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Holman BTX1

Holman BTX1

1.9 from 36 reviews

Perfect, absolute life saver.

Had one for about 6 months now, works perfect every time. Not a single issue with it at all. Would absolutely recommend to anyone who is sick of wasting time with hand watering!

Purchased in November 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse for $99.00.

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Hello Billy, Thank you for your review!

Bought 2 and have to return both.

Bought 1 for backyard & it was brilliant & went & bought one for front garden. Noticed plants were dying so investigated & no water getting through the unit had to replace now same has happened to back garden.

Purchased in October 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse for $69.00.

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Hello Bridge, Thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear this has happened with your timers. As always, you are welcome to call our team on 1300 716 188 for any assistance with products. Thank you, your Holman Team!

Started well, now it’s stuffed after 6mths

Thanks for previous reviews and it seems that those claiming flow reduced to a trickle were right. Purchased (on sale at Bunnings in Oct/nov 2019- should have realised there was an issue) the timer was great and reliable but now it seems stuffed. Would like to hear if Holman have a solution or Bunnings provide refund. Veggies now under stress.

Purchased in October 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $55.00.

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Hello The Guv, Thank you for your review. You are indeed welcome to return this to Bunnings for an exchange with your docket. This may be an issue with the rubber diaphragm, if it had been damaged, the result will be low-flow. You are also welcome to give us a call on 1300 716 188 if you need any further assistance. Thank you, your Holman Team!

Unreliable, Randomly Doesn’t Work

Bought 2 of these to water my bonsai collection.
Worked well for 2 months, then the first stopped watering. The app would say it was watering but there was nothing actually happening. Hitting the manual button would start the flow, so there no issue with batteries, etc.
This morning the same thing happened to the second unit.
Have zero faith in these things now, and have to check each day that they’ve worked, which defeats the purpose of an automated system.

Purchased in January 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $95.00.

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Hello Michael, thank you for your review. This will be passed along to our development team! Thank you, your Holman Team!

Terrible Product

I have experienced all of the same issues described in other reviews. Unsuccessfully tried all the suggested fixes but still not good. Have given up and tossed them out. Shame on Bunnings for continuing to sell them.

Purchased in January 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $100.00.

Works well. Does what it promises.

Bought before reading negative reviews so expected problems but it does what I bought it for, auto watering and manual setting when required. Bluetooth contact with my android phone sometimes problematic but works well when I seek line of sight.

Purchased in January 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $49.00.

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Hello Macca, thank you for your review!

Does not pair to my phone/s

Bought this timer with the assurance my phone will run it. It paired successfully to my phone once then when I deleted it and tried to pair to my partners phone, which is the same as mine, it did not pair at all.
Great concept. Poor delivery. Would rather spend the money on a better quality product.

Purchased in February 2019 for $49.00.

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Hello Shannon, this timer is designed to attach to a single phone and connection is often hard to break! Use the reset button inside the timer. Instructions on our website and inside the app address this issue for customers and will show how this is done. Thank you, your Holman Team!

Great idea, poor quality

Like many others, started off well, easy to set up, worked great, but only lasted a total of 2 days. Came back from weekend away to find wilted plants and realised that that valve was only partially opening, restricting the water flow to a tiny stream, no matter how many times I tried manually turning it on and off.

Thought it must just be a faulty one, but it seems that finding one that actually works reliably might be the rare case! Will be swapping this for a different brand.

Date PurchasedFeb 2019
Thank you for your review!Hello Andrea,Thank you for your feedback. We are available at our Perth warehouse thru the week for any customer queries you may have, and you may call to speak with us on 1300 716 188. If you have your docket, please do return this to Bunnings for an exchange. I have indeed forwarded your email thru to our product development team as customer input is vital for us to continue to improve and develop our products. Thank you for taking the time to create a review.Thanks Matt, I exchanged it the next day for a different brand. It will be a very good product when they sort out the quality of the internal components.

Two days of bliss

I had two days of perfectly timed irrigation. I read the reviews and just thought I was lucky enough to have bought one that actually worked... nope... it stopped working this morning just in time for a 40 degree day.. my phone no longer recognises the device. Off to Bunnings to find a better brand. Any recommendations? Don’t bother posting your cut and paste response Holman.. how about you take your product off the shelf before this product completely destroys your reputation.

Date PurchasedJan 2019
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Hello Darrryn, thank you for your review. We value feedback, positive or not, as this helps us see if there are any areas that may need attention for our products. All reviews are treated with respect and followed through by our development team and the more information and detail a customer can provide, the better!

Great Idea, not ready for market, valve not opening fully

i bought 2 twin packs, ive returned 2 already after 3 months due to the valve not fully opening (I found out after my lawn died!!!) and just today the third one failed with the same issue. I've replaced the batteries with good quality ones, no change.
i'm done! I should have just spend to the$400 on a proper system
Sigh. Ill keep returning them until the receipt catches fire!
Very annoyed! I was liking them so much i talked 2 friends into them.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Hello Doug, we are sorry to hear this has happened. We are available at our Perth warehouse thru the week for any customer queries you may have, and you may call to speak with us on 1300 716 188. Thanks, your Holman Team!

Disappointing - Could not get it to work

Hate to say this about an Aussie company and product, but the BTX1 watering timer and smart phone apps are not fit to be on the market.

I spent several hours trying to get it to work. Initially tried with the iPhone app, but it wouldn't pair with the BTX1 at all - despite rebooting the BTX1 a number of times by taking the battery out and leaving it a while. iPhone was working fine since it offered to pair with other bluetooth devices nearby.

I then tried with the android app on a Samsung phone. This time I could get the BTX1 to pair with the phone (so the bluetooth in the BTX1 was broadcasting) - but then the Android app would not recognise the BTX1 device no matter how many times I rebooted the BTX1 and restarted the app, changed the battery etc etc.

The BTX1 and the iGardener app have obviously not been through proper testing or market trial - just dumped on the Aussie market - so a time waster for customers and Bunnings staff when the units are returned.
I've bought a few Holman products in the past - but this has put me off bothering with any Holman products again.

Date PurchasedJan 2019
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Hi, thanks for getting in touch and leaving us your feedback, if you would like to discuss your concerns further, please email us at service@holmanindustries.com.au or call us on 1300 716 188 (Monday to Friday 7am to 4.00pm WST) to speak with one of our Customer Service Team.

Don’t buy this product - it doesn’t work

Like all the other reviews this product is a waste of money, I bought 2 units and both have operational issues as described by others. Bunnings should stop selling that product and publish a recall on all units sold as they are definitely not fit for purpose. They are overpriced pieces of junk.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Hi, thanks for getting in touch and leaving us your feedback, if you would like to discuss your concerns further, please email us at service@holmanindustries.com.au or call us on 1300 716 188 (Monday to Friday 7am to 4.00pm WST) to speak with one of our Customer Service Team.

Switches itself off and on after a few seconds

I have downloaded and using iGardener 2.3 on an iPhone 5s to set the BTX1. Only bought is a week or so ago and after less than 6 activations on manual it switches itself off and on and repeats. I have removed the battery, pushed the reset button and modified timer settings on iGardener and repeated the same again. Still continues to switch itself off and on. Fix?

Date PurchasedJan 2019
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Hello Shayne, please check that there is nothing set in the CYCLE mode. if you would like to discuss your concerns further, please email us at service@holmanindustries.com.au or call us on 1300 716 188 (Monday to Friday 7am to 4.00pm WST) to speak with one of our Customer Service Team.

Absolutely Pathetic! Just buried my 3rd on in just over 12 months.

In the last 13 months I have purchased 3 of these useless things. Today, the last one failed. Do not waste your money. They are great idea, just poor quality. Buyer beware, you have been warned and Bunnings should refuse to stock them. I have spoken to the Rep in store and she couldn't care less. She stated she had NEVER heard of one failing, and suggested that I learn that battery operated devices by 'some miracle of God' don't run forever on a 9v and that i should replace the battery.

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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Hello Craig, thank you for your review. You are welcome to email us at service@holmanindustries or call us on 1300 716 188 (Monday to Friday 7am to 4.00pm WST) to speak with one of our Customer Service Team.

Garbage - Do not buy these

I wish I had read all of these reviews before I bought them. Shelled out almost $100 at Bunnings for a twin pack and each failed after a couple of months. I took it apart to have a look - wow, what a piece of junk. The on/off solenoid valve is incredibly flimsy. These things are worthless and simply will not last.

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Hello B Spuds, Thank you for your review. We will indeed pass this along to our development team. Thank you, your Holman Service Team.

Can’t be trusted

After reading all these reviews it sounds like the solenoid of the BTX1 is poor quality. I recently purchased 3 as it seemed like a great idea and easy to use for my lawn sprinklers. After working fine for 1 week I was happy, I started to notice when manually turning them on I could hear the solenoid clock but no water it would take about 2-3 times to get it to pop up, but then coming home 5 hours after a scheduled watering the backyard was flooded. 2 BTX1’s were both stuck open. I will be returning them in the morning for something else

Date PurchasedDec 2018
Hello Tommy, we are sorry to hear this has happened. if you need assistance, you are welcome to contact us at service@holmanindustries.com.au Thank you, your Holman Team!Hi there will be no assistance needed as I have returned the faulty products. Assistance by telling people to Delete the app and re install it, push the button inside or the water pressure is too high is all useless with the problems everyone has had, Holman just need to admit the product has design faults and is not fit for the purpose


This thing does not work, it randomly turns on and off, the timer settings don’t work, the manual setting for start and stop work opposite, waste of money. This deserves a rating of zero stars. I have done all the resets etc mentioned in everyone elses bad reviews and it’s still useless. Now I have to waste more time on this piece of junk returning it.

Date PurchasedJan 2019
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BTX1 Download the iGardener app, not Holman iWater. You will need to have a later model phone. iPhone 5s / Galaxy G5 or later. Make sure your phone settings are up-to-date. If using Android, please allow location settings when prompted. Your timer will only connect to one device at a time. If using an iPad, please be sure to search iPhone app only, not iPad apps. Hard resetting the timer is a good way to get your timer to connect. Locate the button inside the battery compartment and press down for 12 seconds. Alternately, you can unpair by removing the 9V battery. The hardware of the BTX1 is like our other tap timers, they use a solenoid valve. Short run drip or micro irrigation systems are not recommended, however, some pressure related issues can be avoided by using a pressure reducer. THERE ARE NO SPARE PARTS AVALIABLE FOR THIS TIMER. BTX1 FAQ’s Q My timer shows it is watering but there is no water coming thru? A. There may be an airlock in the system. Disconnect the timer and reset it. Flush your irrigation system before attaching to the timer again. Q. My timer will not turn off after the programmed run time? A. This may be a pressure issue, introduce a pressure reducer, at the tap, before the timer. Q. how do I reset my timer? A. Locate the button inside the battery compartment and press down for 12 seconds. Alternately, you can unpair by removing the 9V battery. Q. Can I run this off a gravity-fed or low-pressure system? A. This timer is not suitable for low pressure applications. It is designed for normal tap pressure 250kPa to 600kPa. Q Is it OK to use my timer over winter? A We do not recommend the use of your timer over the winter period. It will not handle low temperatures, below 3 degrees Celsius may damage the timer. We advise the timer to be removed over the winter period or allowed to drain if left on the tap.

Timer for my vegi garden

I bought a twin pack that contained 2 BTX1 bluetooth timers. I have been very disappointed with this product. A total waste of money. The valve does not open. It appears to get jammed. I tried using the manual start/stop option and after selecting start then stop several times the valve eventually opened and watering began. This product is not reliable and I wouldn't recommend it.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Hello PerryS, thank you for your review. We are available for assistance on 1300 716 188. Thank you, your Holman team!

Connected to pressure pump system

Hi all
Purchased my first Holman BTX1 early 2018, in January I believe. Initially did not have an issue with the Holman unit but more with my pressure pump as I have my reticulation pump setup with a pressure control system. Allot more flexible as I have installed taps around the property with normal garden hose taps, when required for activities such as washing down paths etc, you don't have to use mains water. I replaced the old pump system with a new pressure pump system a week ago and went to turn the Holman unit on and nothing. Had a look and the battery compartment had filled up with water, fried the battery by corroding between the terminals. I thought that was strange as the battery holder appeared sufficiently waterproof. Took it back to Bunnings and they replaced it with a new one. Have used the new unit half a dozen times since and it has failed. Had a look and the battery compartment has filled with water and fried the battery terminals again, same issue as the first. The first question I though was "perhaps a pressure pump system may have more pressure than the unit can handle"? I couldn't see any disclaimer on the packaging to state not to be used on a system I have connected it to. The only way the compartment can fill is if it leaks past the tap connection seal and or "O" ring sea where is has the quick release. Where it is installed has artificial turf and there has been no rain during the period it was installed to I noticed it had failed. It works and when it is working works very well, but there appears to be some sort of issue with water accumulating in the battery compartment housing.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
Hello SCM, thank you for your review. The BTX1 tap timer is designed to be run from household tap pressure, and recommended not for use over 600KPA. Thank you, your Holman Team!Yep agree with the answer, recognised the pressure from the pressure pump was above the device limits. The pressure pump runs at just on 650KPA. I have changed to an Orbit B-Hyve and this is working but with its issues also. Will turn on but at times has an issue with turning off. One I am researching for some answers to resolve. It also may suffer from over pressure though the manual states from 10 to 100psi. My pump is set up to come on at 15 psi and off at just below the 100psi. Wait and see.

Device not found in iGardener *** Update I got it to work but not completely sure how

I am having the same problem, purchased the twin pack. Every time I try to add a device it says connecting and then stops with a yellow warning saying Device not found. I have noticed that the iPhone Bluetooth is finding them and in some cases connecting. It is sometimes either listed under My Devices or under Other Devices in the iPhone Bluetooth settings. Just purchased today so would have been nice if they worked out of the box. I am using iPhone 7 Plus which is listed as compatible as well. Have tried resetting the devices multiple times as per the comments from Holman, still same in iGardener, Device note found. Fantastic idea if they work.

Update: I persevered and initially it was working intermittently and now seems to be working reliably. I'm not exactly sure what I did so here is a list of what I tried.
1. Turned off WiFi and the Radio so that only Bluetooth was active on my phone. I read somewhere that Wifi can interfere with Bluetooth signals.
2. I disconnected the battery, and then reconnected and did a hard reset, then tried to add the device. After numerous attempts in the App it suddenly showed up. It was like the connection was very unreliable but finally broke through.
3. After getting the first BTX1 to connect I then set the schedule to turn on in a few minutes time and run for 1 minute so I could validate it was working. I also changed its name to Zone 1.
4. Then when I clicked the update button once again it kept saying that the update failed, so I kept trying, placing my phone is different positions etc and finally it updated.
5. Then I tried to connect the second BTX1, once again it kept saying No Device Found.
6. I tried killing the App by double clicking the home button and swiping up on the App but then it wouldn't open so I tuned my phone off and back on again, went into the App tried the Add the second device again and it found it immediately.
7. I renamed it Zone 2 and set schedules for both and this time they updated straight away.
8. From that point on they were just working as they should, I could select either zone and make changes to the schedule and then click update and the big green tick appeared immediately.

As above, I not sure what I did here but juts kept trying and eventually it worked and once they were both connected and my phone restarted it worked perfectly. Here's hoping that continues, like I said great product if it works and is reliable, so much better than expensive controllers that get destroyed out in the weather.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
Hello Richard, thank you for your review. We have indeed forwarded your email thru to our product development team as customer input is vital for us to continue to improve and develop our products. Thank you for taking the time to contact us with all the details, We are sorry it has been difficult, it should not have been so! Thank you, your Holman Team.Thanks for responding. I have been using the BTX1 for a few days now, it is all working fine and I can connect my phone to them both but I have to repeat it a number of times and it would appear turning WiFi and the Radio off on my phone makes a considerable difference. I have a number of other Bluetooth devices, watches and headphones, and they all work fine. With the BTX1 its as if the signal strength is too weak, I have to be within 2-3 metres and even then I have to repeat what I am trying to do multiple times before it works. For example, if I try to control them manually when I click on the Start button the messages appears on the screen "Connecting" but it will time out 3 or 4 times before working, and the same when I try to stop it. By the way, the signal strength shows as full 5 bars but for some reason it is not getting through to the device consistently.Hello Richard, your comments and actions have been very interesting and thorough! We have forwarded them onto our engineer and app development team so these issues can be looked at closer. We do indeed thank you for your time and for the information you have sent, it will assist us to find and rectify any faults/elements of concern in our current version, thank you, your Holman Team!

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Questions & Answers

I have a btx1. How do I adjust the time for daylight savings
4 answers
I had to go into the phone app, make a change to the schedule for each unit (+1 minute, then -1 minute). When you save this, you get prompted to do an update which also updates the time. It's pretty clunky, hopefully someone has a better wayThanks Michael-that worked regards DarrylHello Darryl, your timer is still set to daylight savings time. Once you change the schedule, it will update again to the time in your phone. It is your phone time that this runs by. Thank you, your Holman Team!

Hi, my BTX1 Smart Valve Bluetooth® Tap Timer was working well but now it won’t turn off, any idea why, thanks.
1 answer
Hello Mario, we are sorry to hear this has happened. This sounds like a faulty valve, the small rubber diaphragm inside may have developed a hole or split that will cause the timer to remain open,. This unit has a 2-year replacement warranty, please return it to your place of purchase with your docket and it will be exchanged for you. Thank you, your Holman Team!

Hello, My tap timer does not continuously turn on. For example, if I set it to one minute, it turns on for 10 seconds and turns off for some time and then turn on again. It looks like a pressure related issue.
2 answers
Hello Shan, this sounds like you have CYCLE mode selected. Please be sure there is no setting in this mode. If you need further assistance please call us on 1300 716 188. Thank you, your Holman Team!Yes..disabling cycle mode solves the issue. Thanks

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