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Hisense 24F33

Hisense 24F33

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It’s okay

Putting this at my bedroom so i can watch TV in bed. The screen quality is just okay i think. The size is perfect! It’s not that big as my room is pretty small. I bought it at a very affordable price so everything is worth

Purchased in September 2018.

Amazing quality

Hi sense have amazing quality tv's and I've just bought a second Hisense tv for my mum who loves it just as much as I do..Picture quality and features are second too none..And amazing affordable price

Purchased in December 2018.

Good TV if you don't need to hear.

I needed this size TV for a special area. It carries a good three-year warranty. The picture quality for such a small television is OK. However, the sound is APPALLING. There were very few televisions in this size in the stores that I visited, and I understand there may not much call for this size. But, people do need to hear! The sound is seriously off-putting.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Ok for bedroom, sound not great

Purchased for my bedroom, great size screen. Lots of functions for a small tv and it tuned quickly for free to air stations as expected. Looking forward to using with my Chromecast. Picture is good but sound is quite empty.. tinny I guess it could be described as which is a shame.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Excellent value for money if looking for small TV

We were looking for a small TV to use in a small room and stumbled across this Hisense model at a great price. We had bought a 55" Hisense TV a few months earlier and had been impressed with that model, so decided to get this model.

As a 24" TV you have to keep in mind that there will be some limitations compared to larger models. There are not as many connections as a larger TV might have, however the 24F33 does have one USB input and one HDMI port. No ideal in this day and age but you can still make it work.

We were pleasantly surprised by the picture quality in such a small TV. The screen is "only" HD (1366 x 768) but it was crisp and clear and didn't put too much strain on the eyes. This is not a smart TV either, but if you add something like a Chromecast you can make it one so if you are planning to use for Netflix or some other streaming this may be something to consider.

Hisense TVs also come with a three year warranty which is pretty good compared to some of the brands selling at a comparable price. If you are looking for a TV for the kids, maybe something for the guest room, or even for the caravan then I would suggest the Hisense 24F33 should be added to your list of potential options, particularly if you can get it on sale like we did.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Good little telly

I have had this television for almost a year and it's been used a lot. I struggle to sleep so it gets left on all night nearly every night. For a bedroom it's a very good size telly. The sound leaves a little to be desired, the louder the volume the worse it sounds. We have an old PlayStation three connected via the HDMI port and it does a good at playing DVD's. very good for the price.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Good price. Good picture. Poor sound

I bought this tv for my bedroom, my son has been watching ‘Bo on the go’ every morning on my iPad pro as I get the older kids ready for school and from time to time one of the kids would want to use the iPad but little mister would have a real fit if his show was taken away early, so it was decided that I’d get him a little TV then he could still lie in my bed with his bottle and be happy, and secretly I looked forward to having a TV in my room for myself after the kids were asleep. I can hook up my apple TV and watch netflix in style rather than on that poor overused iPad.

I was quite pleased with the quality of it upon opening the package. After pulling apart the entire box I managed to find a piece that I was sure was missing (it was embedded in the foam packaging! Take note!) I was able to assemble the TV neck/stand in about 3 minutes.

The first show I put on was ‘Bo on the go’ because I had it handy and mr cranky face was with me waiting impatiently. The sound was... different. I thought, pehaps I’m just used to the iPad sound. Surely an iPad can’t have better sound than an actual TV. Then I thought about it, the iPad pro is a high end device and this TV is very mid range, possibly lower mid range? I wonder if I wasn’t so used to hearing the music to ‘bo on the go’ every single day, maybe I wouldn’t have noticed anything at all. It’s not like the sound isn’t clear, it’s perfectly clear, it just sounds a little flat and a little muted, it’s hard to describe, but its definitely noticeable so if anyone’s planning to use it to listen to their music through apple TV or anything like that, this might not be the TV for them, other than that I am quite happy with it, and more importantly, my little monster loves it.

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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I have since managed to aquire a little pair of computer speakers to plug into the headphone jack of this TV. They were only cheap $20 speakers but they improved the sound a LOT. I think that speaks volumes (hehe ... volumes) about the quality of the inbuilt speakers for this TV.

Perfect replacement for older and cheaper portable TV

Having sold our caravan with TV included, and buying another without tv, necessitated purchase of a unit that would play most forms of media.The old TV had a DVD player incorporated, but as I save all films to a memory stick, a DVD player was not a requirement.I read multiple reviews from both happy and unhappy purchasers and then started making phone calls. My choice was relatively simple as there are few TVs with my requirements available beyond a Smart TV, the best being the Hisense 24" LED with USB slot capable of handling the vast majority of codecs. I thus purchased it and found set-up to be simple and fast, with clear and easy instructions. The picture is superb, the sound not so, as the speakers are mounted at the bottom of the screen facing downwards, as are the majority of LED televisions today, The remote has a number of functions on it that my previous TV did not possess, among them frame 'freeze', and the ability to tailor sound to suit oneself. I'm delighted with my purchase and happily recommend this unit

Questions & Answers

lost neck whilst moving can i replace neck and /or stand
No answers

Can I get Netflix on my Hisense 24" led tv 24f33?
2 answers
Not without help from an external device. I have an Apple TV plugged in and use it to watch netflix, youtube, vimeo and also a few nice ambient sound apps (you know, ocean sounds, wind chimes, that kinda stuff!)You’ll need something like Apple TV or Chromecast. I have a Chromecast which I purchased second hand for $25 works fantastically


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