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Hisense HR6VFF280D / HR6VFF280SD

Hisense HR6VFF280D / HR6VFF280SD

HR6VFF280D (White) and HR6VFF280SD (Stainless Steel)
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Stopped freezing. Not happy.

Purchased new from Good Guys in May, 2015. Now in July, 2019 after only 4 years the top half of the freezer doesn't freeze. Obviously not meant to last for long. Don't buy Hisense.

Purchased in May 2015.

Beautiful freezer

Got these for a good discounted price being a regular at the Goog Guys COULD'NT RESIST TEMPTATION!

Lovely freezer which has an alarm if one leaves the door open (again) and room to dance!

No 'Little man' in there that turns the light on and off though :(

Love the LED temperature display on the door too.

This is a pigeon pair to the Hisense HR6AFF355D Fridge (that DOES have a little man inside that turns the light on and off).

The Hisense HR6AFF280D freezer and the Hisense HR6AFF355D fridge are a perfect pigeon pair.

Attention Hisense;
Would have been nice if Hisense had 'sense' enough to put castors under the fridge (and freezer) so the tiles can be cleaned underneath daily like everywhere else.

Otherwise HIGHLY RECOMENDED for tight spaces as it's only 60cm wide and makes up for it in height!

Purchased in April 2019 at The Good Guys for $765.00.

Upright is the best!

We upgraded from a chest freezer! Chose the 280l model to compensate for the lost space. So much easier to find items, and you can use each shelf for different items. Suggest the 280l is equivalent to a 200-220l chest freezer. had it for 2 months, works great, no issues.

Purchased in March 2019 at The Good Guys Online store for $674.00.

So much better than a chest freezer

So we brought this as a replacement for our chest freezer (and of course brought the similar Hisense fridge so we have a pidgeon pair).
The freezer works well, as well as you would expect a freezer to function anyway. The layout is great and I really like how it's designed to minimize loss of cold when you open the door. At the same time there doesn't seem to be any issue with cold distribution in all the different compartments / draws.

Having draws rather than wire racks is great. Having the clear front on the draws is a nice feature, you can kind of see what's in there but it's not really a deal breaker if it wasn't see through, if I really need to know what's in the draws I'd probably label the front.
When we were buying this I noticed another brand which looked almost identical in every way (except the handle and no digital display) and cost significantly more.

Very happy with the performance so far, it's a shame that the digital display only shows set temperature and not actual temperature though. The latter would have been a great feature considering there's a digital display on the front. The freezer door also seals really well (which is a good thing) but that does mean if it's sitting on a smooth tiled floor it can be easy to move it when trying to open the door, a bit of rubber matting under the front feet fixes that easily though.... they should make the front feet from a more grippy material I guess.

All in all very happy, it's nice to not have to dig to the bottom of a chest freezer to find something. Although sometimes it can be a bit trickier to fit certain larger items into this freezer (like a huge whole fish or something).

The fridge and freezer are sitting side by side, they look good and aren't too noisy. Best of all if we have to move house and the new place doesn't have as much room then we can still put the freezer in a different place to the fridge.

Purchased in January 2019 at RetraVision for $800.00.

Fixed draw problem

Trouble with 3rd draw from bottom. Kept dropping off runners at front. Cut a peice of fibreglass rod 34.5 centremeters long and 10 millimeters in diameter has a grove it fits in now no problems. Hope this may help others with this problem. Could also use a peice of dowel wood.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

This is an excellent freezer

A solid well built freezer with temperature display in the door,which is a very handy feature. All the pull out drawers are of a very sturdy material.
Another plus is that it has a 3 year warranty, also has a ice dispenser inside which is very handy in the summer. Fast freeze option is a bonus.
We are very happy with it.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Loved it but only lasted 9 months

The design of the storage space is great. At 9 months ours simply stopped freezing - the motor was humming and lights working, but was not chilling. 7 days after reporting the problem (& follow-ups) we are still waiting to hear from a Hisense tech, let alone have a visit. We lost all the contents and still have no freezer.

Date PurchasedOct 2017


This product is amazing. Keeps food at it’s best. Good quality and recommend to anyone needing to put this item in their beautiful kitchen. Had cyclone a year or two ago and kept food cool for few days. Didn’t open it to often and did really well. Good product to work.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Good freezer - good value for the price

Good value for money. The ice tray is a winner.
The shelf covers open upwards then slide along a slot. The covers take up more room than I thought so the internal storage space is less than our previous freezer of much the same nominal volume. The covers are also a bit 'clunky' so don't slide well. Maybe the next model will have sleeker covers which would do the same job of keeing the cold in when you open the door.
Given that the covers do help with the efficient running as it seems to work much more efficiently than our Westinghouse did.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Great buy

This single upright fridge turned out to be better than I thought I waited up against the Westinghouse but chose this fridge even though it was slightly thinner I felt the quality in the shelving was better and more sturdy since buying it I have realised I had way more space than I thought I'm glad I didn't buy the larger Westinghouse. With great study interior and ample space child lock and Temperature Control display this fridge is an absolute winner and my electricity bill has actually improved which just goes to show my old LG upside down fridge was costing more to run very happy with my purchase extremely happy with the quality it's interior quality is better than both Westinghouse and LG in my opinion which I've previously owned.

Date PurchasedMay 2017


Quite happy with this fridge. It has two draws at the bottom "double crispers". It has a LED screen on the front that shows how cool the fridge is at any given time, a pretty useless feature really, but we brought it anyhow because it was the right size for out kitchen.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Loads of room

This is quite a large upright freezer, loads of room inside, so many compartments and an ice cube maker, very quick time to temperature, love the controls, digital on the front of the door, the seals on the door guarantee no cold air gets out, very quiet, we love it, recommend.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Are there dowel slides or something missing under my drawers?

A few months ago we bought a set of hisense fridge and freezer. My freezer "would" be absolutely awesome, if it were not for the 90% of the time, need, to pull the drawer out and start again. The drawer easily comes off the side guide and falls onto lower drawer. On closer inspection of the "guides", it appears as if there should be two cross bars or something that would fit into the indents in them. This would definitely fix my issue. Unfortunately they never came with my freezer and were thus never installed and now this has become a very frustrating issue.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Hisense has won me over

When I moved into my new house I had room for a double fridge and freezer and got convinced to buy separately. After looking at power ratings and prices and general look I chose Hisense. I'd never bought anything by this brand before.

I absolutely love this freezer! We've had some black outs here and the freezer has done really well through them. No technical issues. I appreciate it's reminder to close the door after a while. Ultimately a great freezer and I will now be looking at Hisense more often.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

It works well - drawers slip though

We're liking our purchase. Coming on 12 months of use now. Sometimes I hear it kick in and wonder its a car in the distance, but I wouldn't say it loud. The big thing that we are having an issue with is the drawers slip a fair bit when we open/close them. I often find that I have to lift it out again and refit. But really, it's no major drama for the price and energy usage of the freezer.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Perfect Upright Freezer

I have been looking at this model for a few months now, & when I finally had the money I didn't hesitate in going to my Harvey Norman store and buying it. It's the right size for my family & our needs, I love the clear draws and flaps so you can see exactly what is in there, so no more removing half the contents out just to find what you need. I find it quite when running & I love the display on the front to show you what temp it's at.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

i want the matching fridge

Simple to clean (doesn't really need much cleaning) and (HUGE ADVANTAGE) it defrosts itself. Even temp all round, maintains temp despite opening door a lot in summer. Is in living room/kitchen area, but doesn't seem to be very noisy (i do hear it sometimes, but our Fisher & Paykel fridge is louder). Was a bit uneasy when i saw some bad reviews online (it had broken down after months of use), but liked it and the very good price. Also saw customer service was uniformly rated excellent, even if item broke down. Price was so good, decided to risk it. Glad i did. At first had a little trouble with the swing-up doors to the shelves (some are shelves with swing-up doors, some are bins), but got used to them. It's a much quicker colder freeze than my fridge/freezer with a normal (-18C) running temp (can be set lower, but i've never needed to), means food keeps much better. I am getting used to storing a lot of food in it - and still haven't filled it up. Trying to get used to every time i cook say rice, bagging some extra and chucking in freezer. Roomy, items are easy to get at, (labelling helps, date and product). i really can't say enough nice things about it. Had it about 8 months now. Would happily get rid of my current fridge and get the matching fridge to this Hisense Freezer. Bought it on Ebay via the Good Guys on one of their 20% off specials.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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2 years later, had slight problems with freezer temp rising - if set at -22 it would go to -18 but at -18 was rising as high as -10. Rang Hisense, guy in touch within a couple of days, came to house, sorted with replacement of temperature sensor thingie (that's technical talk) and back to excellent again. Hisense people good at phone and then at tech level - very nice tech guy attended. He reckoned sticky drawer needs replacing - and has ordered one - anyone else, don't bother with dowels or self-repair, phone them, they'll replace quick-smart.


After having our previous freezer for 45 years, and the need to regularly manually defrost it, we decided to replace it with a Hisense Upright Freezer. And how glad we are that we did. It's fantastic. Very quiet running, drawers that slide easily, and shelves and drawers that are all easily accessed. And a bonus is the ice block maker which is so simple to use. The price was also great with The Good Guys matching a competitors price.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Excellent value

I can thoroughly recommend the Hisense all-freezer! Great value for money, excellent design,quiet operation and energy efficient which saves money in the long term. The glass shelves are a breeze to clean - I prefer them to slatted racks - with easy access to items. Love the ice drawer! An outstanding freezer - the best I have owned.

Value For Money

I purchased this brand of freezer purely on price which was around 3/4 of the price of equivalent well accepted brand. I had some reservations but took the punt. I have now had this freezer for 11 months and I am impressed. It is well made, well designed, quite and energy efficient, Whilst it is still early in it life, at this point I couldn't be happier with the product. Time will tell whether the freezer remains fault free . Based on my experience to date, recommended on price and quality.

Questions & Answers

my 280lt freezer which is only 12mths old with flapson top 2 shelves has just broken the slide for one of the flaps, can the freeZer operate efficiently with this being broken
2 answers
Hi Ann, Yep, sure can. One has on more than several occasions left the inner plastic doors open without consequence. Give the folks at Hisense a call on 1800 447 367 And they'll put you on to where you can get spares.Thank you Pollyfodder for your answer, as it's still under waranty I'll see how I go

what is the power consumption
4 answers
Hi Arthur, how are you sir? The power consumption for these freezers is 3 1/2 stars if one sets the temperature to -19° Celcius. That is 253 Kwh per year at a cost of only $98.20 per year! Hope this helps Arthur :)thank youMy Freezer says 353kWh / year. 3 star rating model HR6VFF280D purchased January this year.

We are thinking about purchasing one of these freezers and would like to know from anyone who has one older than 2 years whether they are still happy with it. We currently have a Fisher & Paykel which we've had for 18 years but has become very noisy over the past few years.
No answers


Hisense HR6VFF280SD (Stainless Steel)Hisense HR6VFF280D (White)
TypeUpright FreezersUpright Freezers
Price (RRP) $899$899
Energy Rating33
Door OpeningLeftLeft

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