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Holden Commodore VZ

Holden Commodore VZ

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SV6 - Safe, sure, reliable. Power when I need it

With very few options after my car was stolen and Real Insurance 'conveniently' lowered the agreed value on the last renewal of the pay-by-the-month insurance, I bought my first Holden.
A second hand 2006 SV6 commodore.

Wow! Power when I need it for towing for moving house (who needs a removalist when I have this beast??)

When using it day-to-day the only thing I need to remember is not to be tempted to floor it, which keeps the economy surprisingly good. But it's so cool to have the power when I need it ;)

The ride is smooth even in offroad situations, something I wasn't expecting.

The other thing is allowing it to go through the startup checks when putting the key in - the 10-15 seconds is a little annoying at first but it reminded me of being a kid and Dad warming up the car first.

Mechanical - It had a minor issue with oil pressure but a quick visit to the Commodore forums told me this was likely from someone not using the right oil. Flushed it and it hasn't missed a beat since! Service costs are so low they are a joke after having owned Japanese and Euro cars for years!

Highly recommended as long as you're not a lead-foot ;)

Purchased in July 2017 for $4,900.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

Great car sadly murdered by GM

Like Saab I've no idea how Holden did such a car with so little respect from Detroit. GM. The most misguided car outfit ever.
Our VZ has all the gear and equipment you really need even 14yrs on. Great on rough roads. Rugged. Nice on my eyes too. Nothing special but a well thought out family car for the pre-SUV era.
Full electrics, huge space, nicely weighted steering, auto headlights, locking (and a real key I love not a credit card to go wrong!).
Fuel economy is awful and safety should be better. Many are driven by goons. Yet 2 to 4 airbags, abs isn't enough for 2005. Great boot. Just a nice simple car with an easy to access engine bay vs our other cars!

Purchased in January 2018 for $2,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

Aussie icon and I love it

I had a 2005 sv6 the hsv by design edition as well as a Lumina 2005 ar the same time at one stage both were low kms and were well maintained by their original owners.

The sv6 was 5 speed, leather seats, body kit and shifters on the stearing wheel. Wsy above average for the cars around ay that time.

And the lumina had its body kit and the inside wasnt much different than other vzs.

The vz was a great car, quick of the mark, solid and if the car was looked after then you are a happy driver.

Only con about them is that due to their age the little annoying things continually require fixing such as thermostat, radiator and leaking hoses

BadgeSV6 Z Series
Engine Size3.6
Date PurchasedMay 2015

Avoid VZ commodores

Bought as daily driver, 2nd hand. Worst car I've ever owned. Overcharging and burning relays. No mechanics or auto elecs can tell me why.
2nd set of timing chains after 250thou ks.
Sensors dying left right & centre.
Rattles & noises galore.
Trash mileage.
Just a heap of junk in general.
Avoid holdens.

Engine Size3.6
Date PurchasedSep 2018

Solid working man's wagon and *very* reliable!

Hot chilli red (HSV colour), bought in June 2010 ex-Services (CFA) fleet, 84,000km. A bit of neglect of it on their part as they transitioned to the VE Omega in their fleet, and intensive effort to clean up engine once bought. Interior trim and furnishings A1. Fitted sheepies to front, compatible with seat-flank airbags. Ultra comfy! Fast forward 8 years and this much-travelled, serviced-to-the-book workhorse has proven to be the most reliable, efficient and fearless of any car I have owned in 27 years. Taken around Australia in July-October 2011/32,000km/2 scheduled services (not towing). Not a single problem to report. Averages 7.4L/100km on Surf Coast-Melbourne-Albury/Wodonga running PULP98 -- no aggro city/suburban driving. Have seen similar/identical cars which have been tampered with enthusiastically by backyard mechanics, and this has lead to huge problems of erratic, faulting and generally unreliable operation as a direct result of interference and forced modification. These cars do not take well to fiddling with electronics and the engine. I don't really recommend 91RON petrol as this does not bring out the best in the Alloytec which is capable of phenomenal fuel economy in the right conditions (extended freeway driving, especially) with higher octane fuel (95-98, but not 100). And so...now at 183,220km won't be shoving it off any time now or in the near future!

Engine Size3.8
Date PurchasedJun 2010

Wouldn't recommend this car to anyone

Really regret purchasing this car. Have nothing but trouble since buying it. The new engine that were installed in the VZ model are a pain to repair. Since purchasing this car, I have had to replace tyres 6 times, coil pack, 3 spark plugs and running it on gas has misfired 8 imes.
Will never buy another holden commadore.

Engine Size3.6
Date PurchasedApr 2017

190kw it's quick

I live the vz sv6 commodore anyone who has been in my car loves it the tech is good handle on a dime it is truly a blessing to own i have done some small mods to it nothing that voids any warranty put bigger rims bigger stereo better holden brakes it's beautiful i would recommend this to anyone

Engine Size3.8
Date PurchasedApr 2017

The steel horse

My Holden Adventra LX6 is a excellent city and cruising car with a quiet interior.
The front leather seats are superb with full electric adjustments of a standard only available in much more expensive European cars.
The interior is very roomy with no issues with getting comfortable.
The boot space is larger than most vehicles and is fitted with a full size spare wheel.
The car has excellent acceleration and towing power.
I had reliability issues when I purchased the car which had 38000 showing with frequent warnings showing..
I persevered and was able to address all the issues which included timing chain, fuel injectors and coil packs.
These costs incurred were much less than would have been on imported cars.
I have completed 160000 kms now and am most pleased and can drive anywhere without concern.
The fuel consumption is 10.5 litres per 100 kms on the highway and up to 15 litre per 100 around the city.

BadgeAdventra LX6
BodyAWD wagon
Engine Size3.6
Date PurchasedJul 2011

Holden got it right with this one

I have owned a 2006 V6 VZ acclaim for about 5 years now. Sold my old VP and was sceptical about the VZ. Bought it with 70,000k on the clock. Now has 250,000K. Tow a trailer, do a lot of dirt road driving and a fair few K's every year. I don't go crazy but I am no grandad behind the wheel either I change the oil and filter regularly @ 10-15,000ks and this is important. You need to use good quality oil.This car has been rock solid with very few issues so far. No leaks. Parts are cheap. Dropped one ignition coil that left me stranded and unfortunately necessitated the removal of the plenum to replace it. Some silly design things on the VZ make it awkward to service sometimes but hey.... Only just replaced the original water pump but not left stranded. Easy fix and easy to get at. When I bought it the auto trans was rough shifting. After getting a standard engine oil change the issue disappeared. My mechanic did not do anything to the transmission. Yup !! ?? All in all a great car and a real workhorse. Has been very reliable but I look after it. Plenty of space and comfortable on a long drive. Good safety features as standard. Excellent brakes. Great high beams for country driving.Handling pretty average but it is not a sports car. Dislike the sticky antenna (VP was the same), crap side mirrors and visibility, poor standard audio system.

Engine Size3.6
Date PurchasedJan 2011

Grandfathers VZ Commodore

Has done over 300,000 kms since he bought it in 2007,water pump failed,has had a brake reline & rear shock absorbers which I fitted & radiator fitted,my grandfather replaced the radiator.
Has been an infallible car since after the water pump failed.
Good fuel consumption (900 kms per tank highway cycle).

Date PurchasedMar 2007
Engine Size3.6 litre


Comfortable to drive with great acceleration and reasonable handling. Nice and roomy interior and bootspace, good stereo, and dashboard components.
I bought it secondhand from work as a ex managers car that had low kms and had a good service history. It's probably good fuel economy for it's size, but I imagine it would be better on gas. Power is not a problem, delivering when and where you need it to.
Unfortunately 3 weeks after buying it the radiator went (which was misdiagnosed by a mechanic as a hose clamp) and in turn the head gasket blew. $1500 later it turned out to not be such a bargain afterall. I'm told it's unheard of for the heads to go in these, but that's little comfort.

An excellent, reliable and safe car

The VZ Commodore, for me, has been fantastic since day one of ownership. I own the Acclaim model. One step up from the base version (Executive)

The VZ is my first car. I am it's third owner. It was previously owned by a nursing home, and then by a family. I purchased this car through a private seller in February 2013. It's had a full service history and has never given me a day of trouble.

I've fully maintained the car mechanically with a full service history and i always keep it clean. It's in my favourite colour (deep red) and drives very smoothly.

It handles well over all surfaces of the road and it's quite fuel efficient. The car sometimes needs a little encouragement when accelerating up hill. Aside from that, no complaints.

It has ABS braking, traction control and two front airbags. They say the alloytech engine present in the VZ is not as durable as the ecotec in the VY model, manufactured the previous year. However, in my experience, alloytech has been extremely reliable so far.

It has a single disc cd stereo. For a factory fitted sound system, it has very good sound quality and bass.

The car is very spacious, with plenty of room for passengers and the boot space is generous. I love the power steering and the stereo controls on the steering wheel.

You may find yourself replacing parts occasionally. The water pump is a common suspect.

But that's nothing too bad. I've experienced squeaks coming from the engine bay, which turned out to be a misaligned pulley on the timing belt.

Aside from a couple of small things, which are nothing major, the car is virtually bulletproof in terms of performance.

If you are a car owner, with any car in general, you can expect to pay for some maintenance.

In conclusion, it's been the best car i have driven. As well as the best car i have ridden in. A very smooth ride. And looks great from the outside. Awesome design!

Even after 225,000 km on the clock, it drives like new. I would recommend this model to anyone looking for a safe, reliable and economical car. My VZ should be around for years to come.

Engine Size3.8 Litre, 6 cylinder V6

Its the most reliable car i ever had

I own a 2004 Vz commodore for 8 yrs now, it has 138000 on the clock. I bought from government auction with great service history.
It has a wonderful smooth v6 engine, very quiet and yet powerful enough to drive in any circumstances. I owned 20 different other cars, i simply could not find a reason to get rid of this car. The only reason i can think of is probably the fuel consumption is onthe high side. 15l/100km. During the 8 years of my ownership i serviced the car myself, regular oil and oil filter change, nothing requires more attention. Only issue is the power door actut fails once, boot gas strut replaced. To my surprise this car has not cost me anything else. Not a single mechanic failure. I owned vw, bmw, audi previously, they all have problems that either cost me fortune to get repaired or mechanical have no clues how to source the parts. I always say to my family it is more reliable than any of the toyotas. What more could i ask for?

I agree with everything you said and more.

I am experiencing all of these problems and more with my VZ wagon.
Other problems I have experienced are:
With age the fuel economy is very poor, even after servicing.
Engine mounts cracked and leaking.
The door handle release has broken twice and has had to be replaced.
The fuel housing cover sticks, and won't open sometimes.
Power window console box had to be relpaced.
The thermostat is porely positioned and hard to get at (behind the gear box)
The screen over the dash gauges is set at an angle which makes it hard to read.
Water pump went not long after I got it, causing the power steering to fail.
2 metal plates (part of the steering rack I think) have had to bee replaced twice.
Central locking doesn't work properly, especially on hot days.
Mesh over the speakers has deteriorated.
Nearly all of the hood lining has come away from the roof (sagging)
The handle to open the boot is made of plastic. Has deteriorated twice and had to be replaced.
The fin above the hatch door has deteriorated and broke off.
The tail light interior access covers have broken off.
Both back of the front seats have been replaced because they have pulled away.
The weather shields on the front windows deteriorate quickly, they have been replaced 3 times.
I thought this was a luxury car when I bought it, but is very porely manufactured and not made to last.
Forget about the romantic notion of an Australian Holden being the car to have.
They are absolutely overpriced and are garbage.

VE Calais battery drain resolution

I own a VE Calais 06 model, with a 6.0L in it.
I must say I'm very disappointed in Holden,
1. How the car was over all made
2. How holden handled my claim
3. The stupidity on some people thinking they could overcharge me based on my gender (female)
Anyways, the problem.. I bought the car used 8 months ago, didn't miss a beat until now.
The battery and now the alternator are both fried having replaced them both anyways. I did some research and 'apparently' they're infamous for this problem.. my question!

If Holden knows this why not fix it?
Grrr, I must say I love this car but I won't be buying another.. rant over!

Engine SizeV8 6.0L

Standard family sedan, good when it works- Would not buy another

We had a VY series 2 executive for 4 years from 90,000ks until 195,000 when we sold it. The first two years were mostly trouble free until it got over 120,000ks and it started to show wear and fall apart. A very poorly made car and was very dissapointed. On paper, it seemed good value for money, very spacious especially for a family and pretty well equipped for a standard executive. If it was more reliable and well built would have considered another.

The engine, while good off the mark was hopeless after 3500 rpms and felt as though it was choking up.

The interior seats also wore out with the material becoming loose and come away from the foam.

Bits that didnt work or broke:
- Dash light dimmer switch
- front power window switch (replaced passenger side front twice!)
- Centre Console lid became very loose and would not tighten
- Side plastic strips on the exterior of all doors continuously came off- a poor quality glue/ tape was used from factory
- Power mirrors had a mind of their own and worked when they wanted to.
- Audio controls on the steering wheel came out of their sockets and remained loose, never worked or had replaced after 130,000ks
- Boot release like the mirrors, worked when it wanted to.
- The front passenger door lock actuator failed
- The alarm would go off on a hot day for no reason:
- Would sometimes go to start it and the dash would go blank and not start. A second attempt always started- with exception of 3 incidents.

All of the above made for a frustrating car to own. The only thing that worked well was the air conditioning.
The car had its full service history and we maintained it, however the engine became more harsh and lost power as it became older and became a lot less fuel efficient despite the servicing! The gearbox also began to have a clunk in second gear towards the end, and this car was not even driven hard.

I thought maybe we had brought a lemon.. appears not. 4 other people at work who have a VY ,VZ and VE experienced very similar issues and some even worse (leaving them stranded on highways) and have also since sold their holden for a japanese make including ourselves.

Its unfortunate but maybe holden manufacturing going overseas might not be such a bad thing and they may produce some quaility built vehicles that last.
Roomy interior, engine power, good Air conditioning, Boot space, good equipment level for a standard model
Poorly built, fell apart, mechanically weak, shoddy electricals, no re-sale value

Engine Size3.8L

Great Aussie car

VZ SV8 auto sedan, bought it 2nd hand with 26000 klm, put LPG on and bigger exhaust. Owned for 6 years now and has 200,000 klms never had a problem, regular services done at wakelings Campbelltown. Tow occasionally. 10.5l/ 100 on gas is a dream. Best car I've ever had for sure. Plenty of power on tap, can't understand why they built bigger V8s.
V8 power, LPG tank fits in boot easily, still looks good, affordable, reliable. Cheap to run.
No cd stacker, no speakers on rear parcel tray area

Engine Size5.7L


I bought a used VZ commodore from a government auction. I can Say I made the Biggest mistake of my life. I have had it for 2 years now and I have taken it back to the dealer dozens of times for problems that just seem to pop up, here is a small list!!
- ABS fault on dashboard (took to dealer 3 times, ABS system changed under wrnty)
- Airbag fault on dahsboard (rectified)
- Car started oveheating (Took it to the dealer paid $80 even though had just serviced it)
- Car pulling to the left (Camber on on side is bigger than the other CANT BE FIXED - COMES LIKE THAT FROM THE FACTORY - left is 0.38 right is 0.58)
- COOLANT LEAK (Replaced hose pipe O rings under warranty)
- Ingnition key jamming into the barrel (Replaced ignition barrel under warranty)
- FUEL GAUGE error with petrol smell in cabin (Replaced petrol cap under warnty)
- ABS light on dashboard came up again after ABS system replaced (Apparently I need to replace SPEED SENSOR for $155)
- IDLER Pulley noisy (removed and replaced under warranty)
- Front Strut top mounts and strut bearing and bushes all replaced because car making noised while turning or going over bumps

THE LIST GOES ON AND ON - I TAKE CARE OF MY CAR - AND I HAVE SPEND SO MUCH MONEY FIXING IT - AND IT HAS NEVER GIVEN ANYTHING BACK TO ME - HOLDEN IS BAD and people give it much more credit that they deserve (I am not sure why). Even though most of my faults were fixed under warranty, to this day new faults keep presenting that I need to PAY FOR because warranty has finished! RIDICULOUS!!
Excellent ride and handling - Superb braking (Better than the japanese) - Feels like an expensive car to drive BUT THATS ABOUT IT
BAD RELIABILITY - LOTS OF PROBLEMS - LOOKS UGLY and PLAIN - INTERIOR DESING IS BAD - Why are the window switches in the centre console?? Never undrestood that - Also why are the wipers set to be on speed sensitive (THEY ARE ALWAYS TOO FAST you either have to do it manually or switch them off) - WHY isnt there an alarm beep to warn you when you have left your headlights on before you walk off your car?? Every car has that including my 1999 FALCON AU!!!!

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2 years later after this review, I am honoured to add the following problems. Coolant leak evident now (again) dripping from the front of the car (have no fixed yet). Went to Pedders because the car had rattles and knocking from the steering/suspension. A preliminary report came back and Pedders said all bushes and suspension need replacing, cost $2000. Steering rack now has a clicking noise every time I turn, Pedders said is still okay to drive for now, but will need replacing in the near future ($900). Petrol smell in the cabin comes and goes - never rectified. While the fan is on - blowing air inside the cabin from the front vents, on high speeds it changes by itself blowing air from the windscreen vents! When I slow down it changes back!! What gives?


Great car with huge amounts of room for the family. Keep her serviced and she will serve you well. Australian built, so we are keeping local people employed.
Quality of finish was good and standard features enhance safety.
I got mine at the government auctions and found good resale value when I sold it.
The VE Sportwagon has nowhere near the room in the back, 2 sets of golf clubs VS 4 in the older, long wheel base wagons.
For Holden Commodore 2004 - 2006 Acclaim Wagon.
Huge amount of space and fleible interior for carrying the oversize loads. Verey comfortable on long trips and good fuel economy whilst touring. Adjustable roof racks are great and can carry 80 KG.
Traction control can be a killer! It backs off the throttle at the most inapropriate times.
Some minor leaks in heavy rain. Broken door lock in warranty period but all fixed by friendly staff. Fuel economy can suffer if driven with a heavy foot around town, if nursed will improve dramatically.


If you don't really want the hassle and fuel prices of the V8 SS, then I would definitely recommend the SV6. It accelerates very nicely when called upon, and with smooth driving I managed a very respectable 8.0litres per 100km consistantly in mixed city/country trips. The interior is much better looking than the VE, although it is a little tired having been used in the VY, but I never found that an issue. The seating and legroom I found very comfortable with controls easy to access and use, and there was more than enough boot space. The only reason I got rid of this car was to upgrade to a VZ Clubsport!
For Holden Commodore 2004 - 2006 SV6. Absolutely everything. I received great service at a reasonable price, the look of the car still holds its own, the power is terrific and there was more than enough room for tall people!
Maybe the fact that the transmission failed (I had a 6spd manual) and needed replacement under warranty - but hey, I didn't have to pay for it!

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Failed transmission and you gave it a 5 star? This is like a huge problem and it can occur again at any time. I would like to see if the transmission fails again when you are out of warranty, then how many stars would you give it?

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Can I put my computer out of my vz sv6 onto another vz sv6 engine
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04 executive is coding an ECC fault, from what I can find on here and forums that seems to be climate control but my car just has the standard heater and aircon not actual climate control, please help?
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Holden Commodore VZ
CategoryWagons, Cars and Sedans
Starting Price $32,990
TransmissionAutomatic and Manual
Drive TypeRear Wheel Drive (RWD)
Fuel TypePetrol
Wheels17" Alloy
ANCAP Safety Rating4 Stars
Fuel Consumption11 L/100km
Engine6 Cylinder 3.6L
Max Power172kW @ 6000rpm
Max Torque320Nm @ 2800rpm
Country of ManufactureAustralia
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)
Release dateJan 2004
Discontinuation dateDec 2006
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