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How to remove yellow stains on nappy inserts?
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Hi there, I have been trialling the hippybottomus nappies and quite like them. I am interested to get a full time pack but I am keen to know how long these will last... I would like to think they last 3-4 children but I have read that the PUL isn't as good quality as other brands. Has anyone had any long term experience with these? Has the fit been good with all your children? Thank you in advance.
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Hi, I am expecting twins and I am wondering how many nappies I would need to buy?
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I bought the Nappy Stash which has 24 nappies. This allows me to only wash every 2-3 days. I did find that as my Bub was quite small at birth, that the nappies were too bulky on her and I used disposables for a while until she put on weight. Now I only use disposables for emergenciesAs others have answered, I would use disposables to start with as they are bulky to begin with. Also with newborn twins... I don't think you would want to start off with washing mountains of nappies. I would recommend you start with aldi brand newborn nappies which are affordable and I found them great, until they are about 8 weeks then start with the 24 pack which is designed for one baby. If this works well for your babies look at getting another 24 pack. The one pack lasts 2.5 to 3 days depending on how frequently you need to change bubs.

I have bought the trial pack to use on my now 6 week old and found they are too bulky on her and her clothes don't fit. I have adjusted the nappy to newborn, she is 4.9 kilos and still just fitting in newborn size 0000. Am I doing something wrong?
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My bub was in them from 6ish weeks but she was born 5 weeks early so much smaller than your little one. They are slightlt more bulky compared to a disposable. And I did find we were often in the next size if clothing purely due to the nappies.My son wasn't a huge baby but quite long and only fit into 0000 for a short period of time. Yes, the MCN's are bulkier than disposables and you will find clothing sizing varies (as does with adult sizes right?!). May just have to move to 000, just roll up the legs and sleeves if too long. You'll get more wear out of larger sizes for bub to grow into anywayMy daughter was in Hippybottomus nappies from about 8weeks, she weighed a little over 5kg and yes the nappies are fairly bulky compared to disposables, particularly at first. In hindsight, as most babies are in disposables these days, baby clothes aren't really designed to fit over a modern cloth nappy, unlike 20-30 years ago when the majority were in cloth nappies. I found some designs of clothes fit better than others as they have more room for fitting over the cloth nappies. Hope that helps.

where to buy other than online? I'd like to touch the fabric before purchase
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Hi Katie, Hippybottomus goes to the Parents, Babies, Children Expo in some of the capital cities each year. You could contact them via the info on their website and see what other events they might be attending. I'm not sure how else you could check them out unless you ask around your friends and see if anyone else uses them. I know it's not the same as touching them yourself, but I'd say that the interior fabric that goes against baby's skin is like polar fleece. Hope this helps. Regards, AngieI purchased mine at one of the pregnancy and baby expos. Just keep an eye out for the next one locally to you.thanks

Hi, was just wondering if the older style (Velcro) as good as the new ones is there difference in quality?
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Hi Alfa, I don't have any velcro nappies in my stash of Hippybottomus. Mine are just over two years old and have plastic click /stud type fastenings. I cannot fault their quality - they're great!Hiya, I don't know about the Velcro ones. The Hippybottomus diapers we bought have snaps and in fact all the cloth diapers we have so far use snaps and they're great. No problems with them at all. We had some Velcro on underwear for our baby's swimsuit but it has some sharp edges that irritated his skin so I don't like Velcro particularly for babies. Snaps are safer in my opinion.I dont have an velcro ones either. Just the stud fastener ones. Quality has been fantastic

I feel nappies (especially pooey ones) are not being sanitized enough after a normal wash ( rinse + normal wash cycle) is there anything I can add to the final rinse to give them a good sanitising ? (E.g. eucalyptus oil solution or laundry sanitiser). Thanks
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Hi, Actually just UV and exposure to natural light is a great effective sanitiser for your nappies - so letting them dry on the line outside is good way for your nappies to get sanitized. There is no need to use any chemicals or anything to sterilize your nappies. Just washing with detergent and 40 degrees should be sufficient. Thanks, Hippybottomus

What brand of detergent (and how much) do you use for a cold wash in a top loading machine? I'm really keen to hear from those who have been washing their Hippybottomuses for over a year with good results. I know it's supposed to be bleach-free, enzyme-free, softener-free and additive-free and doesn't have too many plant oils but some specific brands would be great. Thanks!
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Hello Jazzy, Here are our recommended washing guidelines: * All of your nappies can be washed together as the colours will not run * Use ½ strength detergent, as if you use too much it will leave a film on the nappy and lead to leakage * We recommend using natural soap nuts or Ecostore and Aware detergents, but you can use any detergent which does not contain: * bleach (including oxygen bleach) * enzymes * fabric softeners * plant oils * any other additives (including brighteners, whiteners, dyes, perfumes, essential oils etc) * Do a rinse cycle first, then wash with cold water * Maximum wash temperature is 40oC (higher will affect the waterproof layer) Let us know if you have any other questions. Cheers, Hippybottomus

Hi everyone, I brought the 24 pack and have been using this product with my 20month old since he was 4 months and there fantastic. Was just wondering if anyone has used the training pants?
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Have you ended up trying the training pants in the end? I am wondering the same question as you...

The inserts are pretty thick. Aren't these nappies too warm to wear in summer?
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The part against bubs skin and most of the absorbent layers are all bamboo, which (as a natural fibre) is quite light and breathable.I thought the same thing but she actually seemed more comfortable in the cloth nappies than she did in disposables! We have been to Vietnam and she wore cloth nappies in 38 degree humid heat nd she was fine! The lack of plastic helps with breathability and bamboo is really breathable! Hope this helps x

Can I use these for my 15 month old?
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Yes, I use them on my 21 month old. Just remember to change more frequently than disposables, or pop an extra insert in. Also make sure you thoroughly pre-wash to ensure max absorbency (like a towel).Hi Ange, yes No problems for a 15 mth old.

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