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Hisense HR6FDFF701SW

Hisense HR6FDFF701SW

3.7 from 18 reviews

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Great Fridge that does everything!

A good price point for such a good fridge. I love the water/ice maker and the crisper drawer keeps your produce nice and fresh it can be turned into a freezer if you need more space. Dont let the size of the Fridge deceive you either you can fit a lot of stuff inside. Good for families

Purchased in October 2018 at Harvey Norman for $2,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Household Size 4 person(s)

Wonderful product

Had this fridge for almost 2 years and it has never skipped a beat. It’s large, and deep meaning I am able to fit everything in easily. The ice/water dispenser is an awesome addition, and the ability to adjust the temperature on the middle drawer to make it a fridge or additional freezer space is an awesome feature! Love this fridge.

Purchased in May 2017 at Harvey Norman for $2,199.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Internal Layout
Household Size 3 person(s)

After sales service is shockingly poor

If my LED lights and LCD screen weren't an issue I would rate this fridge really high. The capacity of this fridge and freezer is excellent (great for a family of 5), the light inside is awesome and I love the ice and water dispenser.
HOWEVER our lights on the fridge have been blinking on and off for a while now and since you need to be home with the receipt in front of the fridge I have struggled to have this addressed (the lights are continuing to fail further with waiting).
I have done all the things expected; I have turned the fridge off a few times to reset, I have googled, read the manual and I still can not fix the problem (my fridge now is in Fahrenheit and I can not change this despite trying).
So I have emailed and registered my fridge, emailed and stated the issue, called twice; the first time I got through only to be disconnected and told the person was out for the day (at 12.30) and now as I type this I have been waiting over 25 mins. ARGHHHH!!!!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Not recommended

I bought hisense frige on March 2018 the ice maker not working and the second drawer does not working I am waiting to get fix it . I called the company to replace it they refused . They sent me a technician to repair but it needs 2 parts . I am still waiting

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Exceptional Value and Excellent Customer Service!

Upgrading from a small fridge, we purchased the Hisense Refrigerator HR6FDFF701SW at Harvey Norman. After some research, we selected this particular fridge because it offered a longer manufacturer warranty of three years, and came with all the bells and whistles of the competing brands at a significantly lower price. We also decided to purchase product care for an additional four years, which protects our purchase for a total of seven years. All this for only $2500 on sale.

We have owned the fridge for seven months and we are very happy with all aspects. It is extremely quiet, and easy to clean. This fridge is massive! I can easily fit in our weekly fresh foods, sauces and condiments, 9 L of milk and our beverages into the French Door compartment. The freezer is also very large and well laid out; and we love extra space offered by the drawer.

After several months the ice dispenser stopped working. I simply called Hisense, a technician came out and the problem was fixed within 24 hours of my initial phone call. Great customer service.

The fridge holds temperature well, but the drawer compartment tends to freeze items towards the back, even when set to 5 degrees Celsius. The French doors, which are loaded up with milk and other condiments, could benefit from a soft close mechanism. During a 24-hour power outage in our area, both the fridge and freezer maintained temperature and no food was lost.

Verdict: Not only does this fridge work as advertised, but it is exceptional value for money. Made by Hisense who have delivered us with great customer service and product support.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Constant Issues

Upon delivery of this fridge I found numerous scratches and dents both on the outside and inside, which was replaced promptly by the retailer. However about 5 months into having the fridge problems started occurring. The light on the middle draw flickers constantly, so you are unable to tell which temperature it is set at. The area underneath the crispers constantly fills up with water, at some points it nearly leaks out onto the floor. Then the largest and most disappointing problem is the 4 fridge loads of groceries I have lost, because the fridge is sitting at between 5.8 and 8 degrees when it was set at 2 degrees. After calling Hisense I was told that they don't compensate based on the amount, rather the size of the fridge. So they would only compensate $250, instead of the actual $550 worth that has been lost. They offered no solution, no help and had no idea. I don't recommend this product, as it will only bring trouble.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Great fridge

Great fridge. Love the drawer where I can switch between fridge and freezer however as there are only 4 different temperature settings for this drawer it would be better to just have an option to put it at any temperature you wan't. Excellent size fridge and is fantastic for the price

Date PurchasedFeb 2018


I brought this brand because I’ve got other items never had a problem with them until nowThe ice machine works only when it wants too the light flickers all the time rang but get no reply only four months old never again complaint gets you no where just gets ignored

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Don't waste your money

Purchased and was delivered yesterday. Went and got groceries and found it very difficult to fit veggies in crisper drawer like cucumber and celery as the drawers are miniature but i guess expected with a almost counter depth fridge. The secondary drawer is set at the highest temp as a fridge not a freezer yet all my veggies i bought yesterday all now all frozen...not to mention the water dispenser leaks puddles and the ice maker does make ice but will not dispense it...OK SO IM GONNA SAY IT...WHY IS EVERYTHING ON THE MARKET PURE GARBAGE BUT WE PAY CRAZY AMOUNTS FOR IT. This is utterly ridiculous $2400 for a brand new fridge that is pretty much trash at this point. When will companies start taking pride in their products and start manufacturing QUALITY???

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

It's a very nice fridge to have

Yes its temperature is steady and fixed in all compartments.

It's very quiet and there is no loud at all.

It's very simple and there is no many surfaces or under surfaces to be like disassembled and re assembled again, with a single clean piece of cloth you can wipe it all.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

love the new fridge

Updated from a Samsung fridge which died after 6 years. First thing we noticed was improved LED lighting from the front of the fridge which means no more bottles blocking lighting from the rear of fridge. Extra slide out tray compartment is great for salads, veggies etc. Storage in doors have so much depth. Can't wait to hook up plumbing!
Very happy owner.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Super cool

We love our Hisense fridge. Purchased from Appliancesonline last year. The look is pretty! It maintains temperature very well and it has a good energry saving rating. The price is a bit expensive but we are happy with it. Not noisy. Easy to clean. Has the right amount of compartments.

Date PurchasedOct 2017


Alround good fridge. How ever did have a fault with the chip board which caused the water dispenser to over flow and we had to call to get it fixed and the guy who fixed it was very rude and arrogant and i hope i never have to deal with them again! But other then that one fault the fridge has been great, so much room, the middle draw is the perfect size to put cans in so they aren't taking up so much room in the main fridge. It is often quiet but if you use the ice dispenser it will make a few noises a few hours later once it has made new ice. It's so easy as well.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Best fridge ever for a fraction of the cost

Hisense Hisense Hisense.. new company... can I trust? ABSOLUTELY YES!

Sorry for the long post, but I promise this will be the ultimate review of my experience on this model.

We've seen Hisense tv, but when our family grew and it was time for an upgrade to a bigger fridge Hisense fridge came into the scene.

What were we looking for in a fridge? Here's the list:
- bigger capacity
- spacious
- French door design
- ice maker and filtered water
- modern design

This fridge ticked all the boxes of what we were looking for, indeed it offers more for a fraction of the cost as compared to other high end brands. This fridge has all the features alike other more expensive brands that could cost anywhere from $2500au + .

We instantly fell in love with the design of this fridge. To be honest it took us a very long time to come to this decision of buying due to the pricing is well above our planned budget. Anywho, its a one time spent for a few years so we went all out. We went with our guts to go for this brand, and to our amazement up to this day, we are still so in love with it and can't get over how amazing and modern this fridge is. Very well worth the investment.

More about this fridge and I will highlight the awesome things about this fridge. This fridge has all the main features you will need in a fridge without all the unnecessary ad on the other brands offer.

Here's the list:
- inverter technology: runs extremely quiet unless you stand near the fridge then there is a slight high pitch sound but not very noticeable. Yup I only notice this when I head out for a midnight snack ;)
- ice maker: CUBED, CRUSHED, FILTERED water- all performs as it says, never had any leakage. Huge ice storage compartment inside that doesn't really take up much space. Needs a professional plumber to connect and fridge needs to be accessible to the water pipes. Can be easily done at home (if you know what you are doing) and save yourself about $150au
- 2 crisps compartments: oh my... I am in love with these as they seem to keep my fruit and veggies fresh for like forever. I store the usual veggies in here. They would usually build up moisture and rot within a few days in my old fridge, but this fridge has kept them fresh for like 2-3+ weeks on end.
- the shelves: great length and depth with one half shelf you can fold in to store really tall jugs and stuff. Very handy when I had fresh juice chilled in a tall jug that can be neatly placed there.
- shelves on doors: super roomy. Can store like 2 of 2l of milk bottles plus other juice in one shelf.
- fridge section: even flow of coolness system. LCD lights in all the right places leaving the fridge nice and bright
- fridge/freezer: comes in different temp settings, has dividers that is removable, very handy compartment
- freezer: amazing amazing amazing! Plenty of storage space that is reachable. Has a pull out drawer which is deep and wide enough for a lot of things, 2 large storage backets at the bottom, and talking about maximizing storage space, there's also a long space to store up to 4 pizza boxes- Genius idea!
- FROST FREE feature: i cant stress how important and amazing this feature is. Having dealt with an ex- fridge full off frost, this one is a game changer. Love being able to take my frozen stuff out where pieces are not glued together from frost.
- the lcd screen: it has all the settings. Excited about the holiday mode but haven't got around to use that yet. Eco mode, lock mode (extremely handy when you have kids with those curious fingers going for the water dispenser), switches off when not in use (can save on power bills)

Only downside to this fridge are:
- 2.5 stars rating
- filter need to be changed approx every 6 months (ongoing cost, same goes for other brands with water dispenser)
- water dispenser is pointing down but slightly inwards so you need to hold the glass up to dispense the water so the water don't shoot outside the glass. Found this to be a common design in other brands as well. Not sure why the water doesn't dispense straight down? Maybe for safety reasons so to avoid water spilling out? Not sure

These are very minor downside, and definitely does not set you back in the overall functioning of the fridge. I mean changing the filter in exchange for clean FILTERED water? Yes please

We thought to ourselves why pay more just for the brand? When this fridge does it all, as a matter of fact Hisense brand is also high end but in another country.

Got a great deal from Harvey Norman. Comes with 3 years manufacturers warranty.

Before purchasing we looked at MANY fridges and have read mixed reviews where the worst case was water leakage, however we went with our gut feeling and so mind won over matter knowing that it comes with warranty so if it does happen we have the warranty. Never occurred. Beside the initial use, there were some dripping (which freaks us out), but it was just the machine warming up i guess and so we have not a single drop since!

Overall, seriously this fridge is the bomb! Love It and cannot speak anymore highly of it.

Anyone out there who is looking for a fridge, who don't mind adventuring this brand then this is the fridge for you. It has all the functions of a high end brand but without the heavy price tag. Sleek, modern, spacious inside without taking up too much space outside design, looks great and nice for showing off LoLs

Very very happy customer.

Ps: real and honest review hoping to help others


Date PurchasedNov 2017

Great fridge BUT.......let down by leaking icemaker

The only issue I had with the fridge was a leaking icemaker. For those who have bought the fridge already, check if ice is forming below the ice maker where it meets the back of the fridge. Hisense sent me 4 replacement fridges with exactly the same issue. In the end they gave me a refund and I purchased a Samsung.

The rest of the fridge was excellent. Good price, lots of room, quiet, accurate temp, and convenient middle drawer. Excellent customer service.

One small problem is that the front panel switches off automatically - including the indicators for ice or water - and you can't tell whether you're dispensing ice or water (you have to select again each time to be sure).

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Great fridge

We purchased our Hisense fridge based on the capacity and due to the freezer being on the bottom. The only issue is the water dispenser seems to keep dropping after you push the lever so you have to leave the glass under it for ages until it stop. Now our water has stopped completedlt, we may need to claim warranty already but with 8 years warranty it doesn't matter!

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Great fridge!

Overall very good fridge. The separately temperature controlled "mini fridge" in the middle is very handy. Runs very quiet, and the built in ice maker provides plenty of ice.

The layout can take some time getting used to, but is functional. Also quite easy to clean with the simpler layout.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Love this Fridge.

Love the look of this fridge and all the compartments
Can store cheese and cold meat in a separate draw, so don't have to open the whole fridge
Ice and water easy to keep clean
Adjustable glass shelves for storing large bottles
and wide enough to store platters when entertaining, great for Christmas time

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Questions & Answers

does the water come out chilled?
1 answer

Do I need to plumb this Fridge?
1 answer

What does the F4 error mean on the Ice dispensor
2 answers
Hi Wayne no idea. We have called Hisense with any query. Once we were able to contact them they were fairly prompt. Currently our fridge has gone back to Fahrenheit and I have no idea how to fix and since it still works I’m not worried to chase it upwe had F4 code and the repair guy had to replace a thermostat, took him 3 weeks to get the part, he asked us to defrost the fridge as he couldn't get back panel off, so we did, turns out he was missing a few screws didn't need to defrost after all, now 6 months on ice maker is leaking :(


Hisense HR6FDFF701SW
CategoryFrench Door Fridges / Refrigerators
Price (RRP) $2,999
Dimensions 1776 x 914 x 845 mm
Energy Rating2.5 star(s)
Household Size 5+ people
FeaturesConvertible Fridge/Freezer, Display Panel, Foldable/Retractable Shelf, Frost Free, Ice Dispenser, Water Dispenser and Wine Rack
Colour / Finish Stainless Steel
Handle Type External
Smart Fridge No
Shelf MaterialGlass
Number of Shelves4
Number of Fruit & Vegetable Bins 2
Weight137 kg
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)
Total Capacity 701 L
Fridge Capacity 373 L
Freezer Capacity 210 L

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  • GTIN13: 9337640004084

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