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Holle Organic Infant Goat Milk

Holle Organic Infant Goat Milk

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6 reviews


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    Very good


    We tried variety of formulas since our baby girl arrived and progressed from the mother's milk. Nothing agreed with her. Until we were told about Holle products. Our baby loves and thrives on it. We started with Formula 1. At the moment we are on number 2 and will probably go to next stage to number 3.



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    Expensive but worth it


    It is very expensive on the downside, but it's a high quality organic product which is easier to digest for bubs than cows milk. There's not much goats milk formula around so it's hard to find, even health food stores often are out of stock of this product. The smell and taste of goats formula is much stronger than cows milk but bubs gulps it down! Formula has caused some constipation but my understanding is that most formula does this regardless of brand.


    Review84South East Queensland, QLD

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    Great for bubs but expensive


    This is only the second formula we've tried but bubs likes it (mainly BF) only has formula occasionally so can justify the price of this. I did alot of research and this is one of the closest to BM. Would love to see it stocked in more places and cheaper, wouldn't be able to afford it if bubs was exclusively formula fed

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    Best Baby Formula On The Market


    Having not being able to breast feed, and my babies having a milk allergy, we found Holle Organic Goat Milk from Germany. Our kids really like it and they have all grown up string and healthy. The only issue is the cost in Australia is prohibitive - at around $40 a box, and half the size of canned product, that represents a 4x increase on local product. We import direct from Europe and pay about half the price delivered. Highly recommended but for best value, source direct.



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    Best formula for Colic/Reflux babies



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    A really good formula, if you can afford it!


    This was a great formula and tasted great! I tried it in hopes to help my daughters eczema but it didn't seem to help much but apart from that this was an amazing formula. The cost on the other hand... You almost have to get another job if you exclusively formula feed.. We were paying $40 for a 400gm box (which is more than 1/2 the size of standard tins) and we went through 2 a week! We have since put her on NAN HA and her eczema is gone.
    Taste, organic, mixes well
    The packaging! Having ti in a box not a tin is annoying.. And the price

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    Jedi Mummy

    Jedi Mummyasked

    Organic Infant Goat Milk 2

    Has anyone used this from birth?
    My son is 2 weeks old and currently on s-26 lactose free after bad reactions to Heinz Nurture and Bellamys Organic. I really don't like that the s-26's main ingredients are corn syrup and soy, so I'd like to give goats milk a try but I'm worried he's too young?

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    I started my little one on it about 2 and a half months after trying just about every other brand on the market... It states from 6 months but i found it to be awesome... Apparently its like the champagne of formula for children... Swapped over to cow's milk once she hit 1 and she's now 2 and a half and doing great. We had to use it due to colic, our chiropractor got us onto it, and my daughter being unable to digest the cows milk protein at her age, and I was only able to breast feed for just over a month. As soon as we started using this the colic got better and there's was no throwing up after about a week. Expensive but well worth it.

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