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Hisense HR6BMFF320

It’s all right

It was good but when I was purchased there was a great condition but after a few weeks the light of the fridge is not working when I was open the fridge door the lights has to automatically in but now it’s not I am going to lodge a complaint about that

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Perfect fridge and Model

I bought this fridge on christmas sale from harvey norman and I love this product. great performance and keep items fresh longer, its having enough shelf for vegetables and fruits. I am lazy to go shopping every day so bought week vegetable and kept in fridge and still fresh after week.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Absolutely thrilled with this Fridge

This fridge is wonderful. I looked at many but so glad I decided on this one.
It keeps a nice even temperature throughout and also lovely and quiet.Im very impressed with the stainless steel look,it’s so easy to clean.And I love the bottom mount freezer.The freezer drawers are a great size and easy to use.It also came with a 36 month Manufacturers warranty which I was able to add a 48 months product care replacement onto at Harvey Norman

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great product

I find this fridge so handy for a small fridge had to buy this to fit in the area which was to small for my large fridge it is defrost free and just great
and fit perfectly I do recommend it as a second fridge for any one
The only pitching I find it does grown a bit some time’s don’t know why
I have got used to it but I think it is the door after closing for the suction

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Too low

Fridge does not have adjustable shelves, which is a great pity - even one shelf that was adjustable would be a massive improvement, as not all containers are the same size!

Entire refrigerator sits far too low - I have extreme spinal and knee injuries which make it necessary to have a refrigerator that is at least 8-10 cms off the floor, otherwise I just cannot reach anything in the crisper or on the lowest door shelf.

Why does hisense not make a supporting stand with drawer for these fridges to stand upon, thus raising their height for those who are injured, disabled and elderly?
The drawer would be extremely useful to hold large pots/pans infrequently used (like christmas).
Otherwise, it is a great fridge!

October 15th 2017 Update: Door Pops Open!

It works well, BUT the shelves are not alterable - you cannot increase or lower shelf height.
The top fridge clear pop-out tray is totally unnecessary and frustrating.

When the fridge door CLOSES, the freezer door can often pop open slightly but you do not notice it, so everything defrosts, melts and drips out.

You must check that the Freeer door is closed after every time shut the fridge door!! Just push the freezer door to check it is closed!!

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Just Perfect for One

Recently I replaced my twenty year old plus refrigerator and bought a Hisense fridge from Harvey Norman which I more than am delighted with. Stylish and practical with the freezer at the bottom the fridge maintains a constant temperature, is quiet and easy to clean plus has more than enough space for everything I need to store being a single person. I could not be more pleased!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

No light in bottom mount freezer!

No light in bottom mount freezer! Very difficult to see whats inside the freezer drawers even with room light.
If I had of realised at the time of purchase I wouldn't have bought that model or brand. The freezer does not have a light so you can see where your food is! Full stop!

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Perfect fridge!

Maintains good temp all around the fridge, very easy to clean and pull out shelves, it's very quiet and you don't even know it's on! Freezer also works great, it keeps perfect temp and there is plenty of room to store all your food. Overall a really good fridge :)

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Love this fridge

Although this fridge doesn't look all that spacious, it really is. It amazing how much I can fit in there. The fruit and vegetable container is especially large. It keeps a great even temperature even through our hottest summer just gone. Very quiet and easy to clean. Would definitely recommend.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Will Not Buy Another Hisense Product EVER

Our Hoover Bottom Mount Freezer became very noisy and after nearly 20 years decided on a NEW Fridge Bottom mount Freezer. So did some research and off to the shops. Purchased it on a Sunday arvo promised delivery next PM. After being told need to be home from midday. It arrived at 3pm unpacked and plugged in and even bought surge protector adapter. After being on for 5 hours absolutely no temperature change internally. Rang Hisense hotline and got told " Oh no sir it needs to be on for 48 hours to cool down" LAUGHABLE... Still as hot as toast inside the next morning..Rang the retailer and told him the fridge was D.O.A ( dead on arrival) so organised another one to come out on Tuesday arvo, same delivery driver, same set up same same everything, Same lose of wages for 2 arvos off. And this unit only marginally better. Rang Hisense Hotline this time got someone a little smarter whom at least asked sensible questions about the fridge /Freezer and said we will get someone there Thursday evening. To cut a long story short, Techie arrived replaced Fan and the main Circuit Board with fridge set on coldest setting of 2 degrees will only chill to 8-10 degrees (Not Acceptable) Freezer ok Techie there for 2.5 hours and leaves saying that's as good as it's ever going to get......Wife not happy neither am I but over it and right over Hisense for good.. Buyers Beware of Hisense Products.

Happy with this Fridge, perfect for my needs

I had to downsize my fridge/freezer due to reconfiguration of my kitchen Laundry area, I wanted more bench space and cupboards and while I live alone I do like to have family for meals, etc. so didn't want to sacrifice too much internal space. After much research I had decided on a Mitsubishi model but when I got to Harvey Norman this one caught my eye due to the size and shape (quite tall but narrow) seemed perfect for the space it was to go and they price was equally appealing. I was dubious about the brand because I'd not heard of it before but has a 3 year warranty so figure can't be too shoddy. So far I'm more than happy with it it fits in much more than you would imagine, works well and fits into my space perfectly. The only issue I have is that the lighting inside is a bit dim. The salesman told me that it only came right hinged but it does come with a kit to change it to left if you need to. I didn't bother in in the end because it was fine as it was.

Questions & Answers

Hi, I bought this fridge just over a week ago. I noticed the sound of the motor has gotten louder than when it first arrived. It has the usual "hum" but the hum is louder than usual. This means when I walk within a few metres of the fridge (say 7 - 10 metres) I can hear the hum. My old fridge seemed to be quieter. I would need to really try hard to hear its motor going. However with this new fridge as soon as I enter the kitchen the first thing I notice is the hum. It doesn't seem to blend into other background noise (if you know what I mean). It seems more obvious. Do you have a similar experience?
No answers

For those of you who have had this model for more than a year, are you still happy with it? Specifically, does it chill and freeze the food properly? Have you had any issues as the fridge has gotten older? Thanks.
2 answers
I’m very happy with it,no problems whatsoever a great purchase.yes, it is a good quality of product..


HR6BMFF320 (White)HR6BMFF320S (Stainless Steel)
Energy Rating3Stars3Stars
Fridge Capacity207L207L
Freezer Capacity113L113L
Door OpeningRightRight
Price (RRP)$999$1099

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