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Holden Combo XC (2003-2012)

Holden Combo XC (2003-2012)

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Overall, vehicle rates OK for what it is.

I purchased this vehicle April 2007 (New Zealand). in-which i still own to this day.

The engine is an small 1.4 Litre, Z14XEP 16v engine, Twin-Port, with actuated Intake manifold swirl-flaps. Cam-chain, with EGR emissions, also OBDII diagnostic port.

Upon purchase, my intention for the vehicle was to be an every-day commuter & general-purpose personal/private use only, and not commercial.
The van is well suited for all types of commuting, as-well as easy to drive, good visibility, and great fuel economy (average 12.5 to 13.5 km per litre).

After driving the vehicle from new for approximately 5-years, i noticed an small reduction in power/acceleration. I did some homework, and came to the conclusion the EGR-emissions system is an major drag on these engines, so i decided to 'delete' the EGR emissions system, and while doing so i removed and deactivate the intake-manifold swirl-flaps. It was time to clean the EGR gunk out of the engine, so i removed the engine-sump and noticed 'EGR soot (carbon)' debris starting to clog the Oil-Pan-Pickup-screen, cleaned and flushed out all the gunk. Removed the rocker-cover, and cleaned the rocker-cover EGR ports, the rocker cover EGR-ports were full of EGR-carbon deposits. Once everything was done, and put back together, engine flushed & new oil, the engine purred like a kitten, and has done so ever-since. Up-to this day, have traveled 375,000km's without any majors.
After the above repairs, the vehicle is more responsive, and with the 'intake manifold swirl-flaps removed) i have gained more top-end acceleration, with a small reduction in low-end acceleration (fair trade off in my opinion). With the EGR deleted, the engine idle's smoother, with no hesitation or stumbles, and the engine-oil appears a-lot cleaner.

Replaced clutch at 250,000km.(home job)
Replaced water-pump at 275,000 (home job)
Replaced timing-chain & tensioner and guides at 300,000 (home job)
Replaced the gear-linkage (eBay UK). (easy job, ensure to grease (rubber grease) well before fitting)
No major problems, just general maintenance such as brakes, fluids, the odd blown bulb..etc..

Good vehicle, would highly recommend to people that need an car and a van, with the added advantage of economy and easy-to-drive reliable vehicle (with consistent servicing).

Must service, do not skimp on oil-changes, these engines will not tolerate lack of servicing, and will start consuming (using oil) engine-oil if neglected. Good quality SYNTHETIC 5w-30 is great.

Happy motoring.

Date PurchasedApr 2007

Love my 2006 model

I bought the vehicle second hand in 2009 on the Gold Coast and promptly drove it back to Gladstone. I've used this car to carry props to different venues. This is my everyday drive and I have driven from Gladstone Qld to Wollongong NSW seven times so far and this car hasn't skipped a beat. I service the vehicle every 8 months. Have added a reverse camera and updated the sound system and added mags to stop that skating feeling around bends. Had to replace wiper motor and starter motor. Biggest problem I have had is finding a brown snake sleeping on the motor. This car has more than paid for itself.

Date PurchasedAug 2009


Use my 2004 Como every day and when I bought it (Cheap) it had 240,000 ks on it and went through the 10-40 synthetic oil so I changed to 15-60 synthetic Nulon and it still used a fair bit so I changed to 20w 50 Nulon mineral and at this stage its hardly using any oil and runs smooother.

Date PurchasedSep 2004

Great car, cannot fault it.

It drives like a small car but has plenty of room. I have never had any issues with it mechanically. I have heard that 2007 onward they changed the engine & that is why there are so many bad reviews. Really good on fuel too, it is probably more efficient than my old Excel.

Date PurchasedFeb 2010

Holden Combo XC

I have a 2007 Holden Combo, it was first my mums which she used on a rural mail run she bought the van to replace a 2003 Land Rover Defender 90 which was permanent 4x4 this little van went everywhere the Land Rover went without any problems. The van is abit low as a stock standard van but we had the springs and suspension raised so it's an extra inch higher. I am an apprentice plumber and I now use the van and I have only ever had to replace the gear selector that was the only issue I have ever had and I must say its the best car I have ever driven. I have also added 3 light bars, roof racks, reverse lights, and LED light strip around the back of the van and still have more things to do to it great car efficient on fuel and reliable.


Drive the other brand vans and you will change your mind

I think I well qualified to pass on my findings; we not only tried several different brand vans, but own 4 different types. I can make this easy and say, that if you spend all day zooming around in a little white van, that you will find a more enjoyable van elsewhere. In fairness to Holden our 2008 Combo was already about a decade old in technology (based on a two generation old Barina) and is now discontinued. Combos are good value, but a 3 year old French made van are about half the price of a new one, just make sure it has been well looked after and serviced. The French makers specialise in the little vans and Renault Kangoo has been the best selling little van in Europe for donkeys. The French vans are great handlers, but a bit quirky. If you can afford it, then go to a VW Caddy. I love driving the diesel auto, its the closest you will get to car like drive. The Holden Combo is always the last vehicle left in our yard in the morning as it feels like I'm steeping back a decade, with it poor handling and gutless motor. While people say its cheap to maintain, we had to put a S/H gearbox ($2,000) in our combo at 80,000kms. Also, someone (at Holden) over tightened the sump plug, which stripped the thread and they needed to replace the whole alloy sump. We had to pay $900 for someone else mistake, as the vehicle had only ever been serviced at a Holden Dealer. Yes, it was out of warranty and yes it makes me think twice about buying a new Combo, if they ever bring the new Combo model (Opel/Vauxhall) to Australia
Not a lot, when you know there is better out there
Its a van built on 90's technology and still sold up to 2013 vertually unchanged

terrible car

I bought 2007 model brand new holden combo.In first year fuel pump,petrol tank,computer gone and it took 2 weeks to fix them.Then in 55000 kms ,clutch,clutch cylinder,suspension all gone.After the mechanic fixed it ,it has never been like the original.This car was a [censored word removed]box.When i sold it , I became very happy men.Actually when i bought the car , i see a dent on the car, and showed the salesperson, he told me that when you come for service we will fix it for free, but when i went for service that salesperson left the company so Nobody beleived my story and they did not fix it.

No Parts in Australia

I've had my new combo for 9 months and unfortunately all the rubber hoses in the engine were chewed through by rats!!!! After taking the car back to the dealers (now undrivable) I was horrified to learn that the replacement hoses would take sometime to arrive from??????? who knows from where. After 2 full weeks I finally get a call to tell me the throttle body hose will arrive in 4 weeks time and there is "NO OUTLOOK" on the heater hose! Both these parts are so badly damaged the car is undrivable without them
Needless to say I'm completely dissatisfied with Holden's service. How can they be selling cars they can't back up with parts????. I bought an "Australian" car because I thought it would be easier and cheaper to maintain.
Car is just fine
Lack of back up service

I love mine.

After owning my Combo for 8 years it has only given me a very few minor problems, like when I put it into neutral to coast along to save petrol, the engine light sometimes goes on, and occasionally feels like it's only running on 3 cylinders. Once it cut out completely and we had to push it downhill to start it again.
It doesn't cost much to run and I can sleep diagonally in it ( I am rather short).
Poor ground clearance - very low.


Also had water dripping inside cabin on my big toe. There is a drain from the air con that blocks up. The battery compartment fills with leaves and is difficult to clean out.

Overall I have been very happy with the car. Does what it is supposed to.
So cheap to run. Averaged 7.1 l/100km over 60 000km. Loaded. Good sound system, easy to drive, good storage. Adjustable seat height.
I am 6'3". Would like it if seat went back an extra inch.The visibility at low speed is woeful. Huge blind spots because of the pillars and mirrors. Have busted two tyres on traffic islands in car parks I could not see.Turning right across four lanes is a nightmare because of the visibility.

from ford ute to holden combo

Have owned a 2001 ford ute with canopy for several years and have been happy with it. but all things come to an end..... fuel and maintenance were becoming an issue.... saw a combo at a holden dealership and thought it was worth a look..... carrying capacity was good... lots of room, can have 2 wheelie bins standing,, tool box,mower and more... paid $21000 on the road
Good Carrying capacity, very fuel efficient, easy parking... lots more room in my garage
Car seats are really poor... forklifts are more comfy.. air vents never really close... I really don't need freezing air blowing on my face at 4.a.m ..

Just an update... Car has just done 40,000 k. In 16 months,,, get it serviced at Nundah .... Motor goes well....... Yes it might be slow off the mark.... But it's not a sports car..... It's a work vehicle .... Not one issue yet..... My back has adjusted to the seat.... Replaced wiper blades, & air filter, that's all so far... Tyres should be ok for another 10 thousand ,,Have just hit 81000 k's will have had the car for 3 years in about 3 weeks,, no mechanical problems at all,,very reliable,, drove through floodwater ,, water over bonnet,, was really getting concerned ,, but just drove through like it was nothing,,very impressed Combo has now done 160,000 k’s 6 years old and still drives great,, Only thing replaced has been tyres & Water pump . The rear break light on the doors fell off a few times because of being bumped with wheelie bins,, Silicon fixers that problem,, Still a great little worker ,,


I have a 2004 Holden Combo and find it excellent to buying a 1 tonne van. It drives like a car and is much zipper than I thought. Very comfy inside for a van with carpeted interior. Probably needs another set of speakers to improve sound system. Plenty of room for stuff in the back and even fits 2 humans on a mattress! The worst thing is the massive blind spot when reversing (now I know why so many people have fitted a window in the side sliding door) Also has a massive windscreen and sun can be annoying even with sunshades down. Very cheap on fuel (about $45 to fill). Overall a great little van.
Easy to drive, very zippy, comfortable, cheap to run.
road noise (especially when empty) and blind spot

Questions & Answers

what is the selling price on 2006 holden combo
No answers

i want buy cheap one from a dealer for $2500 did about 170KMS did 173441ks
No answers

I have a 2006 xc combo -is there a changeable fuel filter 'and where is it ? I gave full service and still having problems starting first thing of a morning.
2 answers
Hi, Open the bonnet, secure up with the stay, open your arms a little and put them inside the engine bay, drop your right arm down .. there (!) you've probably touched the filter... easiest of all the vehicles I've owned to service. Filters can be cleaned I think if only lightly soiled ... but usually about $20 + to replace and a piece of cake to do so. Sorry, not able to suggest remedy for starting. RPetrol engine Holden Combo, fitted with the Z14XEP engine, the fuel-filter location is under the vehicle, attached to the undercarriage of the vehicle, Left-Hand-Side Rear, just before the Rear Tyre. You will need an special-hand-tool to remove the fuel-filter, the tool presses the filters holding-tabs in, to enable it's removal. Tool similar to this (link) http://maerkang.org/fuel-filter-pliers.html


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