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Holle Organic Millet Porridge

Holle Organic Millet Porridge

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Love this brand of baby food and this baby porridge is my favourite. In my opinion millet and oats are the best for babies tummies as rice tastes blah and can constipate. I only bought one box of this porridge and it lasted months and months of mixing it for breakfast and sometimes with pumpkin or similar for my son's dinner. As a family we are very interested in nutrition and what goes into our bodies and we know starting our baby on this cereal was a good choice for him.
Lovely light flakes that are very very easy to prepare for baby's first solids. We found our son HATED rice cereal (can't blame him really, it's awful!) whereas he gobbled this down. Mixes very easily with pureed fruit, breast milk or formula. There is loads in the box so it's great value, and best of all it's organic.
It doesn't seem to be a mainstream product in Australia as it is in Europe so you have to buy it at a health food store rather than a supermarket, can be a little hard to track down. Other than that there are no cons to the product.

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Organic Millet Porridge
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