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Hisense HR6TFF222 (222L)

Hisense HR6TFF222 (222L)

2.8 from 13 reviews

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Absolute crap caused by poor drainage design, twice leaving the bottom refrigerated section malfunctioning. Hisense and Harvey Norman, Cannington WA most reluctantly fixed it on the warranty expiry period, and 18 months later the same problem reoccurred.

Purchased in July 2014 for $479.00.

Bought it second hand but works excellent

This fridge is bought second hand but not ideally second hand. It was used 6-8 months by the owner and very carefully too. The fridge works in an excellent manner and cooling is perfectly fine. It has been almost two years now and runs smoothly and efficiently. Very happy with the product.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Small sized fridge

Quite loud, cannot sleep when near to it. Sometimes the lower compartment doesn't cool because the upper refrigerator is clogged due to ice so we have to turn off and let the ice cool. It is well suited for a single person or a couple, but as the family grows you definitely need a bigger one.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

OK compact fridge

Not bad, so far, for the price I paid and very quiet. The doors are reversible but I didn't have to change them around. One improvement would be more shelves in the doors. There is only one shelf in the freezer door and the fridge door has three, with fittings for a fourth. Due to the spacing however, standing bottles upright could be a problem with four shelves.

Good For First Fridge.

Very affordable. It's best for start-up fridge. Does get noisy at times but doesn't bother us. Energy rating is good as well. Freezer is a bit small though. Overall good fridge with price range- does the job! Warranty is also great (3 years I think), it's what sold us in the first place.

Very good fridge. Price=quality

I literally have no idea why anyone would write such a bad review on this fridge..but it is a really good refrigerator. I've been using it for an year and hadn't had one complain. It's truly price equal quality. People must have expected more of a fridge which (remember) cost just 550$!!!
Would suggest everyone to buy it.

Don't buy this fridge

The freezer is full of frost and the fridge doesn't work after just 10 months. Very unhelpful customer service as they advised it was an installation issue despite the fridge working fine up until now . They don't seem to provide service to the house and you have to be at home to "trouble shoot" the problem with them over the phone. This is difficult when you work all day. Very disappointed.

The best fridge I ever got

I am very happy with this fridge because I can store heaps of drinks, bread, fruit and vegetables and lots of food it also I can freeze so much stuff because the freezer compartment is huge. The Hisense 222L Top Mount Fridge I had was so small and the freezer compartment was tiny.

More trouble than it's worth!

This fridge initially seemed like a great find; perfect size an perfect price! Then the fridge section would randomly get warm then cool back down again after a few days. It got worse this past month as it went completely warm and we lost $100 worth of groceries. We called and were advised to do a 'reset' which helped for a month but now the same thing has happened! I called customer service and they were very unhelpful and we get to spend a week or more without a fridge and with the smell of spoiled salami permeating the kitchen yay! (Not) I am very disappointed in this fridge and would not buy a Hisense product in future. When they do eventually deign to come look at my fridge I will be asking for a replacement or a refund!

Don't buy Hinense fridge!

10 months ago we bought the fridge for the office and it broke down twice in one week. Cooling/freezing element went off every time. For the first repair we were waiting almost 3 weeks, for the second two days. I don't really know how we have survived hot summer days without a fridge?????? Will ask Hisense for full refund of the fridge as it is unreliable! One of the employee's mum had the same fridge repaired three times during the warranty time.

Broke down twice in one week in 10 months


Our first hisense HR6TFF222 that we bought brand new - 4 months use and the defrosting elements went. Got this replaced under warranty with another brand new one and again 4 months later the same thing is starting to happen. Fridge is not keeping cold and freezer is freezing everything solid. :/ Am off the buy a better quality fridge!! Will never buy anything hisense!

Bad quality

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I thought the freezer was supposed to do that?????

Terrible, don't buy!

After about 2 months the fridge became very noisy.
The last month we have noticed the bread and ice cream partially defrosting, then would refreeze.
It's going back and we're buying a better quality fridge.
The fridge part will still be hardly cold even on the highest setting! If the door isn't pushed hard, the seals don't stick.
Doesn't actually keep things frozen and cold!

Great little fridge

We bought one of these fridges for our caravan rather than paying over $2000 for a caravan fridge,we run it on solar panels with an inverter for the 240 volt when we are travelling and free camping,the fridge has never let us down in the 6 months we have had it,it is cold and the freezer keeps food frozen even when travelling and the van is cooking hot inside,great little fridge and doing the solar and inverter bit worked out about halfe the cost of a caravan fridge and the inverter runs our TVs and the rest of the van except the air con,excellent item.

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Questions & Answers

Freezer frosting up and fridge lost it coolness. What do you think the problem is?
2 answers
Hi Tania, I'm not a fridge mechanic but it sounds as though it may need re-gassing. Depending on the age (out of warranty?) you need to weigh up whether it is worth calling in a mechanic and having it re-gassed, at a sky-high price, or biting the bullet and buying a new one. Ours was 5 years old so we took the decision to get a new one. Picked up a Fisher and Paykel around the same size for just over $1000 which I think was a pretty good deal. Hard to decide on which way to go, but the fact is whitegoods are not built to last these days so you need to keep that in mind. Our old Phillips fridge chugged along for 36 years - never re-gassed, and never even serviced until one day it just died and I bought a replacement because the fridge mechanic who looked at it said the parts I needed to keep it going were no longer available. Shame!! Good luck. PeterThank you

How do you open compartment to change lightbulb?
No answers

This fridge is installed in a caravan I have just purchased, is this a suitable fidge? I plan to include off grid caravanning in my travels relying on 12v power.
2 answers
I'm not sure about that sorry Mike, have you checked with the previous owner? You may need an inverter.Thanks Theodore, I checked with the previous owner after posting the question, he informed me the caravan had an inverter. Searched all the nooks and crannies and finally found the inverter.


HR6TFF222 (222L)
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)
Release dateAug 2011
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