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Hisense HR6TFF527 (526L)

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HR6TFF527 (White) and HR6TFF527SD (Stainless)
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Looks Can Be Deceiving. Don't Buy This Fridge!

It might look like a great fridge and it is an excellent price!

But you get what you pay for.

At just 18 months old, we've returned our fridge under warranty because the freezer just can't maintain a cold enough temperature. It's not cold enough to freeze ice cream (in fact it has a consistency of water) and our meat and vegetables are mushy and the ice is cold but just not rock solid frozen. Hardly the thing you expect from a brand new fridge or a fridge you expect to maintain for several years.

Go with a well-known and well-built brand, don't buy this Hisense fridge.

Freezer stopped freezing 2 yrs & 11 months after purchase

This was the first non name "brand fridge" we've bought. We bought it because it was on special at the time and $400 cheaper than any other similar sized single door stainless fridge The Good Guys were selling in 2012. I always do my research before buying big ticket items but it was too early for much realistic constructive negative feedback at the time so went ahead and confidently bought it. We're happy with it for the most part. I liked the layout and the bright flouro lighting inside plus I won't buy a fridge without an ice cube tray. The plastic tray on the bottom of the fridge door was pretty flimsy and broke off within the first 6 months through normal use. The freezer has now stopped working with a month remaining on the warranty. Takes hours to make water mildy cold and nothing freezes any more. Claiming under warranty. Not very impressed this has happened as any fridge we've owned prior has lasted many many years and only sold for a new one due to leaking water underneath, failed seals or a general upgrade after 10 or so years. My next fridge purchase and any after that will be a name brand again. To a new buyer that's looking, I wouldn't recommend a Hisense fridge as there's better quality ones to take home and this model seems to have largely the same issues across the board which is not a good sign. There's nothing wrong with buying a cheaper product, but the manufacturers have to realise it's got to function properly if they want repeat business.

So far so good

Great looking fridge. Freezer & refrigerator work well. Good size. Ice cube maker was a bonus. Quiet operation. I gave this fridge an extra star because it was great value for money. It is a bit power hungry, but I knew that prior with the star rating.
If I have any problems I will edit this review.

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Leaking down inside of fridge on to the floor after just 3 years. Not happy!

Very good fridge, half the price of the fancy ones

Good fridge, after 2 years started to have a minor issue.
Freezer is defrosting, water running down the panel inside the fridge, under the crisper out under the door onto the floor. Typical problem of this brand many others. To gain space the tray at the end panel on the freezer does't have enough slope preventing the water from the defrost system running through the conduit before frosting and tapping the conduit down to besides the condenser at the back bottom tray.
Easy fixing. Good service, very kind and professional on the telephone and reliable on appointment, fast. 2 1/2 years and still under guarantee!!...they give you 3 years when normally is only two. I would recommend this fridge very much.
Big, stainless steel, reliable. Good warranty service.

Bad Fridge

Would never buy this brand fridge ever again, and would not recommend to anyone. It's not even 12 months, should kept to LG, never ever had one problem with fridges. Hisense HR6TFF526 is not worth the money you pay for. For now on we get another fridge it will be LG, knew l should of stay with them.

Freezer is defrosting, water running down the panel inside the fridge, under the crisper out under the door onto the floor, Had a guy out to look at it, Inside the freezer the element has to be replace, it will take over a week to get the part, We have to turn the fridge off and let it defrost, the company won't replace the fridge with another one, until ours get fix, It's to bad to the customer.

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Questions & Answers

Why is the fridge leaking water?
1 answer
See my post above.

Freezer frosting up badly and freezer is not working, curdle milk we had in fridge. What could cause the problem?
No answers

the fridge is leaking from the back wall to the sipping to the bottom under the salad box then leaks to the floor. I can't find the drip hole to unplug . do I have to unscrew the back unit to find it?
1 answer
Really can't help you with this but why not call HiSense - they have an amazing customer service ( I also have a Hisense TV which had a minor problem and the call centre guy stepped me through re-setting it and now no more problems)..they speak English - based in Melbourne. Having that sort of back-up was a real surprise for me - they are open til about 7.00pm as well!


Hisense HR6TFF527 (526L, White)Hisense HR6TFF527SD (526L, Stainless)
CategoryTop Mount Fridges / RefrigeratorsTop Mount Fridges / Refrigerators
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)3 year(s)
Release dateMar 2012Mar 2012
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