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Holman Dial EZY Controller

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HOLMAN irrigation controller - CO4406 - Didn't work from the moment of purchase

This is the second Holman product that I have purchased from Bunnings that I have found to be complete garbage.

Upon going to Bunnings to check out the watering systems that they had on offer, I found the Holman 6 Station Dial Ezy Irrigation controller - Model number CO4406. I was initially concerned as the store that I went to (Artarmon) had three already opened units on display (likely returned as they were sticky taped closed after the packets were cut open). I went to another Bunnings store - Rydalmere - and purchased one that had not been previously opened.

Testing the unit before installing, I found that the electrical terminals were poorly designed and and that the electrical terminal screws fastened into plastic with self tappers. This immediately made me concerned as this NEVER provides adequate fixing of electrical connections (I'm an electrician).

While the unit initially powered up under testing on the kitchen table, once I mounted the unit to the wall, the unit would NOT turn on. Testing the transformer indicated that the controller itself had failed within one hour of testing.

Further testing showed that the transformer was fine, but that the electronics appeared to have failed for some reason. This unit had failed BEFORE even being put into service - rather pathetic!

Speaking to a local landscape nursery store requesting if they had irrigation controllers and/or a different product, they indicated that: "yeh like we don't have any problem with those - that's sarcasm by the way".

That comment from a nursery was a definitive NO for any further purchases of Holman electronic products - EVER.

This being the second Holman electronic product that I have purchased from Bunnings that has failed without reason and/or didn't work properly, I would suggest that if you are in the market for an irrigation controller you pay a bit more and DON'T buy Holman electronic products - I have personally found them to be complete garbage!!!

In my opinion: Poor quality, cheap and nasty - complete garbage!

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Why does my controller which is a pro 469 show no loop nothing working
No answers

I am looking to buy one of these and ask can I set each station to run on a different day to another. That is , for example, could I set it to run 3 stations only every second and to then run a different 3 stations on every 3rd day?
1 answer
Hello Robert, yes, this is possible with the Dial EZY indoor station controller. Thank you, your Holman Team!

How do I replace the backup battery? And what kind of battery is required?
1 answer
Hello Chanel, there is a snap-on connector for a 9V battery inside the unit. Please refer to your instruction booklet if you need further information on this. This will hold the memory if there is a power loss. Thank you, your Holman Team!

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