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Great nappy, keeps baby dry and leak-proof although the material fades fast

I've been using Hippybottomus for the last two months. It holds my 3 month old's wees for 3-4 hours, and I haven't had any leaks. The top layer stays dry while the insert absorbs all the moisture. The poo is messy but that's for all MCN. In that sense, very happy with them! The downside is that the outer print has faded very quickly. Have bought some of their new designs which feel slightly different so let's see how long those colours last.

great and looks stylish also

i absolutely love these modern day nappies they are great. very easy to use with being able to do different sizing with the buttons and the bamboo inserts not needing to be soaked. These are very stylish also i brought some from a baby expo and never looked back service was great


I chose these MCN based on the reviews on product reviews, and the number of positive reviews in comparison to other brands. I’m now 2 weeks in using these part-time on my newborn and so far so good. We haven’t had any leaks or blowouts in these whereas we’ve certainly had leaks and a blow out in disposable nappies.

They do seem a little bulky on our newborn but it doesn’t seem to worry him, and they certainly adjust to fit snug around the waist and legs. (That’s the prob with the disposables). You just need to be conscious of the clothes you’re putting over them to ensure they’ll fit over the nappies. They’ll be terrific in summer when bubs is just wearing a singlet or a shirt with the nappy.

The ‘liners’ are easy to flush and catch the majority of the ‘newborn solid’ so we’re not needing to rinse the nappies before they go in the wash. The liners are very wide and very long which covers the bulk of the nappy.

Update: Bub is now 3 months and chunked up so we’ve adjusted the bottom size. They’re fitting great around legs and waist with plenty of options for him growing so I have no doubt they’ll be fitting for a long time to come. We’ve only had 1 of 18 where the press stud came apart from the fabric. Haven’t used that one a lot so it may have just been one dodge one.

We haven’t had any issues with fading, leaking or delaminating. No issues with any lingering smells or washing machine smells that people sometimes mention with MCN’s. I use these daily when at home but disposables on the go as my ‘capsule’ says not to use with bulky nappies and I understand why. When we move in to the car seat (and have more room) then we will use out and about. The wet bag that came with the stash is quite a large size (I wouldn’t mind another), and although not needing for nappies I use it for his clothes when we have Huggies leaks

Good nappy though not for bedtime

I'm new to cloth nappies and bought 6 of these and I love them. They fit well and dry fast plus come in cute prints. Though the downside is that they leak through the night. My 4 month old sleeps through and even with their booster insert my baby is wet through to her cot. I'm looking at solutions to inserts for my heavy wetter.

A reliable nappy

Hippybottomus are the only nappies we use.

Length of use: 13 months (started when baby was 6 months old)

Absorbancy: 3-4 hours during the day. We don't use them overnight as even with a booster/ Ikea towel bub wets through.

Washing: Super easy. I wash once with a short cold cycle and then on warm/heavy cycle with Omo. They have only required one strip in 13 months. No stains, no smells.

Price: We bought them for about $15 a nappy which I think was great value for money.

We use Sudocrem often and it comes out just fine.
The patterned ones do fade a bit but that didn't bother me.
One size fits all means we never had a problem with the fit.
2 nappies delaminated. They were the navy blue ones, so maybe they were from a bad batch. I was a bit too lazy to email Hippybottomus about it but I have heard they are very good at replacing.
In the rest of the nappies, there is no problem with the elastics or any part of the fabric after 13 months of washing 2nd daily as above.

We tried many other nappies and found that Hippy's were the best fit and absorbancy for our bub.

Only nappies I've ever used and outstanding customer service

I looked at a multitude of MCN's for my daughter and I'm so glad i chose Hippybottomus. Easy to use, look great, amazing price and phenomenal customer service mean Hipybottomus wins hands down. We've now been using them for going on 2 years. It has literally saved thousands of nappies going into landfill and saved us thousands of dollars.
The nappies are super easy to use and it takes 5-10 minutes a day overall to rinse, wash, hang, put back together. I went back to work full time and they were so easy that my dad, friend and daycare were all happy to use them too.
I did have a few shells delaminate at one point, but an email to the company and it was immediately fixed up, outstanding customer service.
The price cannot be beaten, literally half of some of the other brands with some super cute designs.
The shells dry in no time, never stain and never require soaking, the inserts easily dry in one day, even in winter.
Do yourself a favour and give them a go, it is an outstanding product. I've recommended them to friends and they too have been as happy with them.

Easy to use cloth nappies

I purchased several different brands of modern cloth nappies whilst pregnant with my now 7 week old baby. As a new to cloth mum, I was unsure of where to start. Hippybottomus was one of the brands I decided to try due to the reasonable cost of the nappies compared to some of the other brands. I was however hesitant to use them once my baby was born for two reasons. They appeared confusing with all the rise snaps and I assumed they were too bulky to fit my 4kg daughter. I eventually tried them and I have to say they are very easy to use compared to some of the other brands I have. Being a pocket nappy, they work like an All-in-One except that the insert can be removed for quicker drying time. This means they are really easy to put on and take off. My partner really appreciates how easy they are for him to use with no fiddly inserts. They also dry much quicker compared to my other nappies, which is also great. Finally, the fabric has some stretch to it, which makes it easy to fit to my daughter.

While I haven't had any leaks yet (currently changing every 2-3 hours), these nappies do appear to have less layers than some of the other nappies and may not be suitable for extended periods without substantial boosting. I am also not a big fan of the prints, however this is only a minor criticism. Overall, I am happy with how easy these nappies are to use and how quickly they dry. Worth having in the stash.

Best MCN at the best price too!

Love Hippybottomus stay-dry nappies! I've tried a couple of others that get higher review ratings but found the others leaked and left more severe red marks on bubs legs. The materials of the other nappies seems higher quality, but the price definitely reflects that (other brands almost twice as expensive), and from other reviews it seems these guys are more than willing to replace any nappies that degrade before time. Functionality of these is by far the best, and bub is comfortable and dry! I'd highly recommend!

Delaminates and fades

I've been using these nappies for 12months, slowly they have all started to delaminate. Also some of the nappies really faded after handful of washes.

I contacted them when they first started delaminating and they sent me 4 replacement shells, but I can't be bothered to email regarding the rest of them as they are 12 months old now I doubt they'll be replaced.

Pros - good fit, probs the best fitting and trimmest mcn I have, nice customer service.

Cons - delaminates easily, fabrics fade, price is expensive given how long they last. Have to be particular in how you wash them.

if the quality of the fabrics improved they'd be great. Their washing instructions suggest the fabric is fragile too, the rest of my stash (BG, SHP, BBH, BB & cc's) have stood up despite being treated rougher washed at 60 and in omo. I washed the hippys at 40 and never used drier etc

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Hi Chrissie, sorry to hear you have had some delaminating. Even if you've had them for a year we would be happy to replace them for you. Just contact us again.

Great nappy , easy use

Easy to use nappies that are soft and gentle on baby's skin. I started with a trial pack and some nappies from two other brands. Hippybotomus nappies are so much more practical and super effective with the bamboo liners. Other brands were more difficult to fit, took longer to dry and leaked much more often. Only minor negative points are that some patterns fade a bit and we've had some leaking with the gusseted night insert. Overall though, these are great nappies and we love them!

Great nappies

I have been using these nappies for 5 months now and they are great. They are easy to use and clean and the only nappy at the moment that can hold the big number 2's in on my son. I also love the wet bags which also come in handy at swimming lessons. Would recommend these to anyone.

Leaking nappies

As a grandma I have used these bamboo nappies on my grandchild and I'm not impressed.If you are happy to change the baby's onesie each time,every time, because they saturated then these are the nappies for you.These nappies LEAK,LEAK,LEAK.I would not use them even if I was given them for free,because unless you love washing loads of urine soaked clothes I would not recommend them.

Hi Nonna, we understand leaking can be very frustrating, but the good news is that there is always a solution. Please email us for help and a range of ideas to prevent leaking. Regards, HippybottomusHi Hippy nappies, the question I would like answered is-why would you have a "range of ideas" to prevent leaking when you claim they don't leak at all.

Poor quality , even poorer service

Very disappointing nappies.
When I first got some I loved them so much that I bought more. Wishing a few washes a few of the prints had faded drastically which was frustrating but not a big enough issue to contact them about. After 3 months of use I realised that the faded prints had quite badly delamiated. I contacted the company about the issue and was made to feel like it was my fault and wasn't washing them correctly , until I explained that it was only a certain few that I had issues with and that the majority of my stash were fine and they all get washed the same way. They then decided that it was a manufacturing fault and would replace the 5 that had delaminated. They sent me replacements, however i recieved two of the print that had delaminated and the other three they sent me plain white ones ( despite the prints being in stock) I contacted them again saying I didn't want white ones and that I wanted the same prints I had before. They said they would send out the ones I wanted as soon as I sent the others back with tracking at my own cost, I did so and recieved the replacements. Again they faded quickly and now that I was more aware about the risk of delaminating I kept a close eye on them. One of the print patterns had
Begun to delaminate in just two weeks worth of use and the others began delaminating not long after. Again I contacted them explained my wash routine so they couldn't fault me on it or try and lay blame so they wouldn't have to replace them, and sent them photos . I specified which prints i wanted. I chose to go with prints I had had no problems with. They sent them out with not much comment but sent me two less than what I should have got. I read back through my emails to see if I didn't specify the quantity of the ones that needed replacing ( I had doubles of some prints) and i did state the amount of each print that had delaminated. I sent them another email saying I had not recieved the correct amount of replacements. They didn't reply but did send the remaining others out. Another few months down the track and another of the prints had started delaminating. I contacted them again and had replacements of the same print sent out. But again about 6 months of use had them delaminate. I received replacment prints for them in patterns I'd had no issues with.
I feel that each time I contacted them I was met with annoyance on their behalf despite them wanting to uphold excellent customer service.

The prints are cute.
The shape of the nappy itself is nice and fitting.
The inserts have worked well for us but I have been doing a different wash routine for them as I believe their wash routine just doesn't cut it for the inserts.

The cons
Nearly all of my prints have faded.
Delaminating issues ( they still sell a print which is notorious for delaminating ) .
Poor customer service skills.
There's no real quality control with the nappies. Some are slightly bigger than others. Some of the elastics when brand new were noticeably slacker than others.
They are essentially rebranded babyland nappies which you can get cheaper off eBay.

Overall I would not recommend these to anyone.

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Hi Missy, Sorry to hear that you feel like you were met with annoyance. That's definitely not the case and we are always more than happy to replace faulty shells, that have delaminated for whatever reason. But we do also like to try to help customers to see if there is any way this can be avoided in the future. In terms of your comparison with ebay nappies, generally these are made of synthetic fabrics and not bamboo, which is a major difference in them compared to ours. And you also would have no chance getting replacement shells if bought on ebay compared to us. Regards, Hippybottomus

Very impressed with the amazing cloth nappies

Hippybottomus was recommended by a friend from mothers group and after talking with my partner we decided to give the cloth nappies a try. We bought the trial pack and instantly fell in love. They are very easy to use, don't cause and nappy rash and look super cute on our little man. The staff of Hippybottomus are all lovely and easy to talk too. I had loads of questions for them and not once has it been a bother to them. Highly recommend these nappies for anyone. Thankyou so much.

Easy, great quality, great value

I was keen to try mcns as I was horrified at the number of nappies we were going through with our newborn. I was recommended hippybottomus nappies by a friend. I started with the trial pack which was affordable and a great option for seeing if I was up to the extra work of cloth nappies! I was surprised at how little extra work there was! These nappies are awesome. Great fit and the fact that they are adjustable make them excellent value for money! I feel so much better knowing that I have reduced the number of nappies going to landfill. I use them with the cheeky wipes reusable wipes. I found the hippybottomus wipes weren't quite as soft. I put the nappies on a prewash cycle and they come up clean every time. Best of all no leaks! They are quite bulky on a newborn. I didn't start using them until my bub was 5kg. I also haven't tried using them overnight yet.

Give these ago, so easy to use & wash

We tried a few different cloth nappy brands before committing to buying a supply of Hippybottomus. They were easily the best cloth nappy we tried. We found them less bulky, more absorbent, quicker to dry & cheaper than other cloth nappies on the market.
Don't let the thought of the extra washing out you off, it really is worth it.

Love my Hippybottomus Nappies

Love these nappies. Have been using them for 5 months now and love how they look on my bub. They are comfortable for her and she has had no problems with rashes. They are easy to clean and they dry out so quickly. Always keeping an eye out for new fabrics to add to the stash. Have also got the swim nappies which are also excellent.

You can find better value

I bought a full set of these nappies before baby was born and regret it. They are completely Chinese made and I now realise I could have bought very similar products directly myself from Amazon or Ebay and had them sent from China at a fraction of the cost of the Hippybottomus nappies. Don't make my mistake - shop around and you can save yourself some serious $$

Hi, we are sorry to hear you are disappointed but we would like to point out that our nappies differ greatly from the Amazon/EBay ones you mention. The biggest difference is the fabric. Our nappies have bamboo against the skin and also 2 layers of bamboo in the insert. The others mentioned use synthetic fabrics, which are not as nice as the natural ones that we use. And although we do have ours made in China (as do most of the major cloth nappy brands), we do so because this is the best place of manufacture to allow us to keep our prices as affordable as possible and also because China is the home of Bamboo! Please email us if you would like to discuss this further. Regards, HippybottomusJust thought I would add a follow-up for anyone looking for nappies, like I was before my son was born. I have been using cotton birdseye flats and prefolds by OsoCozy - they are fantastic quality and don't need special laundering, just a soak in a bucket with Napisan and a wash. I have also been using Thirsties nappy covers - they are brilliant! Not one leak and the company has excellent eco-credentials. I bought the entire stash (30 nappies) from Amazon, including ten covers in two sizes, for half the price of the Hippybottomus nappies, which are now sitting useless in my front room. Hopefully this will help someone else who is nappy shopping not get caught out and save themselves a lot of money.

If only I had found these sooner!

I tried a different brand of re-usable nappy before Hippybottomus simply because it was all I could find in the re-usable category at my local baby product store. That brand leaked constantly and was a waste of money. Hippybottomus nappies have been a life saver! The two brands could not be more different!
Hippybottomus nappies are reliable, so easy to tighten/loosen with the snap closures, a simple but effective design, easy to clean, and come in really fun prints and colours.
I would recommend them to family and friends in a heartbeat.

So happy with this purchase!

I bought these nappies after a recommendation through a friend and I'm so happy I did as they are excellent. Super absorbent, easy to wash and fast drying. I mainly bought white as I love neutrals and they've remained bright white after many washes. They're super easy to use, even away from the house. We decided to use disposables for the first few weeks after bub was born so we could get used to the whole nappy thing but I wish we used these right from day one... would have been much kinder to the environment. Stellar customer service too.

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How to remove yellow stains on nappy inserts?
No answers

Hi there, I have been trialling the hippybottomus nappies and quite like them. I am interested to get a full time pack but I am keen to know how long these will last... I would like to think they last 3-4 children but I have read that the PUL isn't as good quality as other brands. Has anyone had any long term experience with these? Has the fit been good with all your children? Thank you in advance.
No answers

Hi, I am expecting twins and I am wondering how many nappies I would need to buy?
2 answers
I bought the Nappy Stash which has 24 nappies. This allows me to only wash every 2-3 days. I did find that as my Bub was quite small at birth, that the nappies were too bulky on her and I used disposables for a while until she put on weight. Now I only use disposables for emergenciesAs others have answered, I would use disposables to start with as they are bulky to begin with. Also with newborn twins... I don't think you would want to start off with washing mountains of nappies. I would recommend you start with aldi brand newborn nappies which are affordable and I found them great, until they are about 8 weeks then start with the 24 pack which is designed for one baby. If this works well for your babies look at getting another 24 pack. The one pack lasts 2.5 to 3 days depending on how frequently you need to change bubs.


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