker!


After achieving just over 70,000km from my last set of "el cheapo" tyres (different brand), I wasn't at all hesitant to fit another set at equivalent price, these Hifly ones. Started out a bit washy in the front end on firm cornering, and thought they might just need breaking in. It just got worse from there, must be very soft walls as they scrubbed out quickly (same car, same alignment, same pressures as previous tyres) and canvas started showing on one within 25,000km. Yes it's a big, 1700kg Ford, but 25,000km compared to 70,000+ for about the same price...... no comparison.

Car1994 ED Falcon wagon.

These tires are your worst nightmare!! Don't buy!!!


These are the worst tires ever made! I paid $79 per tire & they wore out (1 BLEW OUT) at 23,000 miles! With Zero warranty! This company should be shut down! I trusted my local tire shop (I'll never go back) and they sold me these tires they said they were a good tire at a fair price. After 23,000 miles I had a blow out the tire tread came right off (looked like a retread!) the wires were hanging out with a big flap that kept hitting the wheel well as I had the blow out! Even the rubber was split and pulled apart!! These tires were not even one year old!! Buyer beware these are your worst nightmare!! (Mother of 3)

Do not purchace this brand of tire


Do not purchase hifly tires. I can't rate how good they are in snow or rain because i did not have them on my car long enough. I had a blowout on the interstate after only driving 100 miles on hf201s. The steel belt just ruptured for no discernible reason. I would not purchase any chinese products. They are frequently defective.



  • 45 reviews

These really are horrible tyres


I have 2 Hifly tyres on the front of my Hyundai Getz and they haven't done many kms at all and they are totally bold. They feel constantly flat as if I haven't pumped them up but I have...I would never purchase Hifly's car tyres again. Pay the extra few dollars and get a descent set of tyres that have proper tread and proper inflation .

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Questions & Answers

Howard M.

Howard M.asked

Is there a warranty policy? I bought two tyres new and both have failed in less than 7000ks. They are very weak

No answers
Allison D

Allison Dasked

Is hifly good for Nissan Xtrail?

2 answers

G'day Allison. Yes, I'd imagine that the Hifly would be a good choice for the X-Trail, although after doing lots of research, I've found the Zeta Azura to be quieter on the road and an excellent all-round tyre. We have both,the Hifly, which is on our Nissan Elgrand, and the Zeta on the VW Touareg and I rather favour the Zeta, although both will do a good job. The Zeta is designed for SUVs and 4 x 4s so they would suit your car. I have no affiliation with either brand, I'm just a consumer.


I don't see any reason for not putting these tyres on your Nissan X-Trail, remembering these are budget prices and good value for wet & dry driving

Mir Raihan Siddique

Mir Raihan Siddiqueasked

i want to know 185/70 R14 price?

1 answer


Sorry I am unsure as the tyres were fitted to my vehicle when I purchased it, but I had searched at the time of making this review and the price was approximately $80 without fitting.

It would be well worth your while spending $30-$40 more a tyre and getting a decent tyre fitted, such as a Bridgestone or Toyo tyre. I DO NOT recommend you purchase these tyres purely based upon price, they offer minimal grip and wear out very quickly.

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