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Why does the Yellow EPG Schedule Timer Record button not show me my scheduled list of programmes set to record? It brings up the box, but brings it up empty, even though I have numerous programmes set to record. Please help.
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Have just purchased this t.v. but am finding Timer Record set up incredibly frustrating. The yellow button which is for Scheduled programmes set to record, does not bring up the list from within the EPG mode. Only brings up a blank box, even though I have programmes scheduled. The only way I can see the scheduled programmes I've set to record is to go right though the menu system. Why does the Yellow Schedule Button not work? Information on this t.v. is severely lacking, also the menus are really small making it hard to read. I'm considering returning this t.v. for a refund. I don't find it user friendly at all.
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Have just purchased this t.v. But I find it incredibly frustrating to set up Timer Record. The yellow Schedule button on the EPG does not show my scheduled timer recordings. Why is this so? Or what is going wrong here?
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Where in the western suburbs of Melbourne can I purchase this model please
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Do this model have an inbuilt WiFi?
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I do not think so.HI MJK, I thought the same thing, does it have Wifi because you do get to see little Green Signal Bars etc but I believe that might just be the TV Signal Strength for both watching TV as well as the Teletext Function. If you find out differently please let me know .. Cheers Sean

Can I record TV programs on Hisense 32M2160?
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Good question Val, I believe you can, if you connect a storage device and follow instructions in the user manual. I have not used this function myself.

What DVD brands and models are compatible with Hisense 32m2160 TV?
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