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SB (1998-2002) and XC (2003-2012)
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what is the selling price on 2006 holden combo
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I have a severe rattle cluck noise, towards middle to rear, when stopping and driving and ingear change. What could this bemaybe.
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paid a lot of money for new holden combo egr valve 6000 k's ago. Symbol has come up on dash again. Can I clean it myself without going back to ripoff mechanic?
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Providing details of your vehicles Year, Model, Engine, Petrol and/or Diesel helps people, to help you. If your engine is the 1.4 Z14XEP (petrol)?, there is an EGR Blanking-Kit (eBay), the kit provides an blank to shut-off the EGR, and an small electronic emulator, the emulator needs to be wired in-to your existing EGR-harness (easy, comes with instructions), the emulator will simulate/fool the vehicles ECU (computer) to believe the EGR is in normal operation, therefore the computer will not throw a fault code. Hope this helps. Good-luckBelow is the link to the EGR Blanking kit, i referred to earlier. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/03-EGR-AGR-Simulator-Emulator-for-Opel-Vauxhall-1-0-1-2-1-4-Corsa-Agila-Astra/181180609770?hash=item2a2f34b4ea:g:QKAAAOSwtGlZAi6vThanks so much - have booked into another mechanic meanwhile. But I'll be keeping this information. (I'm just a little scared of mucking things up. But if I can get a friend to help me, I'll definitely give this a go. )Thanks again.

Can I put a commodore seat and rails in it so I have more leg room
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How to take off the door panel
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i want buy cheap one from a dealer for $2500 did about 170KMS did 173441ks
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I have a 2002 XC Holden Combo and I’m finding that it won’t rev over 3000rpms. Has anyone ever had this issue and if so how was it fixed?
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I have a 2006 xc combo -is there a changeable fuel filter 'and where is it ? I gave full service and still having problems starting first thing of a morning.
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Hi, Open the bonnet, secure up with the stay, open your arms a little and put them inside the engine bay, drop your right arm down .. there (!) you've probably touched the filter... easiest of all the vehicles I've owned to service. Filters can be cleaned I think if only lightly soiled ... but usually about $20 + to replace and a piece of cake to do so. Sorry, not able to suggest remedy for starting. RPetrol engine Holden Combo, fitted with the Z14XEP engine, the fuel-filter location is under the vehicle, attached to the undercarriage of the vehicle, Left-Hand-Side Rear, just before the Rear Tyre. You will need an special-hand-tool to remove the fuel-filter, the tool presses the filters holding-tabs in, to enable it's removal. Tool similar to this (link) http://maerkang.org/fuel-filter-pliers.html

I own a 2002 combo, I'm losing coolant and just wondering if the water pump is near the belts cause there's no water coming out of the radiator?
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Yes, the water pump is driven by the belts. You should see coolant seeping out of the water pump. Thats your warning to get it fixed soon

Just bought a 2003 Combo XC that has the 1.6lt petrol engine in it. Finding no book available to do the simple things to it mechanically. Does anyone know what service repair manual to buy (brand & book number please)?
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This might help, I have the same combo ,and I found by accident the combo is listed in the 97 barina gregorys service manual . Other than that I use Google as the Holden dealer is pretty useless ,so just Google e.g. combo brake repairs and it will come up hope this helps

Can you tell me where in the engine is the clutch oil fill up container? Thanks
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Sorry have no idea. I leave that to the mechanicsOn my Combo, it's currently located under the muffler, just next to the radio volume button, because when the metal recycling crusher rearranged the vehicle configuration, that's where it ended up. Not sure how to access it now because it's under a heap of other squashed cars. Hope its more usefull in its futiure recycled life. Hope this help. A special thanks to our insurance company...

How to change the thermostat on a combo?
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No idea,,,, I let my Mechanic do the mechanical stuff,,,, he is a good guy

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