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ZB (2018), VE (2006-2013), VF (2013-2017), VS (1995-1997), VT (1997-2000) and 3 more
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HSV 'Clubsport' Series 2 Auto 5.7 Litre Sedan

Having sold my VT Series 2 SS (see my other review) I decided to buy an entry level 'HSV' Holden Special Vehicles 'Club Sport'.

I initially looked at buying a VT Series 2 'Club Sport' but after seeing quite a few cars & doing my research I opted for the VX 'Club Sport'. Whilst the VT has a really nice body kit (IMHO) it looks a little similar to the SS.

The VX has a very distinct body kit which sets it apart from SS Commodores & HBD Holden By Design body kits.

Mine is a 2 owner 2002 Series 2 'Clubsport', auto & black with the 255 kw Ls1 motor. I paid $8500 which I consider to be what they are worth & everyone comments I got it cheap!

It has 148 000 documented kms.

The only modifications are Pedders Springs, 19 inch Wheels & 'cat back' exhaust for that V8 note. (** Importantly I have the original OEM 18 inch Wheels, OEM Springs & OEM Exhaust **).

It comes with standard dual front airbags, front side airbags, ABS & traction control.

The brakes are 296 mm by 28 mm ventilated front discs with two piston callipers and 286 mm by 16 mm solid rear discs w/single piston callipers (ClubSport R8 has 330 mm by 32 mm front and 316 mm by 18 mm rear discs).

Yes there was a brake 'upgrade' option for the base Club Sport so check out the vehicle log books (** Many owners have upgraded their own HSV's with various after market performance brake packages. I personally prefer factory upgrade options but it's your call **).

Standard features include 18-inch alloy wheels, 6 speaker sound system w/CD player, air con (** Climate Control on R8 Club Sport's, some base 'Club Sports' have climate control as an upgrade **), Recaro-type front Seats, cruise control, fog lights, height and reach adjustable leather-wrapped steering wheel/gear shift knob, central locking, pwr windows/mirrors, immobiliser, limited slip rear diff.

The VX 2 Club Sport’s rear suspension was fitted with toe control links for better tyre wear, which is another reason I went for this model.

The car can run on normal unleaded 91 ron with some power loss but runs best at 95 ron.

The thing I can't emphasis enough is to get a car that is stock or can be taken back to stock. So many cars on the market have been modified especially engine wise. I am not comfortable with other people's engine modifications UNLESS I personally know the owner & car or there is a comprehensive detailed engine modification list carried out by a reputable workshop (** Keep in mind insurance restrictions and/or demands of modified vehicles/drivers. Do your homework **).

IMHO engine modifications that are not factory detract from the cars value & appeal. I can live w/ aftermarket exhaust & wheels (maybe sound system) but that's about it. The owner had the OEM parts for my car & that's why I bought it, plus the engine was factory standard.

Performance is good at 255 kws & the handling is very tight over say an SS (as it should be). Build quality is good as it should (** the original purchase price of $60 000 plus back in the day! **).

There are so many HSV's on the market so take your time.

Mine was advertised at $11500 for months (** I had a list of ads I was watching for months on various on line sites **). I made the call, checked it out & haggled it down to $8500 cash. I know I can sell it for $8000 - $8500 if I keep it in this condition easily down the line.

The HSV shares a lot of it's DNA with the Holden Commodore so that makes parts buying easier.

Some specific HSV items are a little more expensive but you can hunt around online & find parts at reasonable prices.

Get yourself a comprehensive service manual (** I got mine on line **). There are so many things you can do on your own & online forums are a great resource for help & information.

Keep in mind that a stamped log book can increase value of a car BUT this is a personal thing. Mine had HSV servicing to 100 000 kms then a reputable independent mechanic's afterwards. I can live with this but it's your call.

Finally make sure the interior is looked after - no rips fading, etc. Check the steering wheel leather is in good condition, also check the body kit especially the front spoiler/grill lip & side skirts aren't cracked & damaged. If they are get them priced to repair and/or replace & deduct from purchase price they ARE expensive. You will find many HSV's have some damage to the body kit.

Will the HSV's be collectible?

Maybe, there have been so many HSV variations produced. They are still to some extent 'exclusive' but there are too many on the market & some are simply overpriced due to owners spending thousands on modifications. IMHO only pristine low mileage examples will be worth something.

Remember despite what an owner tells you about the thousands he/she has poured into the car - a 'Club Sport' is always a 'Club Sport' keep that in mind.

For people like me I'm more interested in driving one, having some fun (** yes they are fun! **), then moving on to my next car without losing a ton of money, it's that simple.

Engine Size5.7

2004 SS Wagon

Brilliant < 40,000 klm example in Black with Red Leather. Great ride, response and presence on the road. Hopefully this vehicle will appreciate in value over the coming years. What would you expect to pay for such a vehicle. It is mint and I mean MINT. A little heavy on fuel however not a problem due to the return you receive when you want/need to put your foot down.


Also a Ford XR owner who bought the SV6. Question safety of this car

As a general comment- yes agree with other reviewer, the interior is better than the Falcon and key arrangement by wheel is a bit of a blob.
The SV6 goes ok but only if whipped. The Commi has nowhere near the torque of the Falcon. Falcon has instant pull and punch at almost any speed whilst Commi needs to be at right rev range to get going.
Commi SV6 handles better than the Falcon, Falcon has way better brakes!!!! The Commi doesn't as quickly get its weight forward and down over the front axle when on the anchors, so it feels a bit hairy when needing the brakes all of a sudden.
Side and rear vision in the Commodore is appallingly bad. Yes the proximity warning lights in the side mirrors help but I have found them not to be foolproof.
Commi doesn't have folding back seats like the Falcon.

Parts availability and safety a concern.
Had prang with my front into rear of car that locked its brakes up in front of me. Hit that car at about 15 km/hr, No airbag deploy, I couldn't open the front driver of passenger doors after. I had to kick a door open. I reported this to Holden- no return response. Surprising that a low speed impact would trap occupants.

Car went to Panel Beaters. It took nearly 3 months to get new bonnet . Bad

Engine Size3.6

ford fan converted to holden sv6

Very impressed with the 2015 VF SV6 so far.Only had this car for 5weeks.Goes well love the interior and it doesn't look cheap like the ford.Being a tall person in a little bit iffy on where keys go to start car.The best fuel economy I have had so far would be around 9 litres per 100kms. Car looks good goes well never thought I would ever own a Holden luv it.

BadgeSV6 Storm
Engine Sizesv6

VE S2 Z SV6 2013: Static FM radio. Carbon buildup in Heads

Had car since 1500km, now on 60k. Car is comfortable and a pleasure to drive. It's very economical in rural/remote areas, above average in urban areas. But, there are persistent problems.

1. Comfortable family car for 4 adults (not 5).
2. Cruises nicely and average 7.6litres per 100km on rural driving. Around city, average around 11-13.
3. Great looking.
4. Holden Roadside Assistance is awesome. The many issues experienced below, including three recoveries (all covered by warranty), Roadside Assistance has been fantastic when stuck on side of the road.

1. Static noise on FM Radio (all frequencies). Noticeable when driving around. Ford FG G6 has no issues. Remember listening to AM radio and driving under high voltage lines hearing static. There is no difference. Antenna mount replaced. Connections behind radio checked. Cable throughout cabin is checked. Under warranty, five Holden dealers still fail to locate the fault.
2. Touch screen display is great, but sound system is very average.
3. Known problem with having excessive build-up of carbon in the heads. Car is kept in mint condition, not thrashed, never towed and always serviced. Car recovered under warranty and repaired twice.
4. Radio fails to turn off when removing ignition key and opening door. If volume is down and you don't notice the radio is on, you could return to a flat battery. Switch in drivers door has been replaced twice under warranty. Roadside Assistance contacted to jump-start on three occasions (all under warranty).
5. Five adults are squashed in this car. Suitable for only four adults/kids.

BadgeSV6 Z Series

Perfect car

Great looking reliable car.. I moved to Australia in 2009 , first time i got into a Taxi commodore and fell in love instantly so rented a car for next week and again drives awesome. I bought a brand soon after in 2010 and its been reliable great car since then.


VF Redline 2015

I own a manual vf redline 2015 and it's an unreliable vehicle. Had the same issue 4 times this year - unable to reverse or get the gear to shift in reverse. Took it to holden service centre they said it was fixed, guess what - not fixed. Twice it was amended by NRMA road side assistance (vehicle was pushed out from the garage onto the road driven by NRMA road side personnel = temporary fix). 3rd time NRMA sent a tow truck for the vehicle to be delivered to holden service centre. They kept the car for 1 week+ and stated problem has been resolved.
4th time as of today took it back to holden to get it checked out.

As a customer of Holden for future buyers/purchasers, don't spend money on any holdens, their vehicle are not the same anymore and definitely unreliable.

BadgeSS V Redline
Engine Size6L V8

Beaut car

I love my VF storm drives beautifully looks amazing is extremely comfortable I have had it for just on four weeks I had a bit of a hiccup with the air con however Holden fixed it and have had no problems since Highly recommend this car Love love love it


Series 1 VE

So this is now an older car so this review is clearly for second hand buyers.
I've had my VE Lumina (slightly optioned Omega) for 5 years, it was made in 2008. I've had no serious mechanical faults in 230,000km.
It's needed a new power steering pump pulley, which I was told "they all need".. it was $180 to have done.
It has a nasty 'clunk' in the front suspension that is more noise than any serious issue, sounds like strut towers need doing. I've heard this is quite a common issue.
It leaked from the top radiator hose, this was a pretty cheap fix.

All other issues were standard wear and tear, brakes etc.
The v6 (non-SIDI) is plenty powerful enough and the car comfortably runs the family about.


Very practical and good value family wagon

Bought this 2003 VY Acclaim V6 auto wagon new from a Holden dealer. Quicksilver colour and only option was a cargo barrier. For a large wagon it was easy to drive and park but had much load space for regular family holidays (four people plus usual luggage). Good performance although the engine sounded coarse when revved. Old tech four speed auto was often unresponsive. However very good fuel consumption for the size of vehicle with about 9 l/100km cruising on the highway and 13/14 l/100km around the city. The car was serviced by the book with very low maintenance costs and few unexpected repairs. The first set of tyres lasted 55,000km and the second set 65,000km. Only cost about $100 each to replace. Front brake pads lasted 99,000km and rear pads 130,000km! Still on the second set of pads when the car was sold the car at 172,000km in early 2013. Good ownership experience. Overall very practical vehicle for a growing family, easy to drive and affordable to own.
Spacious interior and cargo area, easy to drive and good ownership experience
Dated engine and auto trans but worked well!

Engine Size3.8L


Comfortable to drive with great acceleration and reasonable handling. Nice and roomy interior and bootspace, good stereo, and dashboard components.
I bought it secondhand from work as a ex managers car that had low kms and had a good service history. It's probably good fuel economy for it's size, but I imagine it would be better on gas. Power is not a problem, delivering when and where you need it to.
Unfortunately 3 weeks after buying it the radiator went (which was misdiagnosed by a mechanic as a hose clamp) and in turn the head gasket blew. $1500 later it turned out to not be such a bargain afterall. I'm told it's unheard of for the heads to go in these, but that's little comfort.

gave nearly 7 years of good service

Bought this car with 136500 km on the clock and only just sold it with 341000 km on the clock. Only things that i had to replace outside normal service items included the radiator, alternator and the cd player. Went through rear tyres at an alarming rate however this is a common vy problem. Only sold the car because the fuel sender was playing up and the transmission was starting to show signs of wear. Motor and diff were still perfect

Engine Size3.8 litre

An excellent, reliable and safe car

The VZ Commodore, for me, has been fantastic since day one of ownership. I own the Acclaim model. One step up from the base version (Executive)

The VZ is my first car. I am it's third owner. It was previously owned by a nursing home, and then by a family. I purchased this car through a private seller in February 2013. It's had a full service history and has never given me a day of trouble.

I've fully maintained the car mechanically with a full service history and i always keep it clean. It's in my favourite colour (deep red) and drives very smoothly.

It handles well over all surfaces of the road and it's quite fuel efficient. The car sometimes needs a little encouragement when accelerating up hill. Aside from that, no complaints.

It has ABS braking, traction control and two front airbags. They say the alloytech engine present in the VZ is not as durable as the ecotec in the VY model, manufactured the previous year. However, in my experience, alloytech has been extremely reliable so far.

It has a single disc cd stereo. For a factory fitted sound system, it has very good sound quality and bass.

The car is very spacious, with plenty of room for passengers and the boot space is generous. I love the power steering and the stereo controls on the steering wheel.

You may find yourself replacing parts occasionally. The water pump is a common suspect.

But that's nothing too bad. I've experienced squeaks coming from the engine bay, which turned out to be a misaligned pulley on the timing belt.

Aside from a couple of small things, which are nothing major, the car is virtually bulletproof in terms of performance.

If you are a car owner, with any car in general, you can expect to pay for some maintenance.

In conclusion, it's been the best car i have driven. As well as the best car i have ridden in. A very smooth ride. And looks great from the outside. Awesome design!

Even after 225,000 km on the clock, it drives like new. I would recommend this model to anyone looking for a safe, reliable and economical car. My VZ should be around for years to come.

Engine Size3.8 Litre, 6 cylinder V6

Totally satisfied, sorry to see it go.

My VY II Acclaim wagon was bought at auction with just 15600 km on it - an ex ADF vehicle. We finally sold it after it had done 278000 km but I'm still not sure this was smart. During the 9 years of ownership it only once failed to get us home and was ever the smooth, reliable daily driver, both on short and long trips. This wagon in VT to VZ form is surely the largest and most practical ever produced in Australia. I found the build quality excellent and the only things that failed were the glove box retainers (to stop it opening too far) and one of the buttons to fold the back seats down. Both were easily repaired. With age the door lock transponder became a bit capricious but most of the time it worked and you could always lock and unlock with the key. On one occasion I had a problem the thermostat stuck so the coolant could not circulate between the engine and radiator. With the temperature in the red I drove it gently for 27 kilometres to the nearest Holden dealer, at which point the engine shut itself down. After replacement of the radiator and theromostat the engine proved to be totally unaffected which says a lot for the durability of the wonderful 3.8 litre V6. If they still made them I would happily buy a new one!


Right About Everything Except The Resale Value.

A wonderful car. Had mine from near new. Ex Sydney 2000 Olympic Games car, had 300Kms on the clock at purchase. But it's value today is only in keeping it. Was thinking of upgrading to a Camry Hybrid so put it up for sale at $4K with only 82000 on the clock and seems like I couldn't give it away. Not that I want to. It has always been and still is such an entirely rewarding car to drive and to own.


Found a great boot mat for my baby

My loving wife likes gardening and prefers to use MY CAR because it has a bigger boot?
My mate put me on to booter boot liners and I got an exact fitting mat with edges on it that catches all the dirt from her plants.
She then bought one for HER CAR and now the smaller boot is quite sufficient?
Moral of the story, the boot linings are great and the guys are very helpful! And I don't have to clean dirt out of my baby any more.

BadgeSS Storm

VF Calais V good but a few issues.

Climate control has major issues 20 - 25c randomly calls on full cooling or heating. Intermittently the display screen will blink on & off. On 2 occasions it has required a restart to get the screen on again.
Heated seats to not work at all with remote start function.
Apart from these issues petrol consumption is approximately 9/100 km, very quiet motor & smooth auto change with great pickup.

BadgeCalais V
Now the car is a little older I have found the CD player is damaging CDs. If you go on a long trip say 4+ hours the CDs can get extremely hot. So hot that you can not hold them when ejected & sometimes become unplayable. I had Holden check it out & all they said was "we played it for about an hour & the CD was hot but was ok". I have now registered the complaint so if any more CDs get damaged I will be sending my car back again for another check on the CD player.Interesting development. Just after the warranty period finished I started getting power steering failures. But the issue corrects when the car is restarted. I took it to Holden & was told that they cleared the warning but could find nothing wrong. Then if it happens again I will need a new wiring harness or steering column? I looked on the web & there was a customer service campaign (below) for the same issue with steering so I will go back & see what happens. Holden VF Commodore: Loss of Power Steering Assistance In Holden VF Commodore vehicles, there have been reports of a loss of power steering assistance, which may or may not be preceded by a warning to service the power steering. Furthermore, power steering assistance may return when the vehicle is restarted. In February 2015, Holden initiated a customer service campaign (Campaign No: A 140804-ZCS P) for the loss of power steering assistance. It is understood that the loss of steering assistance was caused by water damage to the electrical connector on the power steering motor. If water damage had occurred, the connector would be replaced. If not, the connector would be filled with conductive grease and re-connected to the power steering motor. So always check the recalls forums & watch out for the service mistakes. :)

Late model commodore.

Mine had over 380,000 admittedly I looked after it. I was 2nd owner had 60,000. Was written off accessor said it was the best he'd seen give age and Ki's. Although, given the review I would now think twice, however my VT Calais ran 7.2 hwy 12.5 City
It was the most reliable I ever owned. Just regular services, touch ups and of cause good tyres rotated and balanced regularly .
Thanks All,


Engine SizeV6 lt

VF Calais V is pretty special!

Only my second Holden out of 30 cars (in 38 years) Glad I waited until they really got their act together. It is not perfect, but it is close (and great value for money)

Favourite bits: HUD (heads up display - Speedo and other info projected onto windscreen), plus classy and comfortable interior and big shiny 19 inch wheels.

Not so good: Radar Cruise control would have been nice. Big wheels married to low profile tyres generate extra road noise on course Tassie bitumen roads. Getting close to 9.0 L/100km economy average as advertised, but still a shock after owning a diesel and two hybrid cars before the Calais. Finish is good, but not perfect.

I got a special deal with 5 years 130,000 km warranty and 3 years free servicing (so that made the deal even sweeter)

Done over 24,000 Kms in first 10 months without any warranty issues. Touch wood!

BadgeCalais V
Engine Size3.6

Perfect apart from fuel economy (6.2L)

While mine is an HSV, let's be honest, it's just a commodore with glitter on it. I do love the car though, quality and equipment is equal to similarly priced Euro cars, but with performance they can't match at this price point (unless you buy a small hatch).
I'm most impressed by how well this car handles, as its not the lightest thing around at close to 1800kgs. It does corner well and encourages spirited driving. Straight line performance is good as you'd expect. Peak power is just before redline so you do have to keep the revs up, and for a big engine it really does like to rev.
Equipment level is really good and the overall quality of the vehicle is impressive. Occasionally the touchscreen freezes and won't reset itself unless the car is turned off for a while. Probably a software bug which can be annoying if you want to use the radio or satnav.
My only gripe is it's quite thirsty, but if you buy a big V8 you can expect to make good friends with your local petrol station attendant.
It's shame that Holden are making great cars now but their future in Aus is pretty bleak.

Engine Size6.2

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