Home & Co (Kmart) Pocket AM/FM Radio

Home & Co (Kmart) Pocket AM/FM Radio

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Good Radio

We bought the simplest Home & Co Radio. It is work good, without any mistakes. It catches a lot of different channels and it has good sound! You can regulate it as well. It works from the socket, but you can put on big battery as well.

A Great Little Radio

Purchased 2/1/2018 from K Mart. If you are looking for a basic, sturdy small AM/FM band radio for personal listening with a speaker and headphone jack (does not come with ear phones) at a great price this is it. At just $9 it is seriously good value. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries and has a single wheel dial at the front for both bands. Line up the station frequency with the indented mark (a plus as I see it as the select mark is not painted on so cannot be rubbed off). On and volume is a common side mounted roll switch. Selecting between bands is a simple 2 position flick switch requiring firm action (good I think as it will guard against accidental switching from one band to the other. With the batteries in (it doesn’t come with the batteries) it weighs a mere 95 grams. Suburban reception 16 kms out from the GPO was excellent, and with the small telescopic ariel extended FM reception also good. The sound is great for such a small radio. It is capable of standing on a flat surface. There is no belt clip, and no tuning light to show you are on station. Tuning some stations can be a little fiddly and to obtain best reception as the internal ariel is directional you need to move or rotate the radio itself to the get the best reception. The battery cover is simple slide off, sturdy and secure. The radio measures just 11 cms x 5 cms x 2 cms, so is a genuine pocket radio. Does the job at a great price and there’s 12 months guarantee.

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