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Hisense HR6TFF350 (350L, White)

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Joanne galea

Joanne galeaasked

HR6TFF350 (350L, White)

My new fridge stinks really bad on the inside when you open the door it smells like there is rotten food but there is nothing rotten this smell has been there since we have turned it on from new 2 weeks ago

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HR6TFF350 (350L, White)

How cold should a Hisense HR6TFF350 be does not feel really cold?

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Cara Bulger
Cara Bulger

Fridges should operate at 4-5 degrees Celsius.

Xy guy
Xy guy

Agree with Cara, 5c. No way was mine getting anywhere near that, around 9c.
My new Kelvinator that I replaced it with does get down to 4c. And the Kelv freezes things really fast even down near minimum. The Hisense needed to be turned up full to achieve what this does down low.



HR6TFF350 (350L, White)

Hi .If the height of the space for a fridge is 1790mm,will this fridge with a height of 1698mm be suitable? I understand that there should be space around the fridge for external circulation. Please clarify. Thank you.

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biig ron
biig ron

clear area is only for rear and sides of fridge top dont matter


If I were to purchase that model can I pay only once it is delivered and able to fit into the space? Thanks


it depends...
Some fridge alcoves are vented at the top - stick your head into the alcove and look up. If there is a good size gap at the back where hot air can escape, then it is vented and it won't need much overhead clearance.

If the only opening is the front, with no vent or duct at the back, then you should try to have more space above. The sizes you mention mean a top gap of just under 100mm. The fridge would work, but would use more energy than if it were better vented.
100mm is the minimum overhead gap shown in the instruction manual..

Not sure how handy you are, but if the alcove isn't vented and you really like the fridge, you could always fit a vent in the roof of the alcove - install a piece of rangehood vent up through the back of the overhead cupboard.

My fridge alcove is vented - the overhead cupboards have a false back on them, leaving an air duct of 100 mm deep x 600mm wide up behind the cupboard. No heat gets trapped around the fridge and it works beautifully, like a chimney.

All fridges need to release waste heat that has been removed from inside the fridge. Sticking them in a small unvented alcove makes them work hard, especially in hot weather.

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