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Hisense HR6VFF177A

Hisense HR6VFF177A

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Pretty good Upright Freezer

I've never bought a Hisense product before have always stuck with the traditional brands but I'm impressed with this Upright Freezer, its frost free which is just essential these days, for people who don't have a lot of room to fit these in near the kitchen it works well plus great space in the drawers to separate meat, chicken, fish etc. good value for money.

Purchased at Harvey Norman for $578.00.

Don't waste you hard earned dollars

Never again, failed within a month,lost all our food, tried to contact hisense, surprise they are on a public holiday 28/09/18, checked online with other owners, and reset the defrost timer, hope it works but too scared to use it, no point in having a freezer you can't trust, it sits alongside a westinghouse which is 6 months old, no problem there, should not have let the salesgirl talk us into the hisense, never again will i consider hisense products, they apparently know of this fault and have done nothing. as soon as the warranty runs out to the dump Beware.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

So far all good

Read a few bad reviews on this product, however, so far I've been quite happy with this freezer.
Heaps of room on either your choice of using the baskets or just using the shelves. Baskets seem a bit flimsy and tend to pop out when pulling them forward. Just a matter of getting use to I guess. Also the freezer has quite a strong closing door, which to me seems like it is keeping the door well closed. Lets be honest we can't expect too much if we are not prepared to pay for a big brand freezer. Time will tell I guess.

Date PurchasedApr 2018


Came home from holidays and lent on freezer and it was boiling hot! All the food was defrosted inside and alarm light was on lucky didn't catch on fire. This freezer was only 4 years old and purchased the fridge to so I am sure the same things will happen. Will not purchase another product of there's again. Not happy!

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

poor preformer ices up

Brought this because of the size and what a mistake. Cheap China brand and supposedly be frost free. Unit kept frosting up the air vents blocking air flow causing the alarm light to come on. So had to manually defrost the ice to get the freezer working as it should but only last for 4-6 months and do it all again. Ice cream was soft and bread partially thawed. Got Hisense authorised repair to come out and only for 5 minutes told me the problem. It is the defrost timer located in the low back of the unit and it is well known that it has issues hence why there is a pattern on terrible reviews. The defrost timer can get stuck on defrost so the freezer thaws everything and food has to be tossed or can skip the 12 hourly defrost cycle so the unit never gets to remove the ice build up and keeps on accumulating as in my case. Avoid this model and probably the brand altogether

Date PurchasedAug 2013

Alarm light comes on often & stops working

Started off loving this freezer as can store heaps of food and baskets work really well. However I have now had six instances of the alarm light coming on for no reason (i.e. door not left open) and everything defrosting. Twice I managed to get it to reset after a day or so but third time would't reset so Hisense sent out repairman who walked in with a part in his hand and put it straight in saying "this happens all the time". That was 3 years ago - happened a couple more times but related quickly and was able to save food and worked again with a reset but latest time completely died just before Xmas with a freezer full of food lost. So annoyed haven't done anything with it yet but doubt I'll bother getting it repaired as happens so often.

Date PurchasedAug 2013

Functional and quiet

We have a 450L fridge/freezer and we just needed more freezer space. It is functional, practical and love the drawers to organise myself. Having
had raw meat next to ice cream and ice packs is not the best. It is also quiet.

However, when first turning it on, it gets pretty hot. If it stayed this hot, I would have been worried. But, it cooled down. Also, the seal on the doors is pretty tight so you are literally moving the freezer just to open it. If you accept that, it's not bad.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Hisense new to me in more ways than 1

Wouldn't you just know it our freezer packed up so near to Christmas (full of food) got the small bar fridge size one from the shed and transferred what we could, any that we could cook we did and actually lost very little.
Right on to the Web to find a replacement near home (we live 2hrs out of Adelaide) Harvey Norman had one on special offer at Mt Barker, off we went to purchase and although it's smaller than it's predecessor and we have never heard of the brand Hisense we decided to purchase and my husband said "oh when we looked online it was $100. cheaper," the salesman went online and said yes there it is and it still applies , two very happy customers, and although we've only had it for just over a month at this stage I wouldn't shy away from ant of their other products. Touch wood the Hisense freezer is working well. It even has a temperature control, we have had other well known brands and they haven't had this feature.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Great so far

We bought this compact upright freezer (in a hurry) to replace another one that failed after many years. It came smaller than we expected but our fault more than the product's fault. We prefer upright freezers to chest freezers because items can be organised in drawers, and everything doesn't get lost in the bottom or middle. The top compartment of this model doesn't hold much and can be tricky to get things in and out of, but has worked perfectly for 17 months now so all good!

Date PurchasedApr 2016


This frerezer is about a 553 ltr capacity and I have found that I can by large quantities of food when it is on special and consequently save a lot of money. I would not be without this size freezer now nor would I contemplate any other brand as their back up service is great.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Good value for money

After reading some negative reviews about this upright freezer i was a little reluctant to purchase one, however we've had no problems whatsoever. We purchased it as a second freezer placed in our laundry and it is ideal. Not overly noisy, good size drawers, frost free and it came with a 3 years in home warranty. We purchased ours at The Good Guys for $529. If we have any problems in the future, I will update this review but at least for now, all is good.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Hard to open

Great fridge but honestly the seal is too tight making it very difficult to open. Need to call Hinsense to see if this normal. An elderly person could not open! We also have the matching freezer which has the same problem. Really disappointed and hopefully can be fixed.aaaa aaaa aaaa aaa

Date PurchasedDec 2016

never had a problem

Has been a great freezer never had a problem in the 3-4 years we have had it, have always maintained a good distance from walls and back wall so has room to breath which maybe why no problems, have other hisense products and never had a problem with them either. would recommend Hisense to all my friends

Date PurchasedAug 2013

Waste of money, coils ice up and won't freeze food

First time it stopped working the warranty repair guy showed us to remove all food and take the back wall out and hose the ice off the freezer coils. We have to check it daily to see a change in temperature, if its getting warmer then we hose it out. Twice we have had to chuck food because we haven't checked it. We have to hose it out every 2 to 4 months. Absolute Rubbish.

Absolutely Shocking

Bought this freezer over a year ago and its been nothing but an unreliable heap of junk. Twice now we wake up in the morning and find that it has gone ahead and turned into a microwave defrosting the food within, I would give it less than the two star rating if it wasn't for the service a received from Hisense.

The worst product and service we have ever encountered

The freezer failed after 4 weeks. We lost everything as it had defrosted. Called the service hot line. They said they had to post the faulty part (how did they know which one?). The service person arrived and replaced a part without testing anything. Obviously they knew it had a standard fault. We were told to contact customer service to make a claim for the spoiled food. They have not replied to all our enquiries.

Broken after 15 months. Junk it.

Ices over in freezer coils, then runs continuously as it cannot get to a low freeze tempreature. A complete piece of junk and waste of money. I wouldn't spend a dollar bothering to try and fix it.

Problem with thermostat timer.

Had the freezer for two years, lucky it had a three year warranty. It suddenly defrosted and we lost food. I reset it per customer service but then it wouldn't stop freezing and then iced up and turned off again. Hisense was quite good about it, they sent someone around ASAP to replace the timer which looked very simple to do as it is a plug in unit. but it shouldn't have done this in the first place. Apart from that it has been excellent and it's very well designed. We use it a lot and haven't had an issue with drawers etc.

Update: three weeks later it broke down again! Changed to different brand. Just a note, this was standing well away from a wall and by itself.

Never purchase a non-reputable brand (HR6VFF177A)

When it comes to purchasing products that you need to perform, no matter what don't try to save a few dollars as you'd be spending it later on. Cheap Chinese made no brand white goods do not come with great after purchase service. I found out the hard way. 1 year 3 months old freezer, hardly gets opened. We also have our work horse Fisher & Paykel, Westinghouse, LG 10 years working great, even after moving 3 times.

The customer service is probably the worst, I had called and reported it broken, given them serial No., Model No., receipt No., etc... correspond over email and when I called as nothing was getting done, they said they not received what they require, after 5 days of waiting. After 25 min waiting on the phone, she had the tone that I was doing the wrong thing by calling... You need things that work for minimum 5 years. Never purchase a non-reputable brand.

Drawers can be brittle

Drawers but strong when frozen - cracks & breaks easily
Also ice up & could not close the door.
Only less than 2 years old

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Questions & Answers

please help i have a hisense hr6vff177a chest greezer doir left open it defrosted mow has red alarm light wont ho off snd appesrs to not be freezing can someone help
2 answers
Not a technician but sounds like the defrost timer is stuck on defrost (apparently it is a known problem). Need to get a tech to look at it and if it is the defrost timer ask to install the compatible Westinghouse defrost timer $20 extra but far better quality than Hisense $hitFurther to my response, you can try this to manually change the timer. The defrost timer is located just above the compressor and lower left side at the rear of the unit. You can use a flat screwdriver to manually turn the small "knob" clockwise until it clicks. If the freezer starts, the timer is bad. If it does not start, the thermostat is bad.

Where is the hisense freezer made?
1 answer
Hisense products are manufactured in China.


Hisense HR6VFF177A
TypeUpright Freezers
Price (RRP) $699
Energy Rating2.5

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