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Hisense HR6AFF355D (White)

Hisense HR6AFF355D (White)

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Beautiful Fridge

What a jewel!

Not too much one can say about a fridge...
Has a temperature alarm and interior LED lighting so one can actually look into the guts and see whats there!
Beautiful little fridge which is part pigeon pair to the Hisense HR6VFF280D freezer.
Top combo.

Highly recomended.

Attention Hisense;
Would have been nice if Hisense had 'sense' enough to put castors under the fridge (and freezer) so the tiles can be cleaned underneath daily like everywhere else.

Works well

So we brought this fridge along with it's "pidgeon pair" freezer. Basically we were sick of having to dig into the separate freezer, having a pidgeon pair means we have versatility in the future if we move to rentals that don't have the room for a big side by side etc.

So far I'm very happy with the fridge. There are only a few minor niggles. On a tiled floor it does tend to be too easy to move when opening and closing the door (I guess that means the door seals do a god job?). I got around that problem by putting some rubber matting tyype stuff under the front feet.
A good thing and a bad thin is that the door open beeper isn't very loud... I know loud ones are annoying, but one night a soda water bottle seemed to have tipped forward and I didn't realize the door wasn't close properly until the morning!

In past fridges (Fisher & Paykel mostly) I've always found the fruit and veg draws weren't really big enough. With this fridge the veggie draw is a great size and I really like how the smaller fruit draw is on top....which means the kids might see the fruit!

When we were looking at fridges and freezers, we did see a different brand that seemed pretty much identical but sold for a relatively higher price.

I'm happy with this fridge, so far it's doing the job as expected, it's not too noisy. It's just a bit of a shame that the digital screen shows the set temperature rather than actual fridge temperature, the latter is what I at first thought it would show, and that would have been a great feature!

Purchased in January 2019 at RetraVision for $800.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Internal Layout
Household Size 4 person(s)

Hisense HR6AFF355D

The warranty people are difficult to deal with. Screen died therefor fridge not working. Two weeks on and no one has come to repair the fridge after several phone calls and facebook messaging them. Still nothing. Today we had temp of over 30c with no fridge. Would not recommend this brand to anyone.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Multiple Warranty Claims

It does what a fridge does, no issues there but we have had to make a warranty claim twice (currently on hold to make the second claim), but for the same issue. When closing the door the fridge beeps once and the touch screen resets as well as the settings. When we made our first claim the repairman said it was a common issue with this model. I'm annoyed it has happened again and the sound is annoying.

UPDATE: The fridge has broken. It doesn't keep things cold anymore, going to have to make ANOTHER warranty claim in the morning. Not something you need when you pump to feed your newborn baby! We were told it was going to take up to 3 business days for them to send someone out and this was Sat morn. Then they called back an hour later saying they can't repair or replace and would refund to Harvey Norman straight away. He said he did this over the phone. I called Harvey Norman and they hadn't heard anything and they called them for me and was told they wouldn't get the money for 3 business days. Thankfully Harvey Norman had a spare loan fridge for me and organised dropoff within the hour. Still lost over $250 worth of food, Hisense has offered to recoup the cost of $200 which I think is reasonable considering some of the sauce containers were partially used.

Purchased in December 2016 at Harvey Norman for $898.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Internal Layout

Hisense complete Nonsense

Bought this Hisense fridge with its twin freezer in June 2017 with it a 3yr warranty , a few weeks ago noticed food not keeping temperature so rang number on Hisense manual and had to give invoice number, so got the number off Harvey Norman at Lakehaven where purchased both appliances , got ref number and sent the invoice number to Hisense , took 3 days for them to get back to us , a guy came out on Thurs 1st Nov 2018 said fridge not working as gas leak and that we would get a replacement fridge and with that had to throw out everything that was inside . We have been calling Hisense for days to which not answering their phone and have sent them an email as of yet not received an reply .OK one would think if you purchased an appliance like this it would last a lot longer than it has and I thought Hisense was reputable let alone the customer service you pay to cover any problems should they arise , well the bloody volcano has erupted and have no frigging fridge and with xmas close by can only imagine next not having fridge for xmas , so thought after being screwed big time thought will let off some karma cheer and share this joyous occasion so no one else gets stuck like we did and dont buy appliances from Hisense, should go elsewhere where should you need help through no fault of your own that you bloody well get it as you sure as hell paid for it , oh yeah one other thing I think dept stores should keep record of things like this so they don't store items from companies who don't look after their customers and inconvenience them. From now on going to check up on what service is like before buying appliances and EXPLORE MY OPTIONS !!!!

Date PurchasedJun 2017
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Heres update , on month of pestering Hisense went to Harvey Norman and wanted refund only they wanted their fridge back and amazingly only took them 2 days to pick it up . Went to Bing Lee and bought fridge which they delivered next day and no its not and never will I buy from Hisense again . I now have a Haier fridge much better fridge and not just because its working and if by chance there is any problems with it you can count on me to share it with you all as sharing is caring .

Very happy with it

maintains good chill throughout - having 2 fruit & veg compartments great for me - though i miss a dairy drawer. No problems at all so far (7 months in) - and the 3 year in home warranty means if there are any we're covered. I bought it to match the freezer (now 18 months in, likewise trouble-free) and have to say - for what you pay, they're a beaut pair. Yes, i could get something much better build quality - if i paid over a thousand each. For the price, it knocks socks off competition.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Touch screen died weeks later fridge died

Touch screen became unresponsive and weeks later no longer illuminated and days later fridge stopped altogether, the compressor was not running at all , all in under one year of light use , and obviously this is a common fault as technicians have stated, , hisense is obviously poorly made /cheaply made, look forward to building our own robust fridge once again, these hisense look nice work well for a time, I bet hisense is fully aware of the common faults and design flaws , it does come with a three year warranty, I'd say bin it or sell it after that period not unlike today's throwaway cars.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Multiple issues and door fell off

Door hinge sagged and pulled out of top thread, just into plastic not metal sleeved. This caused cable for door controls to fray, resulting in door alarm going off incessantly. Warranty claimed and wire replaced only, new wire pinched and broke within a month or so, just left it as not worth getting fixed as door causing issue. Within 3 years door has split and snapped at base due to top hinge issue, door has now totally fallen off...

Date PurchasedJun 2015


Our just over 1.5 year fridge started with the touch screen burning out in the door a couple of months ago = i rang hisense and they organised an electrician in the area to come out which took about about a week as they ordered the part first - all good - changed the wire out and it was working again.. less than a couple of months later i realised the fridge wasnt getting cold at all - this must have been progressive. i rang hisense again - another week in 30 degree temperatures without a working fridge and they ordered the same wire as previously and changed it out - of course that didnt fix the problem - the fridge still wasnt getting cold, so i rang again and said your electricians just changed out the same wire from a couple months ago to fix a different problem. next day i get a txt to say i am getting a new fridge and to contact the store where i originally purchased the fridge to sort delivery!!!!! will the same thing happen again.......

Date PurchasedJun 2016

No fridge for 2 weeks in 30 degree heat!

The problem started with the touch screen burning out in the door. Then there was a 2 week run around ringing Hisense , The Good Guys and the service agent to get some one on site. The Good Guys gave us very good service trying to get some on site. We keep you posted with the progress of the the boat anchor!

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Love the space

We decided on a freezer free model as we have 2 freezers already. This Model has lots of space. Temperature is shown of a digital display on the front. Easy access to food. Quiet. Easy to clean. Five door racks two crispers are a bonus. Wasn't a brand I knew to much about, no regrets. Very happy with the purchase especially with a 3 year warranty.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

What a great fridge

Excellent product which we found by accident. Had been looking for a pigeon pair and were expecting to pay at least $2500 for both. But we found this fridge and the accompanying freezer for less that 1800 for both - delivered. Best value for pigeon pair in Oz. Looks fantastic and performs perfectly.
Comes with 3 years warranty. Couldn't be happier

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Love it

I already had the single door freezer. This is the perfect companion. No issues whatsoever. Tonnes of space. Not loud, just like a normal fridge. Temperature is consistent, and you can change the temperature using the panel on the front. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a fridge.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Design Fault- Shame on Hisense !

I purchased the matching side by side pair ie fridge and freezer- seperate units. There was no attachment to keep them held together. Every time you opened the fridge door the whole fridge came toward you ! Meaning you had to push on the fridge to keep it in situ with one hand whilst opening door with the other. This had not occured in the shop prior to purchase. I have floorboards. I complained to Hisense/Harvey Norman within 2 weeks. Hisense wanted nothing to do with me, telling me the door would open easier with time.. 3 months later still same problem. Again, Hisense wanted nothing to do with me. Harvey Norman, however, were great. They sent a technician to my rural property and the tech laughed and said he had never seen anything like it before. ! Design fault. Harvey Norman picked up the 2 units and gave me a full refund. Shame on Hisense. I will never buy Hisense again.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Like the fridge hope it lasts..

This all fridge at the beginning was all i wanted, especially when I wanted it to go with my all freezer. Stuck to the same brand, of course, so it would match I bought this model and it broke down on me twice then eventually after 5 months I finally got a new one. It kept on losing power and wasn't cold enough for my food to last, the food was going off every week and I would be spending more money each week on food that should of lasted me a few weeks, they would replace one computer part after another. After the third attempt they replaced it with this new one I realised that this fridge did more to keep my food cold then the other one, it has been a godsend to finally have my food still cold and lasting, even though its only been a week, and hope it lasts. I am grateful that it was replaced and have the same matching freezer beside it.

Really happy with this fridge

We purchased this fridge, along with the matching freezer to have as a second fridge/freezer. We couldn't be happier. Plenty of room, stays really cold despite being in the garage which gets really hot. Is very quiet. We have only had it since mid DEC however are completely happy with it(and the freezer too for that matter).

Date PurchasedDec 2016

I love it!

I loved the value for money that this fridge is. It's got so much room and you can fit everything you need for a four adult, two children family. It copes with 40degree days and still gives you chilled food. The control is simple and easy to use and the self close is perfect. My only complaint is that the door shelves have a set location and you can't adjust where they go. Additionally the interior shelves have limited location choices, but the size of the fridge lets you manage with little issue.

Questions & Answers

Door alarm beeps once every time door is closed and temperature reads 88C on door display for one second, then returns to normal reading of 4C. Plus door left open does not trigger alarm at all. Model HR6AFF355D. Any ideas?
6 answers
This is not happening with ours. Temp is set at 5C. Door left open should start beeping after a short while. I would get some advise from the retailer. They have a 3 year warranty so best to make use of it.Did you manage to sort out your fridge? If so what was the problem as my fridge is doing exactly the same. Beeps when closing and shows 88C but return to normal again after a few seconds.Hi Deborah and Karla, Had any luck with your fridges? Ours is doing the same. Regards


Hisense HR6AFF355D (White)
CategoryUpright Fridges / Refrigerators
Price (RRP) $899
Dimensions 1746 x 595 x 700 mm
Energy Rating3 star(s)
Household Size 2-3 people
FeaturesDisplay Panel, Door Alarm and Frost Free
Colour / Finish White
Handle Type External
Smart Fridge No
Shelf MaterialGlass
Number of Shelves4
Number of Fruit & Vegetable Bins 1
Weight66 kg
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)
Total Capacity 355 L
Fridge Capacity 355 L
Freezer Capacity 0 L
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  • GTIN13: 9337640003278
  • MPN: HR6AFF355D

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